Group 876

Puzzle 1

Rome’s first Emperor
Longest river in Ethiopia
Original title of O Holy Night: du Noel
Final resting place that’s full of gravestones
Dried berries from Black Corinth grapes
Beethoven piano work Bagatelle No. 25
The stock exchange for Hong Kong
Shark- waters; ocean area filled with predators
Jenny and Melissa celebrity cousins
Newly enlisted members of the armed forces
Merkel’s predecessor as Germany’s Chancellor
Silver alloy used to make earrings, forks
Actor who played clown in 1990 TV version of It
Photomechanical way of making printing plates

Puzzle 2

Patting a baby after a feed, to get wind up
Italian tube-shaped pastry filled with cream
Steampunk musician with a robot backing band
Zeus, to the Romans
Mystical, unexplainable
Area of London where Queen Elizabeth II was born
Tennis player John, who cannot be serious
Web-based serial audio show
P. T. Barnum’s profession
By the light of the moon
Earth’s first artificial satellite

Puzzle 3

What you are when you are dreaming
Series of laptops and PCs launched by Acer in 2002
Sapphire, gin brand with blue bottle
Fashion house and brand of No5 perfume
To paper over the is to hide problems from view
Circumnavigated the world aboard the Beagle
Largely herbivorous marine mammal
Palpebral part of the body
The of love extinguished Auld Lang Syne lyric
Hot, dry wind that blows across the Libyan desert
Trojan warrior
Mythical, tentacled sea monster in Norway’s waters
Bob Marley & the Wailers’ Greatest Hits album
Lee who worked with Man Ray and was his muse
Anomalous finance differentiation twixt the sexes
Bacterial film that causes cavities
Question or problem to test ingenuity
Sounds alike, like bike and hike
Homes for snails and hermit crabs
Shovels can also be called this
Buffy, Van Helsing did this to vampires
Potty-mouthed baby on Family Guy
of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann
Actress Helene, married to Bertoldt Brecht

Puzzle 4

Florence gallery that houses the David sculpture
Celtic goddess of sacred waters, wells and streams
Printed puzzle with cryptic clues
Explain the meaning in an understandable way
A Skyscraper; iconic New York photograph
Arthur Gordon Pym’s town in Edgar Allen Poe novel
Experience of feeling detached or floating

Puzzle 5

Trouser-like undergarments invented by Amelia
Cartoon character Alvin who wears a read sweater
X-shaped ligament pairs found in human joints
Its for you! You’ll come to a sticky end
Pause, e.g. before making a decision
Carl botanist who devised Latin taxonomy system
Robin of the true name of Robin Hood
The last emperor of Russia, Tsar Romanov
Collectivity; non-mainland French territory
Pesto ingredient that grows on conifers
Bounding high with straight legs like a springbok
Diplomats follow this version of manners
Metal framework around a house being renovated
Heat-resistant bakeware is made of this rubber
Springsteen’s album, of 1980, with Hungry Heart