Group 671

Puzzle 1

Suave and dashing in appearance
Greek monster with head of a bull
Dilute, moderate
Opening a nut shell
Charitable gift
Place where koi carp are seen swimming
Flaming log pile lit by tent-dwellers
Pivoting lever used in gaming
Riding a horse without a saddle
Powerless, ineffective
Those who create things with their hands
Animal offers up its stomach for this petting type
Group that suddenly appears and dances in public
Lack, deficiency
Hand signals, e.g. waving, beckoning
Window placed in a roof
Making a noise like a duck
Time period that began with Sputnik in 1957
Going pink with embarrassment

Puzzle 2

Not biased, neutral
Outdoor cooking appliances
Native American girl rescued by Peter Pan
Fairy from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker ballet
Visually stunning display
Mixed alcoholic drinks
Dismiss from the armed forces
Cutting paper into thin strips with a machine
Ruling used as an example for future cases
Usual, normal, expected
Personal computer launched by Apple in 1984
Tripping over something, losing your balance

Puzzle 3

Japanese sword used with two hands
Pet name, like sweetheart, honey
Organic matter that has broken down
Baby dogs
Properties with large houses on them
Small text files that store user info on websites
Drawing over a design to copy it
Searcher of food in fields and forests
Weird, odd, far from the norm
Small-wheeled board with a stem, for kids
Creating pictures with a pencil
Dizzying sensation and a Hitchcock movie

Puzzle 4

Beers, cocktails, mocktails, juices
The T in TLC, or loving care
Green monster who once stole Christmas
First name of Versace’s founder
Scared of something
Water spray for self-cleaning
Female spirits found in the woods
Japanese condiment like horseradish used on sushi
Beginner; probationary member in a religious group
Class taken for a particular curriculum
Small pool of rain on the ground
Deep gorge, used by some for swinging from rope
Wage-receival date
Bad-tempered, like a crustacean
Distress signal in radio communications
Endangered tiger native to India
Femme ; beautiful but treacherous woman
Computer criminal
Extreme situation

Puzzle 5

Hole; opening that lets light into a camera
Alternative parting expression for goodbye
Mental or physical effort, toil
notes, letters of gratitude
The capital of Hawaii
Common name for assistance canine for the blind
Building material for pavement or asphalt
Friend with whom a child pretends with
Compartment on passenger’s side of a car
Disk-shaped blood component that aids clotting