Group 669

Puzzle 1

Greek god of sleep, according to Greek myth
Comic mimicry; imitation and satire
Aviation professionals who fly jets
Blowfish by another name; sweller
Flowers associated with Holland
Barbed or clever remark, perfectly timed
Not married
Bedcovers that are often handmade
Stretched fabric used by painters for their art
Fluffy rectangles for drying oneself after a bath
Gouda, Swiss, Havarti
Heidi Klum’s nationality
Too much; surpassing the normal limits
Myth, fable; notorious person
Sleepy, tired
What the Evil Queen in Snow White spoke to
Bits of interesting or inconsequential knowledge
Employers, managers
Apple’s smart device for making calls
Foam used to style the hair
Luxury pleasure crafts or sailing boats
What goes around a dog’s neck
Breakfast meal made of grain and served with milk
Not rough or bumpy

Puzzle 2

Large serving plate or sharing dish
Mobile game makers of Stop and CodyCross
Game of chance that involves drawing numbers
Type of cheese used to fill a cannoli
How to relieve an itch
Paper design used as a model for sewing
Triangle shape, used to bury an Egyptian pharaoh
White winged horse in Greek mythology
Burj ; world’s tallest skyscraper, in Dubai
Native to a particular place
Small lumps of gold or wisdom
Farmyard birds, bred for eggs or meat
Baffle, puzzle, confuse
Singer who performs alone
Getting better, recovering from illness
Ladies’ gowns
Income that a company receives regularly
Street traders, with food or souvenir stalls

Puzzle 3

Likely, highly possible
Focus, aim at a target
Material used to make vessels for canning
Paper leftover notes cannot be spent at home
Permissions to arrest or search
Incorrectly estimate
Semisoft cheese with thin crust, fruity flavor
A body that monitors trading standards
Going from pub to pub instead of staying put
Exposed or discredited, of outlandish theories
Porterhouse’s head porter in Tom Sharpe books
Flower sellers
Principles, morals
Maria von Paradis, composer of Sicilienne
Type of slipper made from leather

Puzzle 4

Unsolved crime
Witty talk
Landscape covered in conifer trees
Narrowing, becoming slimmer or thinner
Anton The Dorchester chef of cuisine naturelle
Meet Brad Pitt plays Death alongside Forlani
first, verdict afterwards: Alice in Wonderland
Layer of icing on top of a cake
Water feature that spurts
Rush or compel someone into doing something
Capital city of Belize
Push under water

Puzzle 5

Running very fast, in a race
Ninth month of the year
Assurance that producers have not been exploited
Get off a ferry or aircraft
Great ape with reddish fur, native to Borneo
Precious items, valuable pieces of art
Elastic plastic headgear used to keep hair dry
Unclear, can be understood two ways
Termination of employment
Betrayal of trust, disloyalty
Front of a car that illuminates the road
Lively ballroom dance similar to swing or jive
Opening a door with a key
Making vows or assurances