Group 661

Puzzle 1

Club, 80s band fronted by Boy George
Mythological figure, a man-horse hybrid
Joking around, teasing like a child
Makes sense, based on reason
Source of hot lava
Short and to the point
Describes a long-term or persistent illness
A display in a museum
Phoebe, Monica, Rachel and the boys
Nuts or sprinkles added as a finishing touch
People who perform choreographed pieces to music
Give up in a sports contest
Competitive match with a winner
Device placed on a roof to receive a TV signal

Puzzle 2

The Beatles’ song from a past time
Tony island to the East of Madagascar
Trembling in cold weather
Large storage building
Leonardo da Vinci prototyped this air escape device
Staying the night at a friend’s house
Finding buried metal with a gizmo
Place where criminal trials are held
Apply decorative needlework to fabric
Dissolve a company
Sample objects displayed in museums
Substance that kills insects on crops
Glass viewing space, with polygonal shape
When parents go out in the evening, without kids
Machine to show slides on a wall
Determination, resolve, grit

Puzzle 3

Athletes stand on this while riding a wave
To clean something in order to kill germs
Ethereal, heavenly, elysian
Personal restraints in cars
Boneless fatty meat from a pig’s abdomen
Movie and stage show about a nun on the run
A position that isn’t permanent
To vanish or go missing
Voyager from Venice to Kublai Khan’s court
Chasing one of these birds is unproductive
Edge or upper hand that helps someone
Winged insect that hatches from a chrysalis

Puzzle 4

Infectious fever spread by ticks and fleas
Experienced adviser or guide for an individual
Amazon’s e-reader
Short melody used to sell products or services
Proper term for nearsightedness
Fin on a shark’s back
Stiff, frosty
Greek monster with serpent hair
Go back on, break a promise
Rocky ; Sly Stallone’s boxing champion
Pitti, Versailles, Kensington, for e.g.
Lane, where the nostalgic go to reminisce
Religious chant or incantation
The tree tops in a rainforest
Give away goods instead of selling them
GF is a food label that stands for free
Wood that the Mona Lisa is painted upon
This is dropped to secure a ship in place
Products like lipstick and mascara
Shortform for a contract made before marriage

Puzzle 5

Loan for a house
Continental glacier, large frozen mass
Someone who prefers to stay in
Element Fr discovered by Marguerite Perey in 1939
Cut of sheep meat containing a rib bone
Sarah Bareilles is not gonna write one of these
Group of Mexican folk musicians that serenade
Largest apes, the males are silverbacks
Shoe with a high tapered heel; pointy nail shape
Items left to others in a will
The Ugly turns into a swan
Not apart
The act of asking someone’s hand in marriage
Three dots that represent missing text
Battle won by the UK against the Napoleonic army
Board game of buying property and avoiding jail
It is rung to alert a homeowner to visitors
Supernatural, wonderful events with no explanation
Official notice to leave a property you live in
Large brass musical instrument with a slide