Culinary Arts

Group 121

Puzzle 1

Future right to buy or sell security

Angler, kid card game

A fiend is an evil __, demon, or spook

Tuxedos and gowns are __ wear

Melted fat from an animal, flammable

Craft for moving about on water

Long, thin food bowl, usually for pigs

Type of music from French Creole Louisiana

Characteristic of a certain group of people

People who are connected by some activity

Lifeless human form aka cadaver

Boxing without an opponent for training purposes

Peter Paul __ painted Prometheus Bound

George of the __ animated series inspired by Tarzan

Puzzle 2

Hatred of marriage

The shape of a fungus before it releases spores

Small toothed whales aka mereswine

Knives designed to be tossed at targets

Pale round seed aka Garbanzo beans

Home heating device usually against a wall

Used or seen daily

__ Srihari, Indian sculptor

The __, Disney’s smash African 1994 hit

Medicine usually comes in the form of pills or __

To engage in combat with lances on horseback

Someone who conducts a machine or other equipments

A procedure done to improve one’s appearance

Puzzle 3

Political scandal that affected Nixon’s government

Pedro __, Spanish director of Talk to Her

Has the most ghosts per Capita in Canada

It only sells low-priced items

Subterfuge is a __ mobile game

Obese cartoon character voiced by Bill Cosby

Cersei, Tyrion and Jaime __

Public internet hub

Layered cake that used to be made with beets

What a dog shouldn’t bark up at

Germany’s largest airline

Puzzle 4

Professional knows tulips from roses

Warty sea slug is __ with wart-like bumps

Lower level of carbon dioxide than normal

A newborn’s wardrobe

__ oblongata, base of your brain

A wind instrument consisting of a reed melody pipe

Helps, attends to

Nobody is a __ in his own land

Red candy coloring made from cochineal bugs

Musical that features the song Chim Chim Cher-ee

Human father of comic book offspring

Track from which ships are launched into water

Puzzle 5

Family of mammals with pouches

Distance marker

Large round inflated object to play with

__ Alexander Leach, Cary Grant’s real name

Laborer who sets hard surface flooring

Temporary solution with whatever you have

School or office cafeteria where food is served

Bacteria, viruses cause an __ in the body

The study of meaning

Group 122

Puzzle 1

These chips are found in classic American cookie

Before things are easy they are like this

Won the Printz Award for novel Looking for Alaska

To use heat to seal a wound or destroy diseases

Type of glyph used in computing aka hack, whack

Road movie that defined a generation

__ crab uses items around it to hide

Bart’s teacher, Skinner’s girlfriend

Greatest vertical drop on Earth

Human-powered tool with a bit

Puzzle 2

Celtic language not recognized by the government

Giant lion from the Jewish folklore

Way of gathering objects from bottom of a river

Pool of natural tar where animals sink

Sustenance for Bon Jovi

Apple’s iPad is one of these devices

Many eat this stalk with peanut butter

Wrapping, warmth, concealment, blankets

Japanese car brand

__ percent of all animals have six legs

Two-dimensional simple shape, 360 degrees

American __, stoic painting by Grant Wood

Goree __, Atlantic slave trade, in Senegal

Nationality of the playwright Moliere

Puzzle 3

Patricia __, won an Oscar for Boyhood

Foodscraps, leftovers

Medical device allows for urinary drainage

FDR’s chats to a weary nation

Scion of Aeolus transformed into a kingfisher

The __, successful Motown girls’ group

Spreads like __, with great speed

__ Bad, chemistry teacher turned meth lab owner

To roast over hot coal or an open fire

__ Persuasion, Civil War film with Gary Cooper

Shoot, sprout

Concise saying, maxim aka aphorism

Puzzle 4

Ally __, Calista Flockhart quirky legal show

Witches are said to have magical __

Liquid in zero-gravity will always form a __

Every cloud is supposed to have a silver one

Sheet of paper voters use to vote

To be hit in the face may cause this secreting nose

Certificate for a lower price

Female children of your brother or sister

Thin cord or thread used for tying, binding

Very high elevation, above tree growth

Stone __, implement that clears fields

Penn and __, mute half of comedy, magic duo

Two-dimensional code developed in Japan

Top 40 Casey Kasem voiced this Scooby Doo pal

Long pastry with chocolate on top and cream inside

Small vermin, shifty character

Initially conceived as a martial art

Boldly display or parade yourself

The __ of Pickpockets, French short film

__ Bell and the Lost Treasure

Puzzle 5

Monday __ Quarterback, retrospect player

Country known for producing fancy chocolates

Bats always go left when __ their cave

__, luggage that stays with you, overhead

Foghorn __, the rooster on Looney Tunes

Set of steel plates hit with hammers on a keyboard

Writer famous for the creation of Narnia

Uncomfortable situation

Area using this unit of land measurement

__ Tracy, American actor

Most common type of computer

During a __, the dentist looks for cavities

Group 123

Puzzle 1

Popular in American cuisine, Jolly Green Giant

Story about a person’s life

Swimming stroke named after flying insect

Slang for a dollar bill

__ pi, tiny “fruity” computer for teaching coding

Plastic surgery for your love handles

Study of the earth’s natural structures

British four-wheeled vehicle brand

British band, Dark Side of the Moon

Puzzle 2

Springfield’s principal, still lives with mom

