Group 674

Puzzle 1

Polystyrene material used to protect fragile items
Act of spies obtaining secret information
Bed cover, duvet, coverlet
Medicine, therapy
Silvery-white metal element used in fireworks
Work together to solve a problem or puzzle
Raw pieces or things used to make something
Monument housing a burial chamber or vault
Endorse, speak highly of
Brashly showing off money or possessions
Temporary ID worn above the hand
Office worker, receptionist

Puzzle 2

Country to which the Galapagos Islands belong
Protective wall around a roof or balcony
Gymnastic performer, sometimes seen on tightropes
Cut-out design for application of makeup or paint
Passenger capsule attached to a motorbike
Largest planet, with rings around it
Preserving food in tins or jars
Kitchen appliance for browning bread slices
Having the ability to float
One who teaches others to exercise for fitness
Less intricate, easier
Wall-mounted bowls in male public toilets
Open-mouthed cooling system of dogs
Force someone to go without something
Thin twisting plant stem or a coil of hair

Puzzle 3

Traitor, double-crosser
Camera fitting for in-focus close-ups
Graveyard, burial land
Publicist, person who raises awareness
Perfect place for jotting down ideas and reminders
Someone who switches sides in battle
Trance-like state
A special magnetic charm or appeal
A place for robins and sparrows to wash
Shameful situations that bring bad publicity
Difficulties, hindrances
Upper part of the arm where a bag can hang from
Group school assignments
Films that feature cowboys and gunslingers
Humorous person who likes pranking

Puzzle 4

One who sword-fights for sport
Make something more modern
Puzzling joke or conundrum
Hand to arm joints
Birthstone for January
Ran off to get married
Obsess on something, be engrossed
Liquid or powder of lethal proportions
Thin metal or wooden stick used in grilling foods
or later; eventually, in the end
Container for liquids; ship
Bunny animal whose paw is considered lucky
Oscillating chair, good for a baby’s room
Replica, sample copy
Fire-breathing creature slain by St. George
Flat, wooden packing crate
Captain Jack or Blackbeard, for example
SOS distress call
Small, stoat-like animal; sneaky person
Non-stick coating for cooking utensils
Serves a purpose; effective
Suit maker

Puzzle 5

Measurement from edge to edge across a circle
Chinese tile matching game
Not crooked, in a perfect line
Wet and slimy, hard to get a grip of
1995 film took Pixar to infinity and beyond
Wicker cradle
Bound reading assignment for the classroom
Single protracted sound, voice or note
The premise or trajectory of a novel
Kids, little ones
Velociraptor is a quick and clever one
Symbolic representation used in dance or chess
Severe, throbbing headache
Diplomatic delegate
Metal fencing outside schools maybe
Notification so you don’t forget an appointment
Young, not fully mature