Group 878

Puzzle 1

Sharp-witted person who assesses situations
zone, try something new outside it
is free but facts are sacred The Guardian
The Style Paul Weller with Ever Changing Moods
Valuable card suit
No longer living, like the dinosaurs
The death of a species
Archangel name worn by author Garcia, singer Peter
The nationality of a native of Banjul
Article of clothing; a piece in a fashion show
Italian technique of joining glass-blown pieces
Keeps a box of horrors
Large sharing dish
Another word for root in mathematics
This is flown on a beach when it’s unsafe to swim
lemons, soured sweets
Competitor in a Scripps National Bee
He invented the microwave oven, Percy
Small vessel used to pull larger ships

Puzzle 2

New Orleans author known for vampire tales
Relation who brought up John Lennon
Tips or alms
Bratt of Law & Order, Miss Congeniality
Musician and producer originally with Roxy Music
An Eastern European country neighboring Romania
Game board with pieces such as knights and rooks
Cartoon big red dog
Carbonated soft drink with iconic red cans
Performer whose goal is to make people laugh
Time period that followed the Silurian period
Fake offer at an auction to raise the lot price
Misappropriate or misuse funds intended elsewhere
Fobs attached to door-unlocking devices
Village People hit about a masculine male
Person who arranges publicity for boxing matches
The deathstalker is a type of this arachnid
Shoes that don’t hurt feet, function over form
Argumentative, ill-natured like Shakespeare’s Kate
Talk nineteen to ; continuously and untiringly
Entirety of earth, our solar system, and beyond

Puzzle 3

Book section not to be confused with epilogue
Site of Henry V’s famous battle victory in 1415
South American country named after silver
Many new book illustrations are made with these
Timed oven used for warming food
Gifts for the deceased
Tiny drink holder for 1.5 ounces of alcohol
Extravehicular activity outside Earth’s atmosphere
Side- laughter; so funny that it hurts
In Incan mythology, the god who created the world

Puzzle 4

The failure of the kidneys to produce urine
French creamy soup made of seafood
French word for misleading or untrue tale
The Black 1987 James Ellroy crime novel
Andy Warhol film comprising one shot of a building
Brazilian mini fried pie with filling
American truck with an open bed and bench seat
Prasiolite, citrine, and amethyst
TV comedy starring Zach Braff
Neil American pianist of Oh! Carole
cord, the thread of life
Items of underwear, even big baggy ones
Incantations chanted by witches and wizards
In Between a smartphone and laptop; slab of rock
Two large bones that front the shins
Artsy t-shirts made with paint and string
Edgar director of Shaun of the Dead

Puzzle 5

Enid writer of National Velvet
Hotel employee hired to carry luggage
Nature’s hardest mineral
Response to those easily offended, aw
Paul post-impressionist painter in Tahiti
knot, mythological thorny problem
German term for snow pellets
Middle Eastern paste of dried tomatoes and peppers
man, the biggest male star in a movie
Wooden xylophone relative
Mons; inactive volcano on Mars
Flat-headed tool for getting ice off car windows
Bambi’s bunny friend
Transform garbage into something useful