Group 665

Puzzle 1

Having great worth
Famous mystery-solving detective Holmes
Discovery of precious metal that attracts miners
Crack or break a code
Purpose of use; official party
Tool that can be used to trim grass, hair or nails
These types of films make people laugh
Small, strong shot of coffee
Government system run by a king or a queen
Trendy jargon, especially in business
To deduce what illness or ailment a patient has
Sci-fi distortion of space
Long hairs on the side of a cat’s face
The bottom of the ocean
Basketball score made from above the basket
To mention a celebrity or a higher-up
Prompting words, such as in a Bob Dylan video
Shiny coating makeup product for the mouth
Way of thinking about something; a positive one is best

Puzzle 2

Speaker, one who gives talks or tells stories
Bread and pastry shop
Watery setting of Shakespeare’s Othello
Swiss cottage
Local travel helpers
Substance inside human bones, sometimes donated
traffic; vehicles moving in a single direction
James Bond prefers martinis this way
Film about Danny Zuko and Sandy’s epic love story
Bigger buildings you can buy in Monopoly
Prolonged, tedious story or account
Weak or frail
Refusal to accept strong evidence of reality
Tamper, interfere, intrude
Well-known, like a celebrity
Athletics obstacle to jump over
Cleaning and purging often happens in this season
Collection of tattoos that cover a person’s arm
Smells, perfumes
Extent of the money for a project
Excessive, ostentatious, brash
World’s largest hot desert that traverses Africa
India’s peaceful revolutionary during the 1940s
Disappear, become invisible, like the Cheshire Cat

Puzzle 3

Magical winged beings, like Tinker Bell
Delicate, easily broken
Garden tent-style shelters without sides
Travel seasonally, like birds flying south
A dark underground prison in a castle
Canadian province home to Niagara Falls
Outdoor meals on blankets
Putting things in boxes or suitcases
Synonym of victory
Morally upstanding
Power that a vacuum has to lift objects up
Running at a more leisurely pace than sprinting
Apparition, ghost
Stretches of salt water near the sea
Tight-knit groups of friends
State when expenditures exceed revenues
Painters, sketchers and potters, for example

Puzzle 4

The antihero Wade Wilson
Army-style fitness class to get you into shape
Formal event when awards are presented
Peacefulness, calmness
Lift magically from the ground by an unseen force
Ditches dug by soldiers to prepare for battle
Glass display for fish and other sea creatures
Tricked out of money
Political or environmental protestor
Social networking website founded by Zuckerberg
Tooth experts who check teeth and do fillings
Any flying plane
Medical word for your collarbone
Supersonic passenger plane retired in 2003
Aerosol method to go several shades darker
Roomy, not cramped
Creating an artwork with a screen and paint
Where trekkers stay at the foot of Mount Everest
Organism, sometimes harmful, living inside another
Assignments that pupils complete after school
Expensive fungi dug up from under the ground

Puzzle 5

What elderly people talk about when reminiscing
Chilling suspense novels
Having no feelings, pity or mercy
Trickster, swindler, hustler
Large rotating wheel on the banks of the Thames
Secret communication using dots and dashes
Insertion of medicine into the body with a syringe
The Mary Norton’s tales of tiny people
Home up high among branches
A written promise or assurance
Grilled meat on a bun