Group 667

Puzzle 1

An introduction to something, an overture
Dark pigment in the skin, hair or eyes
Series of Microsoft tablet computers
Person who spoils someone else’s fun
Look around a new place
You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me cartoon
Cleansing, getting rid of unwanted things
Deep valleys with steep sides
Frodo’s best friend in Lord of the Rings
Tibetans of the Himalayas engaged in mountaineering
Happy, satisfied, relaxed
Pages of words actors must commit to memory
Nintendo’s original hand held system
Everlasting, infinite
Mild red spice made with sweet peppers
Classic cars converted for speed
School bag, often made with buckles and leather
Crying out like a wolf
One who left university early without finishing

Puzzle 2

Not displaying an ounce of bravery
People children shouldn’t talk to
Chance meeting, or to come up against something
Large vehicle that hauls away trash
Goat or astrological sign for December-January
Queries asked of someone
One of the fastest dog breeds
Smaller version of an embassy
Witness statement given under oath
Car repair experts
Vessel that sinks or is marooned on a shore
Expert in preparing Japanese raw fish speciality
Vehicle that hauls and unloads materials
Strip worn around the head to soak up perspiration

Puzzle 3

Proposed or adopted action plan
Pivot, spin, swivel
Oyster treasures
Small paddled crafts
Snakes with hollow fangs for poisoning
Italian grilled sandwich
Salt’s spicy partner
Hot, tropical US state in the Pacific
Slogan-carrying sign hung lengthways
Goodbye until we meet again
Erase unwanted text
Greek god of beauty who was killed by a wild boar
Not open
Singer and diva, Carey
Weight to bear
Wine basement
Website that serves as an entry point
Not expected; without any pattern
Forging or counterfeiting
An intense irrational fear
Depression on the moon

Puzzle 4

Incorrect or wrong
Place where city trash is usually dumped
Delusional persecution; irrational suspicion
Glandular organ that produces insulin
Twice baked Italian cookies often dunked in coffee
Class of dogs that were bred to hunt vermin
Alternative quick route
Remarks, responses left under an online post
He created the theory of relativity
Name derived from a father or father’s ancestry
Busy, crowded with people
Fired a missile
Having to do with sailing and the sea
Skateboarders’ leg joint protectors

Puzzle 5

Companion of thunder
A very bad dream
Fizzy French sparkling wine used for celebrations
Showing capacity for improvement
Breathing muscle below the lungs and heart
Going back, regressing
2010 mind-bending movie with Leonardo DiCaprio
Checklist of items in stock
To sleep during the whole winter
Natural pool that animals drink from
The art of interrelations between nations
Legal handwritten name
Containers holding treasures found by coordinates