Fauna and Flora

Group 161

Puzzle 1

Tiny African nation nearly landlocked by Senegal

Latin phrase meaning “in place”

Political campaign to unite Greece and Cyprus

Taxi __, movie with Robert De Niro

It is the same as blog

__ Richie, sang Hello decades before Adele

German sports brand known for three stripes

To plan an elaborate action, usually in secret

Cosmic order, teaching of the Buddha


Chinua __, Nigerian novelist

Link between Europe and Asia

Thin dough used in Middle Eastern pastries

At the end of, not keeping up

Spider __, known for spider-like behavior

The Big Bang __, TV comedy show about nerds

Kitchen knife that swings back and forth

Home to architecture masterpiece Petra

Puzzle 2

Eastern European cabbage and beet soup

Comic captain fought “Civil War” against Iron Man

Typical height, rate, degree, nothing special

The __ flag fish has red and yellow stripes

A cat in gloves __ no mice

Roasted flatbread with fillings from Russia

Alice in Wonderland, Looking Glass, Lewis __

To have confidence in the truth

Someone guilty of a crime and in prison

Violent spinning storm

The art of shooting with a bow and arrow

Portable locks often used with chain link

Human-like robot

The More the __, rich man sublets apt in comedy

To make something unusable, not work correctly

Capital of Costa Rica

Examining a corpse to determine cause of death

Ceremony for someone who has died

Killed with his wife for lying to St. Peter

Puzzle 3

Animals walking very close to the ground

Japanese craft of packaging

A captain of __ manages or owns a large company

Storage space for food and dishes

The act of propelling a boat using a paddle

Doors singer who died young and is buried in Paris

Also known as pomelo

Lightweight, small shoes which are easily slipped on

Place where military units eat

City located in both European and Asian continents

Highly respected teacher in Buddhism

Sardine, or __, small, oily fish, live in schools

Puzzle 4

If you like bees, you would study this

American-Chinese dish typically served with rice

Life form individual

Burt __, Smokey and the Bandit actor

A quick and casual photograph

Kim __, star of Hard Country, 8 Mile

Czech __, home to Prague and Bohemia

Name of the leader in the Indian Empire

Trebek-led question game show

Study of gravitation

Favorite kid’s pet, often meets demise in toilet

Something to preserve the memory of a person

Large electric cooking pot used to cook slowly

Ancient Art of War is the first real-time __ game

Puzzle 5

__ acid, more commonly known as vitamin C


Science of animal behavior

Body language, study of gestural communication

Leguminous tree in the Fabaceae family

Far flung weapon from Ancient Greece

A large frog that makes a loud, deep sound

Apples and __

The Black __, 1985 dark fantasy Disney film

Eastern European river ends up in Black Sea

Emperor of France defeated by Wellington

Feeds gas from fuel tank to injection system

Motion before criminal case

Group 162

Puzzle 1

Norma Jeane Baker, aka Marilyn __

St Rose __, patron saint of the Americas

A __ degree burn causes blisters

Copper smelting cultures belonged to this age

Apple’s app, online music store

__ art, art in public places, can be graffiti

Change something so it fits, adapts, conforms

To cook the fat out of something

Obi-Wan Kenobi gives the lightsaber of __ to Luke

Woody in Toy Story, hero of the Wild West

Drum shaped like a tapered cylinder from Nigeria

Room for parking cars, usually attached to a house

Tiny fish used by fishermen as bait

Puzzle 2

Clothing commonly used in farms

__ Burton, actor and ex-husband of Liz Taylor

Titanfall is the first FPS by __ and EA

Tiger Sharks are large and have dark __

Maya __, Black poetress and civil rights activist

Cezanne painted Rideau, __ et Compotier

Persian cotton candy

Large bird that runs very fast but can’t fly

__ Finch, a Gregory Peck character

Chessmaster is a video game that __ chess

People who give opinions on everything

Homer’s father in The Simpsons

Puzzle 3

Common species of whale found around the world

Plastic made partially by milk protein

Paddling in a canoe-like boat, sitting or standing

Malted milkball candy comes in paper carton

A type of cabbage that has a large, round stem

“All __” means a sudden, unforeseen stop

Violent effort to change country’s leadership

Illusion master, Las Vegas strip

Bigeye Trevally are found in all __ waters

Weather prediction made by meteorologists

__ zone of sea water, from 0 to 1200 feet

Pre Lenten Shrove Tuesday doughnut

Bag shaped like paper casing of a letter

South America’s largest city

Princess Leia home planet that was blown away

Puzzle 4

Rain before seven, fine by __, goes the proverb

The __ Land, 1948 documentary of Antarctica

Bone __ is soft tissue inside bones

Large bodies of water

Small almond cake in Oceania

For some he was the one who invented the plane

1984 game where you fight disembodied souls

Christopher’s loveable friend, honey aficionado

Star of Wizards of Waverly Place, __ Gomez

Bart named his pet elephant this in The Simpsons

Soldier trained in armed combat to serve a king

Keanu __ starred in The Matrix

Act of helping someone

Starts at Lake Rweru, joins the Nile

Traditional female Japanese performer

Australian __ dogs were bred for herding cows

Puzzle 5

Jack __, American actor and a basketball fan

Type of paper with non stick coating for baking

Austrian captain portrayed in the Schindler’s List

Protagonist of My Fair Lady

The Devil is a __ evil entity

Sailors feared harming this “legendary” bird

The earth is hit by __ 100 times a second

Candy __, addictive, sweet mobile game

__ snake eel looks like a snake and has no fins

Mark Hamill plays Luke __ in the Star Wars films

The outermost part of the Earth’s atmosphere

Half-espresso, half-milk Italian coffee

Group 163

Puzzle 1

Don’t stand underneath this pointed frozen water

Part of East China Sea, near Korean Peninsula

Smelting of brownish metal 5000 BC in Serbia

Carbolic acid, synthesizes plastics

Boardwalk __ starring Steve Buscemi

Remove weaponry or win over

Mechanical or physical malfunction

Egyptian goddess of sky, sun and sexuality

Woman with flaxen hair

Cold __, when you suddenly stop doing something

“The Holy City” in Shinto

You can purchase these on a Kindle

Put under the hatches

In Harry Potter, Voldemort’s last name

Table designed for eating meals

Atlantic wingis a bivalve mollusc

__ Sports Stadium, located in Islamabad

Puzzle 2

To leave someone and never return

Death __ Her, Streep, Willis, Hawn black comedy

__ Point, time of no more resistance

Any person out there

Zoe __, actress, Daughter of Lenny

Wayne role in True Grit, __ Cogburn

Learned master in Sanskrit, Buddhism

The __ effect, based on a return to life

Historic NYC hotel and a city landmark

Individual cake treat, doesn’t go bad for a while

Ancient burial ground in Egypt

Dead Calm, The __, and Titanic actor, Billy Zane

Pygmalion sculpted and fell in love with __

African monkey virtually thumbless

American __, credit card with gladiator

A is a young woman in the Lady __ duo

Cafe __ at Night, painting by Van Gogh

Puzzle 3

__ Swift, invented the female name, Vanessa

__ cone is a predatory sea snail

Female country star with TV sitcom

God of the sea in Greek Mythology

To bring into existence or to produce

__ is known as the purebred long-haired Siamese

Suppress, keep back

French for goodbye

In the weakest link of the chain you can find it

Logical fallacy, refuting unrelated argument

__ zone is the shore around a body of water

Galaxian, a game of __ alien ships on the screen

Short real story, can be unreliable

Study of sight

Puzzle 4

Swedish PM assassinated in 1986

Marine, transparent and with stinging tentacles

Compulsive urge to buy things

Defender, guard

Cannot be described in words

Film studio complex in Rome founded by Mussolini

__ Applegate, actress in Married With Children

Medical doctor

Like it sounds, the study of doses

Comparative study of primitive peoples

A frog is not a reptile, but an __

