Group 662

Puzzle 1

Venetian merchant voyager and water game
Graceful dancer, possibly wearing a tutu
Salted, dehydrated meat snack
Indication that long hair needs a trim
Flashes of electric energy during a thunderstorm
Steep cascade that drops into a pool or river
Worthy person to be followed as a good example
Devices used to help bone disorders
Space to move at ease, above all at mid-arm level
DJ’s record deck
Sharp tiny shards of wood that penetrate the skin
Little Paris, a lovely name for this Romanian city

Puzzle 2

Creature that roamed the planet before humans
Magical, captivating, entrancing
Amulet or charm with magic powers
Lower part of a city; business district
Animal that helps pull Santa’s sleigh
Big-hitting baseball star Joe, married to Marilyn
Carbon lumps used as barbecue fuel
Examine, judge and assess
Series of audio files that can be downloaded
Objects or items of proof in a criminal case
Television viewers; people watching a play
Chemical used to keep a pool clean
Knuckle and palm action on dough
Conference member; give out tasks to others
Intensify, become stronger or magnified
Band known for Digital Love and One More Time
Cutting fast into small pieces
Cosmetic treatment for fingernails

Puzzle 3

Artificial lake that stores water for consumption
A large bedroom in a school or institution
Injection given to athletes, say, for inflammation
Group of people trailing a VIP on visits
Signature from a celebrity
Competition where dancer picks choreography
Circus performer who trains kings of the jungle
Clients, people who buy a business’s products
The word for a political leader in many countries
Venetian beauty in Shakespeare’s Othello
Productive and well run
Gambling game where 21 is the magic number
Quality that killed the cat

Puzzle 4

Protective garments worn by bakers and chefs
These fruits are used to make wine
Fancy chair for royalty
Canal, building feat links Atlantic and Pacific
Feathery pens
Fundraiser with tickets for a prize draw
Paper vote
Shut down, then start up a computer again
Tight-fitting; close to the body
A book that follows up on a previous story
Solidly built
Yellow citrus fruits grown in groves
Cup or statue awarded to winners of a tournament
The Wicked Witch of the West’s nemesis
Knee-jerk, involuntary reaction
Involuntary movement of muscles
Middle section of an insect’s body
The tune of a song, the linear musical structure

Puzzle 5

Finely slicing cheese into tiny flakes
Prototypes, models drawn up from plans
Vodka cocktail, shaken or stirred
Stretchy elastic fabric
Bird that looks like it’s wearing a tuxedo
Polishing something with a soft cloth
Music discs made out of vinyl
Place for choppers to take off and land
Jump out of a plane in freefall
Public gathering to express dissent, disapproval
Celebrations or gatherings to mark birthdays
Required outfit for a job or for school
Poor ragged people of Victorian literature
Advertisement for a film
Woman who plays a character on screen or stage
Soft yellow cleaning cloths
Argument, row
10-year periods
Protective eyewear worn by scientists and swimmers
Going against an instruction
Stitches that close a surgical incision
Fire-breathing winged beasts in fairy tales
Sale in which people bid on items
Flight deck on an aircraft