Group 862

Puzzle 1

Dessert slang for a very easy task
Why a bride might give a groom warm socks
Aerial combat with fighter planes, but no canines
A piece of material worn over the optic organ
Musical composition, or musical Disney film
Oily, fluffy Italian bread with rosemary
London’s international airport
A cat in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical
Instructed, authorized, directed
Coel, who wrote I May Destroy You
Short-stature complex named for French leader
Danish language fairy-tale play by Henrik Ibsen
Name for a baby puffin
Celtic goddess of abundance; consort of Mercury
Spanish comic operetta

Puzzle 2

Long harbor on New Zealand’s South Island
Mr. Day-Lewis or Radcliffe
Wyvern, cockatrice, or knucker
Dish specifically for serving boiled ova
Mr. Jeremy, Beatrix Potter’s frog
Nickname of Edward I, the of the Scots
If you don’t have one, you’ll be crashing
Australian dog breed named for a water spirit
Do this to me, when you’re not strong
Sock stuffed toy made from foot warmers
Sideways, trembling shake on the dancefloor
One may be issued for speeding
Cars do these 180s on the road

Puzzle 3

Horse kept for foaling
Gravitational collapse of star after collision
Job held by Maria von Trapp
Trick or treat
An astronomical unit of distance; Buzz’s last name
Frozen ice cream dessert beverage
Prince of Wales’s model village near Dorchester
Description of boats safe to take on the oceans
Idea that harks back to past times
English city with a cathedral and the River Severn

Puzzle 4

River of the Underworld ruled by Hades
The Underworld’s river of woe in Greek mythology
A Scottish instrument that uses reeds and air
Yearly festival in Nevada desert, Man
Applied cement between tiles
Japanese fox spirit
Important, significant
Fruit symbolizing immortality in Chinese art
Largest group of mammals, includes mice, squirrels
Literary mother of Harry Potter
Villains in the movie Us

Puzzle 5

Bay Area city with California’s oldest university
Flowering head, stalk of green vegetable plant
Autobiographical poet and author of Ham on Rye
State of crusty, lumpiness, often face powder
Very large pot to cook soup or stew in
Online video game you might spend 2 weeks playing
The biological makeup of an organism
Egyptian stone tombs for the nobility
A plant apt to bring forgetfulness
Part of an oven where pots sit on burners
Illegal, illegitimate
The surname of Friday the 13th’s main character
Totally exhausted, frazzled