Sponge cake with egg whites and no butter

Puzzle 5

High-strung, on edge

Mollusc with two hinged shells, soft body

South American river aka Rio Itenez in Bolivia

Dark, solid substance used for roads, pathways

A person who collects and delivers mail

__ Page, single web page when you click

This game machine comes with flippers, metal ball

Sport of catching fish with rod and reels

NBA Live 16 features OKC __ player on cover

Document of purchase with items, costs

Extreme sport of kayaking and surfing

Reticulated sea biscuits are also called Sand __

Nighttime footwear, often large and fuzzy

Legally taken and raised by other parents

1976 black comedy, satire of US television

Butch __, notorious bank robber in the Old West

Doctor usually refers to a __ doctor, MD, PhD

Group 164

Puzzle 1

__ writing, open semantic; writing with no words

Judd __, pioneer of bromantic comedy

Blackway and Bourne film series star, Julia __

Lacking the ability to do something

__ fish have long, thin bodies, long jaws

Murdered, assassinated

Tracy __ , her show introduced The Simpsons

Domestic feline bred to look like a jungle cat

The Night of the __, Tennessee Williams’ play

Round shape

Cartoon about a group of elementary school kids

Rotating circles

Christian Bale plays __ in The Dark Knight movies


French cocktail of pastis, strawberry syrup

Punctuation mark, joins words

Puzzle 2

To force someone to follow a law, rule, etc

Moon of Saturn that has no craters

Vicar __, principal deputy of bishop

A __ shared is a __ halved

__ Lagoon, Disney’s giant Florida waterpark

Red-bellied __ has large teeth

Camels have three __ to protect from sand

To interrupt the quiet, rest, peace, or order of

Period of being a boy, as a child

One who is skilled in the secrets of anything

When two people are to be married

Add creme de menthe to make this duo cocktail

__ Kors, designer with a billion dollar brand

Collection of weapons and ammunition

Soft lower part of the ear that hangs down

Student who quits high school before graduation

Puzzle 3

Capital of Saint Pierre and Miquelon

French delicacy meaning edible snail

John __, starred in Gentleman’s Agreement

Commander William Riker plays this in Star Trek

Conversion, deep change

The first programmable __ was built in 1938

Tzadikim __, 36 righteous people

A physical desire, especially for food

1933 film about a captured giant ape

Animal with long nose known for eating ants

A heavy-duty tape has high levels of __

Prince William is the son of __ Diana

Modern __ cement was invented in 1845

On site journalist

Way to listen to music between LP records and CDs

Comet is a smaller __ with a forked tail

Lady and __, 1955 romantic Disney film

Amber like resin with little succinic acid

Just below the emperor, Austrian title

Roman emperor whose wall encircled the city

Cross-country skiing plus target shooting

Puzzle 4

German Shepherd, beloved TV canine

Russian instrument, triangle with guitar neck

In Poland, a language spoken by an ethnic group

Usually sweetened, milk with no water

Redhead primate, found in Asia

Director who doesn’t shy away from bloodshed

They can speak Basque and Catalan besides Spanish

Figure designed to frighten birds or spirits

__ pie, berry pie requires no pitting

A collection of an artist’s work

Psychics study the way stars influence people

Found mostly between Mars and Jupiter

Daughter language of Dutch, spoken in South Africa

Played cross-dressing Corporal Maxwell Klinger

British city famed by its port and music

Compressed charcoal used for barbeques

Puzzle 5

__, Inc takes place in fictional Monstropolis

California __ domestic cats look like a leopard

Bank account abroad, common in Cayman Islands

Infectious disease also known by Variola

These kind of hours fly fast

Bartels’ __ have a dancing mating ritual

Scotch whisky liqueur

Talk __ to the dozen, at great length

System of ideas used to justify behaviour

GridIron Master combines chess with __

A formal agreement between two or more nations

Real life Arabian inspiration to a film T.E. __

French pastry cream sometimes mixed with fruit

Hackman is lost in space in 1969 NASA movie

Lightest element, makes up water with oxygen

Group 165

Puzzle 1

Paper showing someone paid a fare or price

Philip H. __, cofounder of Nike

Euthanasia is intentionally __ a life, death

Folding table for tube watching

Upmarket Swiss ski resort with luxury Palace hotel

German name for WWII prisoner of war camps

__ Eager, ruthless gambler, fake taxi driver

Natural sweetener that comes from plant leaves

Greek god of upper atmosphere and light

Cave __, water jumping extreme sport

This bell of the ball, Pan’s pixie dust friend

Black seadevil are __ fish with horrid appearance

Joan __, harsh comedian, plastic surgery addict

Thing or event that is symbolic of a group

Tubular, foam piece used in pools and lakes

Aesop’s __ had The Ant and Grasshopper

Means both to separate and hold together

Holy men of various Hindu sects, devotee

Puzzle 2

The __ Bears is based on the Disney attraction

Palace of the Moorish kings in Seville, Spain

Chantilly cats are known as the Foreign Longhair

To save something from danger, fire, water

Capital of Andorra, __ la Vella

French __, most popular ice cream flavor

In Saving __ Ryan, Hanks searches for Damon

Middle ages chemistry to make gold

Phoenicians invented this type of ship in 700s BC

Oscar winner movie that tells the story of Mozart

Doctors do this to patients

Hell hath no fury like a woman __

A __ youth has a wolf in his belly

Jada __ Smith, Matrix and Madagascar actress

Glass __, discovered in 1st century in Lebanon

Red-lipped __ use fins to walk on the ocean floor

Instrument for drawing circles and arcs

Puzzle 3

Separated from other persons or things

Hopping bugs, eaten by some, pet for others

Long-running science fiction TV series and movies

Arthropod that fixes itself to boats and rocks

The way you think or feel about something

A narrow area of land that sticks out into the sea

Candy bar, oh yeah, our galaxy as well

Costs incurred by a company like energy, labor

Teacher, professor

Telephone mode to use when up in the air

Decreased oxygen to tissues, choking, also fatal

Puzzle 4

Star-shaped flowers that are also missiles

Modern pentathlon includes this shooting event

Shining, light, radiating, also a clever person

Something in the main part

Italian herbal liqueur, translation meaning witch

Nabokov’s jailbait

Something done, performed, movements

UAE’s second-largest airline, also a flag carrier

Tarantula is a type of this

__ Cricket is Disney’s conscience

Video games are __ across different platforms

Puzzle 5

Forms northern part of the Aegean Sea

__ powerboat racing, ocean sport

__ Night Fever, it has Travolta dancing

The strongest tendon in the body

I __, TV sitcom starring Lucille Ball

English Christian denomination

Braided, sweet, egg enriched European bread

Part of land that provides a beautiful view below

Indo-European language spoken in this Asian country

DC’s Legends of __, TV series about superheroes

Blue eyes in humans are this DNA alternation

Make sure you get the big piece of this bone

Public park in Manhattan built on an old railway

Something that establishes or serves as a pattern

__ clam flashes like a disco ball

Group 166

Puzzle 1

__ shaping corrects small problems in teeth

The evening meal, typically an informal one

__ the Line of Duty, 42 movie narrated by Reagan

Magician of the Arthurian legend

Opposite of weak

Large metal or wooden piece carried for protection

Huge Spanish fleet to attack England

Violent, hostile, forceful act against another

Bacteria are -celled microorganisms

Dwarf leopard of Central and South America

666 Park __, TV show about a haunted building

Japanese-named grid game of logical numbers

Aardwolf is a crime lord on Madripoor __

Insect with pincher believed to burrow in ears

Heavy __, a serious player; boxer who hits hard

__ of the Jedi has the first Ewoks in Star Wars

Flat bottomed container in a lab

Puzzle 2

Old German language written in Hebrew characters.

