Group 672

Puzzle 1

Cooking something in hot, bubbling water
Recluses; loners
The Blair Witch supernatural fly-on-wall movie
Show, exhibit
Trim and shave a stick to make a sharp point
Error, mistake, gaffe
Outlaws, armed robbers
Container that keeps drinks or soups hot
English rock band with Phil Collins
Leave quickly, like a plane departing
Main language spoken in Central America
Venetian boat, must be painted black by law
Wound dressing
Poison used in Agatha Christie’s Five Little Pigs
Famous French pastry same as a fritter
Used for scraping the side of the bowl in baking
Crafty quality of a fox
Going up in flames
Decaying, decomposing, breaking down
The next step after you chew your food

Puzzle 2

Italian cured pork belly, equivalent to bacon
Reveal, make private information public
Public vocal addresses
Disgraceful, shocking, inducing guilt
Series that follows a logical, predictable pattern
The science of treating foot health problems
Where chimney sweeps danced in Mary Poppins
Disgraceful, shocking, dishonorable
Online search platform of a museum’s collections

Puzzle 3

Prepare land ahead of growing crops
In the public eye, receiving fame and attention
Writing on metal or carving into stone
This villain gave Batman an itch to scratch
Book containing synonyms
National team of Maradona, Messi and Tevez
Someone who travels on a boat, bus or plane
The way people arrange their head strands
Physician specializing in bone and muscle pain
Place for dancing and drinking in the evening
Illuminated by the glowing wicks of wax pillars
Another word for a chiropractor, in the UK
Opinion, perspective
366-day periods
Rife, widespread
Moving ascending or descending staircase
Visual apparitions that trick your eyes

Puzzle 4

Haircut that’s business in front and party in back
Ice cream treat in a glass, with a topping
Sweet citrus bigger than a tangerine
Cosmetic ointments
An onion has many
Delicate paper handkerchief for blowing nose
Crash is the group name for these horned mammals
Postponements, deferrals, adjournments
Messy room, or porker’s dwelling place
Fetid, rank, rotten, stinking
Musician who speaks rhythmically to music
Opposite of enemy; person you like

Puzzle 5

Formal agreements or pacts between countries
Incredibly happy about a decision
Poison (Tl) used in Christie’s The Pale Horse
Creases and lines on an aging face
Taking bones out of a fish
Skydiving descent with unopened parachute
Theatrical or TV performance on tour
Athletic shoes reaching above the ankle
Coconuts grow on this
Making a hole in the skin for an earring
Dangerous, risky, unsafe
Teach, show someone how to do something
Manual, how-to guide
Telephone-accessed advice service