Group 868

Puzzle 1

Fate; Bungie video game
Kindle or Nook, for example
Fairytale ending, ever after
Short chain of amino acids
White, fluffy snack when watching movies
Openings or entrances into another world
Wrinkle up like a raisin
Collins, author of the Hunger Games trilogy

Puzzle 2

Patch of land for plane landings and take-offs
Another name for poisonous fugu
Aurora is also known as the Northern Lights
Building material made from cement and water
Native of Ireland’s capital city
Tuxedo-dressed avians from the South Pole
Beatles’ album with line drawings cover
Carefully choreographed dance sequences
I swear that I am up to no good, ask Mr. Potter

Puzzle 3

Tourist destination; capital of the Netherlands
Political system ruled by a single potentate
Person who directs an orchestra with gestures
French philosopher; father of analytical geometry
Tragic character who marries Othello
A baby bird whose wings are good enough for flight
The tubular part of the digestive system
Constructed waterway linking North and Baltic seas
Manmade waterway linking North and Baltic seas
Describes expensive, elegant indulgences
Orally defamed
Princes Peach’s last name in video games

Puzzle 4

Architectural style of the Chrysler Building in NY
Main veggie in coleslaw
Very light rainfall
Celtic goddess of woodlands; married Adamair
French designer Hermes is known for this accessory
Include someone in something
Superman’s home planet
Old great European painters of the 14-18th C
Eyes, top hit from Hall & Oates
Stephen King novel set in haunted hotel, The

Puzzle 5

Upper layer of trees in a forest
The Spanish word for money (Spa.)
Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone, in Greek mythology
Mark ; most famous for playing Luke Skywalker
The form baked bread comes in
Queen: Any way the wind blows doesn’t really
Swiss food and drink company, with HQ in Vevey
Practical jokes played on others when you’re bored
Notice of defect usually issued by manufacturer
Downhill ski race marked throughout by flags