Shooting a bow and arrow at a target

Force that holds us down on Earth

__ Finch, character from To Kill a Mockingbird

__ to plan is planning to fail

Old World woodpecker

Girl with a Pearl __, Vermeer oil painting

Surgeon’s cutting tool

Beach in Rio de Janeiro known for a certain girl

Greek goddess of agriculture

Pre-10th-century Japanese straight sword

Internal parts, organs, entrails, slang word

Narrow opening made by parts separating

Puzzle 3

__ City has been hit by the most tornadoes

The one who is the fastest

Cowboy in charge of livestock

A Summer Olympic sport

Small sacs of tissue next to the tonsils

A French dish made from beaten eggs fried in a pan

Pigeons may nest there

Countdown device related to boiling and cooking

Medium-green chili pepper, eaten on spicy foods

African horned, hopping “deer”

Denise __, ex-wife of Charlie Sheen

A __ house is like a hotel, you pay for a room

These are raced in Nova Scotia’s bizarre regatta

To remove troops from a combat area

Japanese company that brought us Mario and Luigi

Puzzle 4

French philosopher, mathematician

Anagram of cart horse


Klimt painted __ Frieze

Thigh muscle, common sporting muscle pull

Related to the science of equipment design

Chinese Communist Party founder and chairman

Frank Capra’s uplifting film, It’s a __ Life

Dried nuts are in this famous Christmas cake

Study of fables and tales

Ramallah is the administrative center of __

The __ sloth is one of the slowest mammals

__ Sling, Asian cocktail, originally gin sling

Kevin Laffan’s long-running British soap opera

First commercial computer with GUI

Puzzle 5

__ & Mather, US important advertising and PR agency

Cone-shaped candy found in Ukraine

He devised the concept of conditioned reflex

Egyptian goddess of lower cataracts of the Nile

Builder of “the happiest place on earth”

Siberian river flows into the Bering Sea

Turn attention to something else

Novelist played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman

__ Rubble was Fred Flintstone’s best bud

List of cases set for court on a set day

Jump __, was House of Pain’s 90s party anthem

Antiquated term for keeper of horses

Group 167

Puzzle 1

Japanese religion with multiple gods, shrines

A large public procession of a festive nature

Aka polar wool, insulating synthetic fabric

Canine loves snacks as much as his scruffy friend

They make socks or stockings posher

To soak up liquid, sponge or towel

In conclusion

Allies, in their native American language

__ Planet, world’s largest travel guide

Formerly in Prussia, gained independence after WWI

Common pet lizard with a long tail

Scooping constellation, can be big or small

Known by the Egyptians as the city of Waset

Spanish version of a soap opera

Violent encounter between military forces

Bible book describes settlement of Canaan

Competitor who enters a game to cheat

Road Runner chaser often seen falling off cliffs

Puzzle 2

Precursor to paper, invented in Egypt in 3000 BC

Dead Man __, Sean Penn is on death row

Any of the instruments used in a kitchen

This browser’s logo is a panda, not a fox

This South African neighbor also had apartheid

Present-day version of prince charming

__ Leap, 80s time travel science fiction TV show

Tube used to breathe underwater

Solar __ are covered with toxic mucus

Physical or online place to receive correspondence

Person’s real name, not pseudonym

Small oily fish, packed in cans

Streaming site, originally mail order DVD service

Home __, the final part of something

Fish live in schools in Pacific and Atlantic

Try again if at first you don’t __

Puzzle 3

Ancient military piece that throws objects

Jewish dessert of knotted pastries, honey

Skyscrapers would be impractical without this device

This iron ore has been used for thousands of years

In custody before trial

Arthur’s best knight in the Round Table

Aquatic animal, 5 arms, regrows body parts

Three sides, three angles, acute and obtuse

Wrote The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner

Something related to the sea or ships

At __ pace = very slowly

Mountains between the Black and Caspian seas

Sweet topping found on cakes and cupcakes

An __ in Paris, Gershwin’s musical 1951 film

__ tuna is also known as the white tuna

Puzzle 4

Marge hides __ money in her hair, The Simpsons

Are greedy of mulberry leaves

Cake known for its ringlike shape

Patron of accountants and bankers

Small amounts of water from the sky

A novel by Chuck Palahniuk turned into a film

The jazz-age flapper cartoon character

Animal blamed for everything

Neolithic stone settlement in Scotland

Valencian spring festival with burning effigies

Collecting of bank notes and cheques

Highest executive officer in a republic

Type of coding used to create links

David Lynch cult TV series

Don Johnson crime drama based in Florida

The highest German military honor

Sweet board game with gumdrops and brittle

Common place for teachers in a school or college

Puzzle 5

Place for longterm storage for meats, ice cream

One horned, mythical horse

__ Packard aka HP, former computer company

To assassinate, to murder in cold blood

To tell customs you are traveling with something

Region where gravity effect is zero

The white of an egg

Socially awkward 1958 French comedy

Canine type, expert game finders and retrievers

Padded, upholstered bench, Asian empire

Person who is acknowledged

Mary __, penned Frankenstein at age 19

Elastic fabric that “expands”

Area using this unit of land measurement

The __ Cookie, Lemmon, Matthau first movie

Bird with a proverbial stomach

Group 168

Puzzle 1

Evil spirits in Arab mythology linked to graveyards

Cooked sausage, usually served on a bun

Building holding those who break the law

Muscle in the mouth, contains taste buds

The __, book by Bernhard Schlink. Later a movie.

