Group 673

Puzzle 1

Group of four plays or films
Oldest child
Thick sturdy paper used for crafting
Respect, worship, veneration
Giving up the fight
Answers to puzzles
Having multiple uses or applications
College teacher
Capital and largest city of Nepal
Large, yellow bloom with edible seeds
Sudden shift or change in emotions

Puzzle 2

Anxieties, fears, troubles
Operating a motor vehicle
Dogs with curly, pom-pom hair shaved into patterns
Deliberately ignore rules or orders
Violent cyclone in Pacific and Indian oceans
Canada’s westernmost province: Columbia
Cave in, collapse inwards
The meat used in pollo alla cacciatora
To go over the number of votes in an election again
Asked to come along to an event
Fixing pieces of material together before sewing
Please, gratify, mollify
Knots in hair
Lines of vehicles accompanied by armed forces
Leisurely runners

Puzzle 3

Misfortune, tribulation; triumph over
Natural pool of water, heated geothermically
Someone who is shy and reserved
Container for frozen cubes or social media stunt
Motivation, driving force
Cloth of various fabrics and shapes sewn together
Indigo or navy design for a house
Slices in fingers from shuffling documents
Enveloping babies in a blanket to calm them
Superior rating, exemplary

Puzzle 4

Free, release, disengage
Place where you grew up, where your roots are
Rational, reasonable or designed for practicality
Funny entertainer (earns a living telling jokes)
Groups of relatives
Tourists, people who go to attractions
Tries; efforts to complete a task
Concealed opening panel in a stage floor
Fruit stews for topping desserts
Exercise sessions
Exhausted, worn out

Puzzle 5

Higher than another person in height
Way of doing something, steps to follow
Area in front of a fireplace
Country where mariachi bands originated
Gliding down snowy hills on two runners
Cartoon Inspector who uses high-tech gizmos
Preserved in an icy state
Guiding light for ships, like a lighthouse
Business brokers; celebrity representatives
Information placed at the top of a page
Mucus coughed up with a cold
Fish zodiac sign for February-March
The Girl with the Tattoo, Lisbeth’s revenge