Group 666

Puzzle 1

Reliable bloodhound in Lady and the Tramp
Mix of tunes together
Volcanic rock used for removing hard skin
Weapon carried by the Grim Reaper
Cultivated, green outdoor area
Bangs and knocking
Light-sensitive part of the eye
Demands for insurance payouts
Large metalworking tools with flat surfaces
Signals used before digital ones came along
The central walkways in churches between pews
Figure used to count
Parisian museum where the Mona Lisa is
Groups for workers’ rights
Walk like a goose or duck
Tufts of turf lifted by errant tee shots
Graze from rubbing against something rough
Othello’s young, handsome lieutenant
Short and stout container for brewing hot drinks

Puzzle 2

Have the opposite effect than intended on a plan
Identification of someone on an app or a site
Example of top quality or prestige
Someone who has completed school
Photographer’s suite for developing film
Long waiting periods between flights
Elevated part of a home, accessed by steps
Jacket usually worn in storms
Stalemate, deadlock, impasse
Not crafted by machines
Bursts into flames, perhaps spontaneously
Crack, fissure, or small split in a bone
Group of actors or musicians

Puzzle 3

In mathematics, the number that is left over
Greek hero enamored with his own reflection
Ambassadors, foreign government workers
Large, white-furred, Arctic predator
Case for carrying an artist’s drawings
What a doctor gives after a thorough examination
Protect from harm
Personal sets of songs
Way in to a home, over which brides may be carried
Absence of guilt, clear conscience
Idleness, quality of not tackling tasks
Enormous, now extinct species of shark
People who provide jobs for others
Changes in species over time
Greek hero who loved his own reflection
Discussion, debate
Leaning back
Strong personality traits; not weaknesses

Puzzle 4

Economic term for a decline in the value of money
Degree of bubbles in a soft drink
Belief that someone has committed a crime
Fast-paced exercise session on stationary bikes
Dummy on which to display clothes in a shop window
Soft-covered book
Ornamental pendant of honor
Maximum price
Animals with trunks
Metal or wood panel at the top end of a bed
Ornamental pendant of sporting prowess
Crag or rocky outcrop at top of steep cliff face

Puzzle 5

Kidney-shaped nuts featured in Chinese cuisine
Desired, envied
Farce or silent performance in a game
Preserved ancient remains of prehistoric lifeforms
Loud enough to be heard
Causing damage, hurting
Person who travels and visits attractions
Magical horse with a horn
Pretense or farce
Panes of glass in a house for looking through
Country where Dracula’s Bran Castle is located
Twenties and thirties bold architectural style
Use bacteria or yeast to make a substance change