400 quarter pounders can be made from __

__ & white didemnum are sea squirts

Village of the __, unemotional kids, horror flick

Ordained, Christian clergyman with authority

Undergo pain, distress, loss, grief, injury

Item that you can physically see and touch

__ of the Apes, Heston is astronaut who crashes

Puzzle 2

Final __, science fiction role playing game

Clothing worn by members of an organization

Cutout of a shape or design used multiple times

One made is a debt unpaid

Angels’ boss on Fawcett’s detective show

Derogatory term for an intellectual person

Officially announce or proclaim something

Girl Talk is a 1988 game for __ girls

Widely known type of bear known for its temper

__ up, don’t take things so seriously

Aerial act where the performer hangs by the teeth

Multicolored cookie

The process in which energy is emitted as waves

Type of zoo designed for young children

Hard, “fragile” candy usually made with peanuts

Actor played Cruise’s long-lost autistic brother

Nordic country

Puzzle 3

A partner in everything, superheroes have one

__ 1st of May, massive North Korean stadium

A nanny is hired to care for __ in the family home

Clouding of eye that reduces vision

__ diving, digging through garbage bins

Study of mosses and liverworts

__ Islands, source of Argentine, English contempt

Short legged Japanese table, no chairs used

Folded pamphlet used by companies to market

Cartilaginous fish related to sharks

Ammit, Egyptian goddess who __ souls

The assasination of __ Ferdinand started WWI

What lends enchantment to the view

A unit of power equal to one million watts

Author of Madam Bovary

A keyboard symbol, like a star

Milk produced by a “bearded” animal

Puzzle 4

Seattle’s Canadian neighbor

Proper name for the Little Bear constellation

To lose body liquid

Era marked end of Stone Age, beginning of farming

Purple coneflower drunk as tea to ward off colds

Netflix show about a blind Marvel superhero

French writer of the naturalistic school

Snow White nemesis who hated her mirror, the __

__ ideas, typical of old fogeys

Someone who attends a lot of social events

Ancient Asian printing invented in Han Dynasty

Alan Turing’s codebreaking park

Glyph added to a letter

__ Lerche, German pastry used to use lark

Patron of Milan and opponent of Arianism

Digestive organ comes in small, large sizes

Bees are found on every __ but Antarctica

Puzzle 5

Fish able to puff itself up to look large

Rock band that stood up against Ticketmaster

Another name for baseball

Wrote Gulliver’s Travels, __ Swift

Capital of Sudan

The ones who never win

Song recorded by Elvis Presley in 1956

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie

Sea __ is a squishy, sausage-shaped animal

Works with elephants in a circus

Eye condition that can cause loss of vision

Jewish expression for congratulations

Small body in inner Solar System

Main support pole for the main tent in circus

In a circus, the area behind the big top

Heat exchanger cools the engine of a car

Hindu religious offering, sweet, sugar ball

Group 169

Puzzle 1

The __ triggerfish is also known as Picasso

Small drinking device for hot beverage

Genetic predisposition to certain traits

Not yet taken

Auto __, cars speeding after each other

Nasty word spelled backwards in The Shining

A gang leader or a lighting electrician

Person plays a sport of balls with holes and pins

The __ cat is known for its hairless skin

__ nut, popular cookie also called a snap

Flat woolen caps with stalks worn by the French

Species from planet Earth in the Solar System

Typically white herons with cascading feathers

Puzzle 2

Biliary system is the gall__, bile ducts, and bile

To lift up, raise to a higher place


Breakfast, snack food including rolled oats

Has a hard shell and white milky juice

__ hope all ye who enter here, Dante said of Hell

Trade __, difference between imports and exports

Berry-bearing plant from cypress family

Blood thirsty, parasitic insects in mattresses

Emilio __, Charlie Sheen’s brother

The lightest of all metals

Telling a computer to do something

All Quiet on the __ Front, won an Oscar in 1931

Skin condition when you are in the sun too long

A detailed report

Scenes shot for movies, tv shows, etc

Nationality of the author Leo Tolstoy

Oldest living former French president, 1970s

To set upon or work against forcefully

Walter __, won an Oscar for The Fortune Cookie

A long passionate kiss

Fit for kneeling on

Puzzle 3

Natural form of sugar that is found in fruits, honey

Halloumi cheese Cypriot dessert

Judicial __, post conviction decision

Pokemon that evolves into Mega Alakazam

The bed or channel in which a river flows

Let __ dogs lie

Jack __, main character in S. King’s The Shining

Kept something for yourself dishonestly

__ tables have intricately carved edges

Accounts for the even speed of a machine

Owns or manages a lodging establishment

Commune of medieval Tuscany

Senet is an ancient __ board game from 3500 BC

__ the house is giving away free tickets in circus

Pre cell, phone allowed callers to walk around

The language with most native speakers

Iranian bowed string instrument

Hispid __ are bright yellow with a white lure

Reduction on taxable income

Puzzle 4

Ocean inhabitant related to marlins

A person who trains lions

Armed forces of Nazi Germany

Pogo is a possum and Albert an __

Surname of a man who made a list that saved people

Person who sells or gathers fares on public transport

Farmhouse, barn and other buildings

Ground force unit with two or more companies

Type of hay baler invented in 1936

Separates solids from oil in an engine

__ Zeta-Jones, actress of Chicago

Grape, wine with long history in central Italy

Only living members of the genus Struthio

Low quality counterfeit

Public Display of __, also known as PDA

Puzzle 5

“Take me to your __,” say archetypal aliens

Prehistoric standing stone mostly in Celtic lands

Space __, David Bowie song

Green, wormlike dessert from SE Asia

Three __ Pigs, kid’s classic, 1933 Disney film

Caravaggio painted Supper at __

With Fawcett, Brit developer of polyethene

Middle ear bone also called the stirrup

Family name of Pakistanis Zulfikar and Benazir

Narrow blade knife used for removing bones

Lisa __ played Phoebe in Friends

Small leaf-shaped knife used by Filipino Muslims

Giuseppe __, led Italy to two world cup victories

Large, divided leaves

Joan __ wrote The Year of Magical Thinking

Seat car named after a city in Castile-La Mancha

To turn something upside down

Former currency of Spain

Map line of atmospheric pressure

Cruise is airman who loses friend Goose

Group 170

Puzzle 1

Harpies are __ monsters with bird forms

To remove a program or file from a computer

__ is a game of assault and defense

Based on water discharge, largest river in world

Machu __, ancient Peruvian settlement

Japanese honorific title used in martial arts

Kid’s __ Awards, Nickelodeon juvenile event

Bright bird, usually yellow or orange with black

-flap scorpionfish has a reddish-purple color

Country located in two different continents

Someone who revises written or recorded works

Italian grilled sandwich, uncommon spelling

Puzzle 2

Fond of playing on words

Flowering part of a plant, when open

Aromatic delicate herb related to parsley

The __, movie role gave Foster Best Actress Oscar

Every one hundred years a new one starts

Something odd or different

Ruth __ created Chief Inspector Wexford

An island republic which used to belong to Denmark

Now, __, 1942 film inspired by Whitman poem

Charles __, major commanding the Nagasaki bombing

French for good day

Rotating machine invented in African Roman Empire

Shoes designed for long distance sport

Decorated, ornaments added to something

Someone who sells items in the street

Utensil with a flat end for spreading foods

Whales and dolphins are __

Visible part of an ant colony, sticks up above ground

Glands in the body that produce different hormones

Atari’s game Centipede makes players kill __

Puzzle 3

Mega sci fi movie franchise began in 1977

Payment in feudalism for using the lord’s mill

Cole Porter musical and song, __ Goes

Fictional character played by Bob Denver on TV

__ Cricket Association Ground, largest in India

Home to Sikh golden temple in NW India

Tommy __, Will Smith’s Men In Black co-star

Juno is the Roman goddess of __

Cooked, sliced meats aka lunch meat

__ type, printing press developed by Gutenberg

Barbara __, best-selling author of love stories

Dangerous mineral once used in construction

Mysteries that remain without logical explanation

Puzzle 4

William the __, winner of Battle of Hastings, 1066

Device for making items look larger

Plant that encourages kissing at Christmas

Holly __, protagonist of Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Fork makes twirling this pasta easier

Popular casino game, aka twenty one

When a person is given a higher rank at work

City where Harry Potter was written in a cafe

Muff, bungle

Opposition to an idea leading to violence

Substance kills the organisms that cause disease

A __ Night’s Dream, a Shakespeare’s comedy

X-ray of your blood vessels with dye

Nickname of the middleweight boxer Rubin Carter

Diagnosis of disease based on the iris of the eye

Kristin __, American actress from Oklahoma

Former New York Yankees baseball player

Fair exchange is __

Painted __ has large spines on dorsal fins

A holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims alike

Trip involving parents taking kids to be educated

Ordained minister, member of the clergy

Style of jeans with very skinny legs

Lucky talisman, tossing game with “ringers”

