Group 867

Puzzle 1

Nationality of composer Anton Bruckner
Tom Cruise movie, or the drinking hour
To have last minute nerves before getting married
The last name of the pioneer of Physics
It’s the capital of Finland
Harry Potter’s map closed with words, managed
Lunch option, two slices of bread with filling
Occasional or periodic
Sicilian seaport associated with Archimedes

Puzzle 2

Chemical common in rat poisons
The studio of a dress designer or needlemaker
Assume something is true, have credence in it
Blurted out a secret
Transform a loft into living space, for example
Persian king, father of Xerxes I
She clicked her heels 3 times to return home
Cursing witches might stare at someone with this
Mythical knight known for gallantry
An internet access point or location
To take in sufficient water
American electric guitar maker and blues guitarist
Large, flightless bird native to Africa
Punishment for a hockey foul
This Cooper knocks three times, asks for Penny
Transport from the parking lot to the building
Headquarters of the Catholic Church
Lithuanian capital on the Neris and Vilnia rivers

Puzzle 3

Mechanical device made to look and act human
A person with whom one shares a secret
She was married to Ashton Kutcher and Bruce Willis
Marmaduke and Astro from The Jetsons’ dog breed
Unit to measure distance in outer space
Brad Pitt baseball film about Oakland Athletics
Author adjective; like something out of 1984
Large lake used as a water supply
Ferragamo, Florence luxury goods brand
Carrier for injured people

Puzzle 4

Goddess of war, daughter of Zeus
Headgear used to harness a horse
Floor covering made with thick fabric
Martha ; developed a flare system used by ships
One knocks over the rest; tile used to play games
The Greek god of travel, trade and thieves
Food cutting utensils
Nation due south of USA
Canterbury Tale teller of the second story
Golden ; hits from the past
the deal; signed a contract or agreement
Scant, infrequent
Layers of rock in the ground
Harry sings Watermelon Sugar

Puzzle 5

Singing without instrumental accompaniment
Legal declaration of the inability to pay debts
Powerful cutting tool for felling trees
Reference to a source in a research document
Wilford Brimley’s famous diagnosis, type 2
Large masted sailing ships
Slow, indecisive, cautious
Legwear for a volleyball player
Black root used to make a candy
Report, starring Tom Cruise
A certified document allowing one to travel
Largest Russian island, north of Japan
A cartilaginous fish with a venomous spine
Wizard who practices evocation