Group 668

Puzzle 1

borealis, or girl’s name meaning dawn
Curved transparent material in a pair of glasses
Pail, receptacle for holding water
Visits to multiple patients by doctors and nurses
Scarily supernatural or ghostly
Repetitive phrases fans yell at sporting events
Olive Oyl’s spinach-loving sweetie
A cost, a fee
Sets of people with common interests, say music
Don Quixote believed that windmills were these
Magnate, industrialist, mogul
Promise to donate or support a charitable cause

Puzzle 2

Legal documents for business deals
Written tasks to be completed and marked off
One who scrawls words in the air with a plane
Luke the central character in Star Wars
Power-saving or standby state on a computer
Returning cash after purchase
Those who tune in to a radio broadcast
Tinkering, messing with, interfering with evidence
Glass container with mini landscape inside
To speak two languages fluently
To go back to the beginning
Not nice to look at
Travel schedule, including route and planned stops

Puzzle 3

Snippets from TV shows that give the game away
Traditional sayings with moral messages
Frozen dessert loved by many
Giant Japanese mutant sea monster
The money that a country uses
Providing food at a hospitality event
Introductory section of a dramatic work
Item bought on a trip to take home as a keepsake
Criminals who steal from people’s homes
Woven cloths, used for covering furniture
Union of multiples countries working together
Broken road pitfalls are dangerous for motorists
Clear and obvious, graphic
Costume for flying without a parachute
Paddles on a pinball machine

Puzzle 4

They sing or play music for money on the streets
Chorus sung over and over
One show in a TV series
Greasing meat to keep it moist while cooking
Welcoming object collection for the dead (Spa.)
Glitter and shine
ID label sewn into clothes so they don’t get lost
Wax sticks for bringing warm light to tables
Unhappiness, misery
French island north of Sardinia
Liquid for washing hair
Encoded writing systems
Tall sailing ship
Small and inexpensive toy or trinket
Created with frozen water, a carrot and a scarf
Platform or runway for models in a fashion show
Rich, to have plenty of money
Creating something in the kitchen
Compassion towards other people’s feelings

Puzzle 5

Fault or defect; opposite of strength
Getting round on all fours, like a baby
Facebook-owned message app with VoIP
Intense, last-minute studying before an exam
Porcelain mantelpiece ornament
Fundraiser with sweet treats and cakes
Rock singer known for Refugee and Free Fallin’
Twirling, rotating
Conjurer who performs tricks
Disaster, catastrophe
Movie employee who has all the dangerous moves
A dark blue gemstone
Level of poison
Movement of eyelid over eye, often rapid
French word that means mister or sir
General who crossed the Alps with elephants
Those on a religious voyage to a shrine