Group 670

Puzzle 1

Broad piece of fabric that celebrities walk down
Items that have worth
Ashamed, disconcerted, highly embarrassed
Male who operates vision equipment in a TV studio
Lotion for the cheeks and forehead
Sport involving pinning an opponent to the mat
Tool for making blunt pencils pointy again
Abrupt and hazardous snowfall in the mountains
Unpleasant task, the one no one wants to do
The first rule is that you do not talk about it
Blobby sea animal that can sting

Puzzle 2

Fabric weaving skill using two or more needles
Round tube that is spun around the waist
Souvenir store in a museum or theme park
Magnetic tape recording format
Beguiling, acting attractively
Comb out the knots
Old collectables
Daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta
Place where fish eggs are developed artificially
Nasal holes that humans breathe through
Conquer, defeat, rout
Dried pale blue flowers with distinctive scent
People receiving medical treatment
Getting something ready to work on it
Pop a card in this and send it
Taking the dirt out of something, washing
Skittish, unsettled, on edge
Guilty, to blame
Dusk; period that follows sunset

Puzzle 3

Satisfying, gratifying, fulfilling
Metal wrist restraints
Long sequence of columns
Female sleuth created by The Hardy Boys author
Obeying an order
He robs from the rich and gives to the poor
Meat-eating animal
The end of a joke, the payoff
Allows scuba divers to breathe underwater
School area where piano lessons take place
Type of plane ticket with a return date
Loan sharks, money lenders
Occupation of someone who travels into space
Resolve, determination
Sirened vehicle for health emergencies

Puzzle 4

Fine Indian rice
Disc-shaped wheel trims on passenger vehicles
A moral story, such as the Prodigal Son
Artful skill and expertise; great style
Poirot, Agatha Christie’s Belgian detective
Very large, stripy stinging insects
One who points the finger
Barbie’s little sister
Moving to music, rhythmically
The second officer in charge of flying an aircraft
Hypersensitivity to dust, pets, pollen etc
-to-air missile or SAM
Band of three including Kurt Cobain
Decorative container for growing flowers
Prisoners in jail
Figuratively smooth certain issues

Puzzle 5

Volcanic rock formed by cooled lava
Paddling a boat with oars
Detective or private eye
Classical dance sometimes done in pointe shoes
Mistakes, faults
Robert chemist with a burner named after him
Identification tags worn by police officers
To empty a suitcase after your travels
Prosper, flourish
Rage powered by needing to eat something
Mouth or nose, path open to allow breathing
Opposite of tighten
Dip made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, garlic
Brief attention-getting phrase used in advertising