Puzzle 5

He devised an invaluable table

Painting or drawing executed by means of small dots

Pachucos invariably wore these

A person’s way of looking at something

Identical and __ twins

Holden __, main character of an acclaimed novel

This discipline centers around clouds

Fruit cake from Milan, end of year festivities

Trained haltered animals in circus, not horses

Something that can be used over and over again

Another name for surgery

Discipline focuses on rain

Sea creature with angelic fins and movements

Skin damage due to prolonged exposure to the cold

Group 171

Puzzle 1

Rodolfo __, Brazilian painter

Utensil used to remove skin from foods

Shape-altering single-celled parasite

Pre-console videogame gathering place

Large bird, raised on farms, cooked for dinners

Called the fuzz as well

Wizard of Oz character had no heart

__ Women, famous novel, film in 1933, 1949

Bomb developed by the Allies in 1945

Character that goes through few changes

Ascending, growing, advancing

To fall forward, tumble down, top heavy

Having every part needed; complete, whole

Puzzle 2

Does not have gametes

Shabbat morning pastry found in Israel

Reinvented how we hear the National Anthem

Gone for good, extinct

Jean __, actress of Spartacus

A small fish

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s home country

Acknowledge with definite assurance

Kristen __, star of the Twilight saga

A ban on trade with another nation

Woman who inherits a large estate

Male bird that displays the feathers like a fan

Celery supposedly has negative __ content

Puzzle 3

Alleged biological warfare agent in early America

Gigantic, huge, a __ effort

Beta, test version of a nearly __ product

Male of this marine species carries the unborn

__ feather star has 31 to 120 feathery arms

__ Bogart, American actor

Figure of speech; symbolic, not literal

Mountainous region between Black and Caspian seas

Author of the novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

To strike with a sudden feeling, usually good

Known for PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX

Saying hello to a person when you meet

“Blue” mutant ninja turtle who uses swords

Choplifter was on Atari, Sega, and __

Saintlike Islamic teacher of West Africa

Science of pure being, the nature of things

Cocktail, looks like South American nation flag

Battleship is a __ game for two people

The capital of United Arab Emirates

Puzzle 4

The King of Crete commanded the building of the __

K on periodic table, bananas have a ton

Christian field, study of saints

To get another company to do part of the work

A Winter Olympic sport

Large seabird that is almost extinct

Marvin Gaye sang about this source for gossip

The __, won the Academy Awards in 1961

__, international cast, 1966 racing movie

Tim Burton directed Pee-wee’s Big __

__ at Tiffany’s, Hepburn’s iconic movie


Popular US fruit juice brand

Dog breed that shares name with a Mexican state

Guyana’s largest river located between two giants

TV show starring the adventurer Bear Grylls

Sports and exercises requiring strength

A comic book character in the Marvel universe

High school science course, substances

X, Y and Z coordinates are all this

Puzzle 5

Suspected, supposed action, crime

Rapid pulsation in the heart, vibration

Charlie Sheen’s real surname

Colorful, disc cookie with filled center

A place where children stay while parents work

The act of making designs with acid or the like

Weapon you wouldn’t want in hot potato

Popular red pepper typically dried aka cow horn

Spiritual seeker, “one who practices”

