Group 663

Puzzle 1

Rebel Australian actress from Bridesmaids
Animal whose hole Alice fell down
Apple’s web browser with compass logo
Tags on clothing
Title for a male monarch of the Ottoman Empire
Prepared statement delivered to an audience
Construction workers skilled at brickwork
Garden herbs irresistible to felines
Inflatable safety device found in cars
Piles, heaps
Nationality of Marie Curie
Tall buildings
Strong, like a spell
Help someone with a task
Scar’s kingly brother, father of Simba
Inter-connected hotel rooms
Pasta string; brain
Tropical bird that can mimic human voices
Play old-school pinball and video games here
Sharp sewing tool

Puzzle 2

Substitute that imitates a natural product
Aggrieved, annoyed at another’s actions
Making a body movement to indicate something
Tropical fruit found on Hawaiian pizza
Piece of bent wire for holding documents together
Spritz product for coiffures
Rome touristic arena where gladiators used to fight
Emergency medical worker, often in an ambulance
Describes a contract valid for a specific period
Laptops and desktops are these

Puzzle 3

Limbs of trees
Machine for destroying sensitive documents
Unable to move
Priest that works in a hospital or military unit
Ozzy lead singer of Black Sabbath
Persuade, influence, convert
Circular window found on a ship
Falsely swore to an oath
Plan that indicates time and place of each event
Chair that tilts back for full relaxation
City that’s home to Topkapi Palace, now a museum
Instrument player
Japanese weaponless self-defense martial art
Triangle with two equal sides and angles
Time when one must vacate a hotel room
1990s song and Latin dance with arm movements
From country that is 700 islands, north of Cuba
Speedy ; bouncing back quickly from illness
Immaculate, spotless
Hard salty Italian sheep cheese
Legally binding contract between lovers
Ancient weapon used for firing stones

Puzzle 4

Identifier for products, invented by George Laurer
Line sketch, not filled in
Inflatable round object seen at children’s parties
No tickets remaining, a full house
Eliminating pain or feeling with medicine
Far away, on the horizon
Friend ; new contact invitation on Facebook
Place where books are kept for lending, not sale
Apparatus for breathing while submerged
Earnest, heartfelt
Safe haven for evacuees or those without homes
The Godfather director, Francis Ford
Long-necked zoo animal
Male chicken that’s part of Chinese astrology
Large plate for serving canapés on
Deadly poison found in tiny amounts in apple pips
To the tooth or firm to the bite for pasta
Loud concert protection wear
Notes taken to record the events of a meeting
Halflings; fictional race created by Tolkien
Eliminating pain or feeling with anesthesia
Therapeutic muscle kneading

Puzzle 5

Fabric window coverings
An Irish city and also a form of poetry
Common dog command to lie motionless
Belief system based on persons rather than a deity
One who lived through a horrific event
Worker who brings old artwork back to former glory
Lack of energy
Small pieces of paper thrown during parties
Suitcase conveyor belt
Strikingly beautiful