Group 664

Puzzle 1

Tile game for word lovers
Practice ahead of a performance
Emergency vessel used for water rescues
Measure of space between things
Producing an insolent smile
Request for another’s hand in marriage
Ancient Roman temple of the Gods
Person’s residence or home
Fabled bronze statue at the sea entrance to Rhodes
Gibberish, incomprehensible speech or writing
Value of one currency vs. another: rate
Brawniness; ability to pick up heavy things
French prison that was stormed on July 14, 1789
Second lowest male singing voice
Root vegetables served mashed, fried, or baked
Large space for dancing a waltz or a tango
Crew rebellions against ship captains
A government’s store or department for money
Dory is this type of fish
Alternative name for the highly toxic fugu
Make small adjustments, finishing touches

Puzzle 2

Hoping for something to happen
Grouping sheep or cattle on a farm
Cylindrical, festive, tree-like chocolate cake
One-eyed giant in Ancient Greek mythology
Knee cap, the technical term
Pieces of cloth for wiping the face while eating
Boats that transport people across rivers and seas
Last name of Wendy in Peter Pan
Flying assistant to the captain of a plane
With a vista over the ocean, e.g. from hotel room
Group of people driving together to destination
Untidy collection of things
Animal that crossed the road
Hairstyle that has zigzags or crinkles

Puzzle 3

Speed of pulse
Building that houses a community of monks
Large land reptiles with a shell on their backs
Genuine, not fake
Family members
Unexpected events, things planned in secret
Data element designed to prove a point
Find a new and different use for something
Small Italian eatery
Aerosol fixative for head styles
Sea-going vessel that transports goods globally
Mystery-solving cartoon Great Dane
Processed with minimal human interaction
Cooperative, law-abiding
Adults like to drink this on New Year’s Eve
Pamphlet with information about museum exhibits
High-ranking university lecturer
Kitchen storage frame for ginger, salt and pepper

Puzzle 4

Card game where you ask other players for cards
Decorative pin that can be worn on a coat lapel
Expose something previously secret
Once the milk is spilled, this might occur
Impulse or involuntary physical reaction
Phrase or word that is used in meditation
Image that represents or stands for something else
Mischievous winged creatures with pointed ears
Love Number 9, a gypsy provides a loving brew
Select items for an exhibition
Front pages of books or magazines
Restraining device for a dog’s snout
Bent-down gesture of respect to a queen
South America’s vast rainforest and waterway
Computer dedicated to managing network resources
Large flat stones that fit together for paths
Thick liquids served as accompaniment to food
Tool used to dig a hole
Expensive to buy
Plunging into water and exploring the depths
Gesturing to signal you’ve seen someone
All around the world, international
Camila Cabello song about Cuban capital

Puzzle 5

Blank album used to collect photos, memorabilia
Directed another version of Alice in Wonderland
Hiding place where spies or their targets lie low
Punctuation mark consisting of a dot above a comma
The largest mammal of all sea creatures
Tiny, microscopic
Musician’s ticking time-keeping device
Proclaimed, called out
Liquid gargled to freshen the breath
Cartoon rabbit hunted by Elmer Fudd
Country of which Alexander the Great was king
Cutlets of sheep meat
Passage of speech delivered by one character
Playground game with a boy’s name in the title