Swamp boat, driven by caged airplane propeller

The __ Queen, Hepburn missionary in colony

Sesame seed Filipino delicacy

Container used to carry water, used by militaries

The one the groom relies on to have his back

Elegant __ sea star has long thin legs

Coati are __ in the raccoon family

Desert and reward seldom keep __

Group 172

Puzzle 1

__ and Jeckle were cartoon magpies with accents

Engaged in some type of action, busy

One engaged in a mutual obligation to a lord

Popular Italian cheese similar to Parmesan

First of these lights in 4th century Syria

High redshift sources of electromagnetic energy

__ Black, sci-fi drama about a woman and her clones

Texas Ranger, martial artist, tough guy meme

Structures that perform a special task in the body

A digit is usually a __ or toe

After Motown, Detroit’s late 80s music genre

The sad donkey on Winnie the Pooh

To make a record of, systematic collecting

Type of farmhouse, common in alpine regions

John __, Monty Python co-founder

South African jam

Medium-sized feline found in America, bobbed tail

Largest feline in Americas, related to leopards

Witch means wise woman in this language

Puzzle 2

Largest planet in the Solar System

Found in milk and cheeses, helps bones grow

Showing no emotion, enthusiasm, expression

Dig Dug’s hero wins by __ and killing monsters

The April ones bring forth May flowers

Bottom-dwelling fish in North Atlantic

Capital of Vatican, __ City

One of the phases of the Moon

Mechanical excavator found at construction sites

What makes the man, according to Shakespeare

John __ is Pacha in The Emperor’s New Groove

When one thing partially covers another

Cous Cous is the national dish of this country

A person with the inability to feel touch

In mythology she is linked to a box

Insect that digs in sand to wait for prey

It makes the heart grow fonder

Emerson Radio game console lasted just 18 months

Puzzle 3

Chinese dog breed, also known as Tang Quan

Plato’s infamous underwater city

Animated kid’s playthings, Woody, Buzz, Hamm

__ Park, blockbuster about dinosaur island

Female with the body of a bird in Russian folklore

The old ones never die, just fade away

__ sea urchin has distinctive blunt spikes

Very thin layer of tissue covering a surface

Enrolled in the military

Sweet, creamy mixture that is used to cover cakes

Very near the end

Rigor after death, rigid stature

Jesus’ childhood home, Arabic Israel capital

Literature on how to prepare food

Northern China sea aka Bo Sea

Puzzle 4

Official name of study of mites

Bright orange fish with white stripes, Nemo

A period of three years

A person who comes from a Nordic island country

Celebration must-have items from 10thC China

__ and Nesta, Italian soccer duo

Ahoy is a cry to draw __ to something

The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel __

Jamaican religion associated with long dreds

Potassium nitrate

Bright orange cheese used in Philly sandwiches

Giant horned ruminant made from straw in Sweden

Puzzle 5

Half-sized flute made in Italy

With Pharisees in the New Testament, opposed Jesus

Behind the second to last defender in soccer

Upscale, fancy mineral water brand

Self-respect in speech and conduct

A rayon fabric that sounds thick

US city where the Gateway Arch can be found

New __, place where Lord of the Rings was shot

British machine-gun used on the Western Front

Quito is the capital of

Alzheimer’s __, degenerative disease of the brain

Bringing something to an end, conclusion

Solvent molecules pass through a membrane by __

The __ Life of Henry VIII, post Boleyn beheading

Use @ to reply or do this on Twitter

The smallest State in the world

Abominable __ is a SHIELD paranormal member

Boat sport using the wind to traverse

Eight-legged creatures, feared by many

Simpsons buff, beer spokesman

Chinese __ Rings, classic illusion trick

Deviate away from the main topic

Group 173

Puzzle 1

__ Can Wait, Warren Beatty 1978 comedy

The Little __, 1948 Tom, Jerry Oscar winner

Wild cats with tufted ears

Enclosed freight car on a train

__ Christi “Body of Christ”, Christian festival

Luke Skywalker’s mentor’s surname

Someone who peddles something

Futuristic movie populated by blue beings


Hungry Hungry __, marble-eating mammals

Pearl __, event that forced the US to enter the WWII

Wound, hurt, damage to your body

Silky sharks have very __ skin

Boldly display or parade yourself


__ Gally, galley ship captured by Samuel Bellamy

Largest country in the world

A college __ is empty during the summer

__ Stern, radio show host

Puzzle 2

Banded scat is silver and black __

Several rivers flowing from Tibetan province

Main variety of yachting, regatta

Travellers belongings

The absence of noise

Ship featured in The Goonies

Tall four-sided pillar which ends in a pyramidion

The English __, a large dog breed, has huge head

Closely __ Trains, Czech movie about train worker

Fatty, tasty British cheese

A sort of lucky dip

Jane __, actress of Dr. Quinn

Puzzle 3

These lines will never cross

Barred __ has black bars on its tail

Information __, too much data, confusing

White ants

Southern flirt falls in love with simple man

__ Dream, film about Hormel Foods strike

Embroidery technique, allows fabric to be stretched

Language spoken in the French Polynesia

Italian fried cheese sandwich with mozzarella

Vehicles used for racing in Tatooine in Star Wars

A device to replace missing teeth

The Old __ = Virginia’s nickname

Held to the bottom of the sea

Building in a funfair made to startle or amuse

Group of seeds in a cluster from a coniferous tree

Highly awarded Judy Garland offspring

The __, woman in insane asylum in 1948 movie

Native American river boat, outdoor activity

Greek god of dreams

Flirtatious glance

__ Ford is Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan

Puzzle 4

Crowdsourced encyclopedia

They live where the pyramids were built

Edna, teacher on The Simpsons

Fast warship armed with smaller guns

These Christians see the Pope as their leader

Main antagonist in the Harry Potter series

The Bridge on the __, prison camp in Burma

Bad word

__ hogfish has a yellow rear with a black stripe

Cocktail with many variations, creme de cacao

Chain bridge and medicinal baths in Budapest

Scientist, created a principle on fluid behavior

Box-shaped instrument, half piano, half bellows

Military must, the study of weapons

Bird, usually grey with yellow head, popular pet

Puzzle 5

To sell too many tickets for a flight

Dragonslayer is a 1981 Paramount __ & Disney film

A novel written by Charles Bukowski

Italian dish made with braised veal shanks

2009’s Race to Witch __ is a remake of 1975 film

Complete and total, __ faith in someone

US government has 3 of these to balance power

Greatest dog sled race in the world

Matthias __, Austrian, Mozart of Football

Cannibal who assisted the police in murder cases

The __ Show on Earth, Heston as circus manager

Pallet lifting warehouse vehicle

Single-celled __, amoeba, causes bowel issues

Dover is the capital of this American state

Arctic rodents purported to commit suicide

Computer key to make life easier

Irish religious female associated with Kildare

Pedro Alvarez __, Cuban artist

Oldest known language spoken by the pharaohs

__, or Seed Shrimp, is a tiny crustacean in oceans

A silly one gets a silly answer

Italian semi hard cheese similar to Muenster

This entity sells directly to consumers

Group 174

Puzzle 1

Moving without having a particular place to go

Tube-nosed seabirds with stiff wings

Object used to remove pencil errors

Another name for uniform, used in sports

The capital of Texas

Deadpool villain, MMA Strikeforce fighter, Gina __

Snow White and the Seven __, 1937 film

Giant __ snake is the largest of its species

Painting on wet plaster


To gain possession of something

Jalisco stadium, formerly Estadio Omnilife

Screenwriter of West Wing, The Social Network

Egyptian statue that sang in the morning breeze

Puzzle 2

Got its independence from UK in 1921

__ Bay, tourist destination in Jamaica

He sang A Whole New World on a carpet ride

Eskimo shaman

Cook rapidly over a high heat while shaking

Invalid or faulty reasoning, logical __

A newly established company with few employees

Sudden, violent attack

__ hermit crab fixes its shell to an anemone

Painter Frans Hals’ now part of Belgium birthplace

Down and Out in __, expose on Reaganomics

Cows burp 50 __ tons of hydrocarbons a year

Anna __, The Devil Wears Prada depicts her

The Pokemon Charmander __ into Charmeleon

Hamburger Helper personified mascot, __ Hand

Puzzle 3

Water animal amusement park

It __ One Night, movie with Clark Gable

False, absurd representation; parody

When a baby’s primary teeth come in

Estadio Monumental David __

Acting fiendishly, diabolically

A maker of or dealer in optical items

Social conflict between police and criminals

Takes the bumps and bruises for the actor

Study of types of things

__ wrasse has irridescent bright colors

A large room used for dancing

Travel book that is technically government property

__ damsel have beautiful bright colors

Something that causes diseases

Puzzle 4

The science of sound, used in music

The __, American movie about Chinese farmers

__ in the Night, Sinatra, 1967 Grammy winner

Comic lost show on ABC for non PC remarks

__ and meatballs

Barbra __, actress, singer and director

The __, TV show starring Kevin Bacon as FBI agent

Longest running sci-fi show on BBC

Plane spotting site in the Dutch side of Caribbean

__ Games, French war drama hit outside France

The passing to the enemy’s side

Kid’s movie about emotions

Lumbar puncture

Animal that has no sweat glands

The __, crime drama based on Mario Puzo’s novel

Puzzle 5

__ Alps, “Iceman” range between Austria and Italy

The Devil and Max __ contained profanity

A superb painter of horses

Ticket valid for multiple journeys over a period

Head __, cold cut made with meat jelly

Circus is over and audience is all gone

Optical device first recorded in Ancient Greece

Disney story of Anna and Elsa

Distinction, prestige

Soft white fibers from plants used for clothes

Beverage __, pops the top aka bottle __

Bald coral have large bulb tips

__ Dixie, TV show about a doctor in the countryside

Expressing appreciation, gratitude

Lego The __ is based on the Lord of the Rings

Feature film directorial debut was Away from Her

Person belonging to a house of Congress

Tech company, one who makes prophetic predictions

__ poker, common name for kniphofia plant

__ Hammer, Occidental Petroleum tycoon

Insurance policies when due to payment

West Bank city, Cave of the Patriarchs

Group 175

Puzzle 1

All white cetacean with no dorsal fin

__ Girl, CW teen drama series based on book

Term used to designate elves and fairies

Total __, Schwarzenegger virtual vacation flick

Greek god of the heavens, father of Titans

Capital of Portugal

Borneo Island river discharges in Java Sea

Bariatrics is the study, prevention of being over__

Table between a couch and television

Wade __ is the real name of Deadpool

Pavel __, Russian, “Davy Jones” Star Trek

Small vermin, shifty character

Puzzle 2

Type of accordion used in Russian folklore music

Oprah __, talk show host, actress

Cylindrical oven used in Middle East, Central Asia

Sustained without quitting, underwent

Proclamation that defined the Japanese surrender

This bird can run faster than a horse

Mahsena __ has yellowish lattice stripes

Interlacing of threads to make fabric

Sheldon __, CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp

Family, High School anniversary get together

Live Entertainment Capital of the World

Uphill stretches of the Tour de France race

Land-locked S. American country

The kind of stone that gathers no moss

The child is the Antichrist in 1976 film

Another term for donkey

How you carry your body, sit up straight

Puzzle 3

Polytheistic religion

Soils are subject in this field

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses

Movie with Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potatohead and others

From Here to __, movie with Burt Lancaster

Sea animal that looks like a star

Life is not all beer and __

Pre-Lent celebration

Looking for martians, study of their planet

Area of science that looks at growth

Process that waves undertake as they change form

Altering appearance, masks on Halloween

The Grand __ Hotel, movie with Ralph Fiennes

__ Airlines, US company based in Fort Worth

Part of the face above the eyes and below the hair

East Antarctica sea near the West Ice Shelf

World wide network of computers

Brutes, vandals

A pond that supplies water for running a mill

Area known as the center of a city

Won 6 Emmys for portrayal of Hawkeye Pierce

Cakes with little fat, leavened by air

Massive snake known to swallow livestock whole

Puzzle 4

Densely populated province in south-east China

A charm __ = a concentrated ingratiating campaign

Chemical that kills mildews, molds and smuts

I’ve been standing here waiting, Mr Postman, so __

The Akita is a dog breed from the __ of Japan

Must be fastened when the sign is lit on a plane

Sweet stalk used in ethanol production in Brazil

Sweet, vodka cocktail named after a citrus candy

Prestigious writing pen brand

Emanation of Maitreya, the next Buddha

First course, “before food” in Italian

Medical science that relates to x-rays

Wooden toy becomes boy, Disney’s classic movie

Weapon used in Indian stick fighting aka kerala

Attribute of a verb, not present or future

Week-long festival in Pamplona, Spain

Indian text on human sexual behaviour

The Calvados of colonial America

Puzzle 5

Strolling balloon vendors in circus

SNL alumni, Deuce Bigalow actor, Rob __

Tibetan-originated, long-haired dog breed

They are always right

Islamic holy city for the Kazakh people

Mary Poppins combines live action and __

West Russian krai, Gorbachev’s birthplace

Greek heroes looking for the Golden Fleece

Largest animal that ever lived

Someone paid to drive a luxury vehicle

Village people weapon, used to pick up hay

Area of X-rays and medical applications

Formation where water spills over an edge

Sport played by Harry Potter

In this field, fleshy parts of body are focus

Group 176

Puzzle 1

__ Edison, American inventor

A pot used for boiling water

Jeremy __, Avengers Hawkeye actor

__ Octopus has a white pupil and rust colored arms

Increase in size, volume, extent

Japanese martial art of self-defense

Harry Chapin’s fatherhood song, Cat’s in the __

Barrel __ is the ‘redwood of the reef’

Taking place in winter

Hilly wine region also known for white truffles

A soft gentle breeze, car model

Puzzle 2

23rd James Bond film with Bardem as a bad guy

It makes your eyes water

Whiskered water mammal that “barks”

Pirate known as Black Sam

Low-cut shirt with no sleeves, worn in hot weather

Carnivores are __ that eat only meat

Regarded with pleasure, approval, wonder

First name of the most famous psychoanalyst

Current that sent the Portuguese away from India

Anagram of teacher

Power unit is measured in __

Dental __, surgical fixture for missing teeth

Overly stressed about an event

Katharine __ won the Oscars four times

Puzzle 3

Science of causes, especially of disease

US Christmas singing activity, house to house

A place where research or planning is done

Greek god of wine, parties and theater

__ dystrophy, disease causing tissue weakening

Drink made for historic 1969 stroll

A 1969 western film starring John Wayne

Eastern African river, starts in Ethiopian mountains

Kazuo __, British writer born in Nagasaki

Edgar __, writer whose work deals with mystery

Ancient trade network connecting East and West

The bones in your body make up the __

Large deer, both male and female grow antlers

Loser, beaten, destroyed

Placard holder in bikinis at fighting events

Trousers barely reaching below the knees

__ Development, TV show about the Bluth family

Dragon-slaying patron of England

Humming social news site

Puzzle 4

__ fish are white with black or brown lines

A skin condition in humans

Atomic number 12, abundant element from stars

Single-line poem

The adventurous Queen of the Desert

Empire’s headquarters built and destroyed twice

Unlawful __, illegal firing of an employee

Log cake with candies inside

Cinderella’s Fairy __ helps her go to the ball

The Roman fighter Spartacus

Remains of a ship that crashed

First meal of the day

Cold-blooded vertebrate animal

Espresso-based coffee with poured microfoam

Cocktail tastes like York Peppermint Pattie

Name honors home of the rum and Coke

Puzzle 5

Rum cocktail of 1939 NYC World’s Fair

To remember, recollect; bring out of memory

Born on the __ of July, Cruise plays a vet

Bristle tube worm has long hairs all over

Stan and Francine’s favorite drink on American Dad

Farm __, system of minor teams

To empower, authorize, permit someone to act

To stop plans you’ve made with friends

__ Peet, American actress

Puddingwife __ is an Atlantic ocean fish

Two-dimensional code developed in Japan

Fermented dough used for a new batch

__ Wonderland, snowy walking environment

__ steam turbine was invented in 1884

Fruit belong to rose family as do pears and plums

To get troops together for battle, inspection, etc

Robert __ Jr, actor in Iron Man

Inflamed oil gland, infected, pus pocket on skin

Sale of goods to consumers, not discount or bulk

Ancient queen of Persia who has a Bible book

Group 177

Puzzle 1

High-speed descent of a slope on skis

Bishop also a civil ruler of secular land

Makeup designed to cover skin blemishes

“Just a drop in the __”

Horrified, stunned, astounded

Scissors used to cut lambs wool

Marie __, monthly health and beauty magazine

Someone who “takes you for a ride”; swindler

Voice of Jenny in Finding Dory, Diane __

Painful sores in the stomach lining

Assyrian goddess of love and fertility

Medieval tapestry depicting the battle of Hastings

Repulsively dirty

The preserver and protector in Hinduism

Puzzle 2

Uneasiness, foreboding

Lowest ranked coal aka brown coal

Also known as tungsten

To suffer serious mental pain, anguish, torture

Plant, red stalks, green leaves, used in cooking

Disco brothers, sang about Stayin’ Alive

There are 1 __ ants for every human

Prominent part, characteristic, attraction

Small, sharp blade used for surgeries

Animals believed to exist by pseudoscientists

Brand of Energy Drink

What knocks at least once at every man’s gate

Puzzle 3

Extinct language spoken in Ancient Mesopotamia

Bobby __, one of the greatest midfielders

__ Alps, Swiss mountains with cheesy name

Antitoxins treat __ toxins in the body

__, ex boxer living with son Dink in Mexico

Robin __, won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting

French artist, father of modern photography

Ice __, ascending winter mountains

Author who invented Neverland

__ Straw, paper, plastic tube for beverages

Mandarinfish is also known as the green __

Greek titan of light

Volkswagen model named after a Mediterranean wind

The consumer of art, entertainment

Who’s Afraid of __ Woolf?, black comedy film

Lady and the Tramp is an animated __ musical

Bill __, cofounder of Nike

Italian dessert that picks you up

Puzzle 4

Trained and licensed doctor

Wild frontier town of the Old West in Kansas

Insane, deranged

__ USA, nickname of a record label headquarter

It is responsible for people’s happiness

Old-time medicinal paste mixing honey and herbs

Study of early Christianity

Nickname of New Zealand’s rugby team

Crown __ has a crown shape on its top

Cable on which acrobats walk

__ trevally is an inshore marine jack fish

Tasty shelled nut with green seed

__ Galley, William Kidd’s ship

They eat just about anything

Puzzle 5

Wardrobe __, repairs and washes costumes

Computer key allows you to flee

The word for “postures” in yoga

Starts in Turkey, crosses Iraq to the Persian Gulf

__ Policy, government’s usage of tax money

Sickeningly cute tabby cat from Garfield

Relating to astrology, magic, supernatural

Lee Ann __, I Hope you Dance US country singer

Long, thin strip of metal, wood, like a slat

Cross of genetically different parents, liger

You lost this when you cannot remember

An object moving around a star

Group 178

Puzzle 1

The __ Witch of the West, Oz antagonist

Codified the three laws of robotics

Prevents Antonio from losing a pound of flesh

Pearl-producing animal can change genders

Given to political refugees

US tennis Grand Slam tournament

Bundles of axons, part of body’s sensory system

Items that sell a lot

Spear-thrower used by the Mayans

Main raw material grown in a region

Number after twenty-nine

In spite of, even if, although

Conch is a shellfish with a large __ shell

Except under certain circumstances

Puzzle 2

Delivered by politicians as a rule

Chocolate brand, amusement park in Pennsylvania

Curved segment of a circle, sphere, not convex

Fluffy cream, tops ice cream sundae

Author’s son wrote his final work after his death

Sudden rupture of a car tire

Orange-yellow colored fruit, like a peach

Baroque musician who composed the Four Seasons

One piece garment used by gymnasts, ballerinas

Princess, love interest, Disney’s Aladdin

Electric cell used for energy in cars, electronics

Pufferfish __ into balloons when threatened

Item covering birds, not fur or skin

Major prophet, “God will Strengthen”

Besides Hebrew, passages in OT are written in __

Doctors without __, courageous relief group

Shakespeare tragedy about Moorish general

Russian ballerina who inspired a dessert

Puzzle 3

Born in the country known for its three pyramids

1812 __, Tchaikovsky’s cannon classic

Feeling of serenity, calmness

John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn

Lone Star massacre happened with this equipment

Pacemakers, teeth, breasts can all be __

Company engaged in a trade

__ Rush, Pirates of the Caribbean villain

Central part of a city

Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if __

Tile game with colors and numbers

Company synonymous with greeting card industry

German-Hungarian film based on Klaus Mann’s novel

Nutty, twice cooked Italian dessert

Puzzle 4

80s perm style for African American men

The Incredibles is an animated __ Disney film

Who did Gepetto create?


Longfin __ is native to Australia

Driving __, 1989 film

Someone who studies rocks and lands

What you should keep for a rainy day

Laborer who sets hard surface flooring

What no money can buy

The lark __, V. Williams piece for violin

Heathcliff’s love in Wuthering Heights

Medical problem appearing again, returning

Learning about excrement, obscene literature

Puzzle 5

Character in Shakespeare’s tragedy about witches

__ shark is an aggressive species in warm oceans

Vanilla version of a brownie

Make or become thick or thicker

G-Force was about secret agent __

Something made, reproduced, sold illegally

First King of England to go on a Crusade

Cooking item used to char food

Shape Up is a __ video game for Xbox

Frog, toad larval aka pollywog

Coiled tuba used in military bands

Gene __, actress of Leave Her to Heaven

Cylindrical missile fired from a submarine

Group 179

Puzzle 1

Official currency of Morocco

Lilo’s monstrous looking friend

Sole woman of Black Eyed Peas, not royalty

The Greek Muse of astronomy

Bases __, pitcher’s nightmare, a slam prerequisite

Je __, senior religious hierarch of Bhutan

__ Prospekt, St Petersburg road and book by Gogol

__ duck, bath-time companion

Former currency of Portugal

Application that allows the user to act

Latina star played by Jennifer Lopez on screen

Opening in a wall to see out of

Primitive “brain” that caused Dexter’s urges

Proverb, something said a lot

United all Frankish tribes under one ruler

__ Mann, German novelist who won the Nobel Prize

Club scale worm live on sea cucumbers

Generic term for Chinese martial arts

Picture the theme of which are ships or the sea

Person with detailed knowledge of a specific field

Cu, malleable, used in wiring, turns green

Puzzle 2

Used to electrically power something

Receptacles used at breakfast for boiled goods

One should keep them closer

Ocean mammal known for its intelligence

German Secret State Police

Kate __, British actress of Titanic

Attached, impressed on, fastened

Herb found in cigarettes

One __ of your bones are in your feet

A place where people grow fruit trees

Scam, fiddle, racket

West Antarctica sea near Coats Land

Female emperor, head of a country or empire

Band, molding, on a column shaft

Payment to a former spouse

Puzzle 3

Rapper who released the hit U Can’t Touch This

Word or phrase everyone is using

Main character in As You Like It

Genius is an infinite __ for taking pains

Abdominal thrust maneuver used on people choking

Kids’ card game involves assault

Liquid inside __ can be used for blood plasma

Team that is playing at home, opposing the visitor

Aged, air dried and salted Italian beef

Dolph __, actor of Rocky and Expendables

Pasta means “little stars” in Italian

Puzzle 4

Insensibility to pain without loss of consciousness

Reaction causing breakdown of material, e.g. rust

Science of insect pests

Ancient Greek H2O-powered grain crushers

Dutch province developed from reclaimed polders

A bad one makes a bad ending

Fine cut tobacco rolled in thin paper for smoking

Ricardo __, the host of the Fantasy Island

Spending more than you have in your bank account

Racquet sport with a shuttlecock

A student of history

To barbecue

Designer of buildings

Bright, intelligent

Small creature with a long thin body and many legs

Military marching style, lifting the leg high

Warm suit worn by athletes

__ map, semantic network aka mental map

__ Bale, from child actor to Batman

Repugnant, sickening

Exclusion from common privileges, social acceptance

Puzzle 5

Better Call Saul star Bob __

World War I was also known as the __

Places set up to hold prisoners during conflicts

Ancient religion that preaches the Middle Way

Tropical fish with dragon-like fins and eyes

Herb similar to oregano with pine, citrus flavors

Physical child discipline banned in many countries

__ moon knives, used in Chinese martial arts

Fairy tale character with long hair

Red bean pancake, Japanese confection

Time that a project has to be finished by

Joan __, portrayed in Mommie Dearest

Part of France with Mont Saint-Michel

Tall wading bird with pink plumage

Hydrogen __, mild antiseptic used on cut & scrapes

The sound of h as in hag

Clapping Spanish dance performed by couples

Group 180

Puzzle 1

Person whose working tools can be a broom or a mop

Birds do this when seasons change, south or north

Response provided after questions on social media

__ and yellow chubs look exactly alike

Muddy, almost level bed of a dried lake

The month in which a new year starts

Financial rescue, ie government to banks

Causing or apt to being frightened

Cranky actor, Lou Grant on Mary Tyler Moore Show

Feeling after big meal, during menstruation

Deviation from the rule, form, arrangement

__ General, French political system pre-1789

Mountainous wine region near Adriatic Sea

Lee __, Hispanic golfer who got his own video game

Puzzle 2

Covered in perspiration

Northern sea of the Southern Ocean

Cinderella, a __ fairy tale from 1697

Ancient Greeks and __ used keys for luck

Turned toward someone, face to face

Eight-legged creepy crawly

Iced tea alcoholic substitute aka brandy sour

__ luge, Olympic sport on pavement

Large fortified walled residence for royalty

__ Lopez, actor, comedian, talk show host

Native American rite of passage, __ Quest

1960 movie named after a biblical book, with Newman

Puzzle 3

Britain’s oldest remaining overseas territory

What a long lane has not

Twinkie-like Mexican snack, “little goose”

A thesaurus is filled with these similar words

Ghostly, macabre

Sea separates Indonesia from Australia

Ocean’s Thirteen, Gone Baby Gone actor, Casey __

Sums of money, prices owed for items

To run a ship into land

Game of __, George RR Martin HBO adaptation

Popular college toy originally from pie tins

Encipher or encode a message or data

Lipstick tree, tropical, South America

Egyptian lioness goddess of protection and war

Catholic saint of Seville

Eating disorder involving vomiting

Thick, sugary-paste, makes ornate decorations

Puzzle 4

__ Dew, lime colored soda, Appalachian favorite

An SUV model created by Cadillac

Equestrian __ is jumping, cross country, dressage

Ambon __ fish changes color and is shaggy

A cocked hat

Maranon tributary born in the Andes

The Mona Lisa is a __

To have an opposite reaction than expected

Italian scientist with a gas law named after him

__ cabinet, usually found above sink with medicine

Battle of __, marked the Norman conquest of England

Jurassic World is about a __ theme park

Bow pasta looks like butterfly wings

Amazon takes part in this electronic activity

List of terms about a particular subject

Apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot

Wanda Sykes is an American __ and actress

Being recommended to another type of doctor

Puzzle 5

Former Argentine president, Evita’s husband

Fruit used for salsas known as Mexican husk tomato

TV series about a woman with amnesia and tattoos

Greek king murdered by wife Clytemnestra

The carving or engraving on whale bones

Hotel employee who helps you with excursions

Tubes that connect ovaries to uterus

Mickey Mouse first appeared in __ Willie

Ross seals are only found on the __ ice

North by __, movie with Cary Grant

Herb widely used for infections and the flu

The Great Mouse __ is an animated mystery film

A high-brow word for whiskers

They have hair on their eyeballs

TV show about a marshal who makes his own Justice

Design on paper that can be seen against the light