The best way to a man’s heart goes through it

__ car, railroad car not for people, for goods

Visible evidence something is no longer there

Call this if you want the front seat in a car

To look at something with scorn, contempt

__ lionfish is a venomous Pacific fish

Robert __, created the Sundance film festival

Winter game with stones and brooms

People making offers at an auction

Caribbean islands, Columbus’ first landing

Cut into fourths

Puzzle 3

Role, character, aspect of one perceived by others

Administrative autonomous provinces of Russia

Another way of saying farewell

60 __, 1 hour news show on Sundays

Sports rules enforcer

Word that is the opposite of another

A soiled or discolored spot

Large North American brown bear

__ Wine, from grapes harvested in specific year

Angela __, How Stella Got Her Groove Back actress

Kid’s toy became fetch toy and ultimate sport

Amy __, comedian co-wrote Trainwreck

Someone who establishes something

Disney’s The Sword and the Rose is based in __

Extreme positive emotion of love, lust

To drive backwards

Raised flat land

Puzzle 4

__ University tells how Sulley and Mike met

Small, round cookie, made from almonds or coconut

Sauce for salads

Jewish holiday, freedom from Egypt, Moses

__ sea urchin has distinctive blunt spikes

GE, General __, is an American company

Jack __, Nicholson’s Shining hotel visitor

To have an opposite reaction than expected

An anchor chain __ the anchor to the ship

TV’s Batman, Quahog’s mayor

Hero’s best moment in epic poetry

Capital of Turkmenistan

Puzzle 5

Two pieces of bread with a filling

Seeing a reflection of __ when looking at a mirror

Turin-based soccer club meaning “youth”

People say she was made of iron

NYC borough that gave the world the hip hop

Bronchitis is inflammation and __ in the lungs

Someone who eats the flesh of another human being

Variation on fruit salad, usually marshmallow

Better an egg today than a hen __

__ the bounty hunter captures Han Solo in Episode V

Some parts of this literature genre seem silly

Group 124

Puzzle 1

Dark, ugly acne lesions

Quentin __, US actor and director

James Brown was known as the __ of Soul

Painted __ has large spines on dorsal fins

Fruit used to make sweet pies

The __, picture book adapted into an Oscar winner

Out of steam

A cast-iron kettle with a tight cover

Home __, redefined cable television

Puzzle 2

Popular red dressing for salads

Christian holiday about the resurrection of Jesus

Short for magnetic levitation transport

“Shovel” suit in deck of cards

Donors give __, blood, and sometimes organs

Omar __, starred in Doctor Zhivago

Multi-use utensil named after a relative, __ fork

Relating to sight, seeing, optical

Head electrician on a TV or movie production set

A fine place to leave your heart

Stand Up __, a funny person with a mic

Red and yellow clathria is a type of __

__ the Farm, US government payoff for deceased

Famous scientist who formulated the laws of motion

Puzzle 3

Laurence __, Brit legend in Shakespearean roles

Chiantishire, in Italy

Regina __, Bette Davis in The Little Foxes

The capital of Falkland Islands

Long, barbed spear used for whaling, sealing

Clear or plain sight, understanding

A person’s purse

__ Sheet, snapshot of assets and liabilities

Mechanical excavator found at construction sites

Dingos are a breed of __ from Australia

Excruciating pain, suffering, distress

Breakfast food eaten in the evening

An emotional state or reaction

Henri de Toulouse, French painter

Puzzle 4

Common __ is brownish-red with white stripes

Greek god of feasts and wine

Camille __ painted Conversation

Anna __, novel written by Leo Tolstoy

A drink made from lemon juice

__ hypselodoris is a bright colored sea slug

MTV’s adolescent show about lycanthrope

Garment worn for water-based activities

To put a breathing tube in a patient

Armchair or sofa that can be tilted back

Puzzle 5

Video Music __, aka VMAs, hosted by MTV

The son of a sovereign or king

Anagram of listen

Underside, opposite of top

Mix of African, Spanish and French cultures

Projected stage, audience on three sides

Considered hotspot for wine, cheese and baguettes

A disease caused by Yersinia pestis

Someone who seizes people or things

Jesus was betrayed three times on this weekday

Chemical element found in all plants and animals

Main antagonist in Lord of the Rings

Egyptian goddess represented as a cat

Group 125

Puzzle 1

Restored Venetian opera house known as the Phoenix

A Ghoul is a __ who eats children and the dead


1984’s Spy Vs Spy, based on MAD __ comic

Specific feature on the Earth’s surface

Christmas song calls these devoted people

40s, 50s western movie actor; Shane

Reality TV show with contestants in the wilderness

Horse act with dancelike movements

A person who writes music

Puzzle 2

To mix two things together

Add sugar to something

Greenland’s Norse ruins, “Whale Island”

To stay away from others without having any contact

Someone who takes power by force or illegally

To be turned or cast back, mirror

Colorful mighty warriors of 90s kids show

Iconic Nicholson’s performance in horror flick

Little __ fell great oaks

Norma Jean & Marilyn actress, Mira __

Brittany __ is known as a bird hunting dog

Nationality of the poet Rumi of the 13th century

Becoming confused, muddled

__ Of a Geisha, movie set in Japan

Puzzle 3

Georges __ painted Le Chahut

Baby __, pre birth gift giving event

James Taylor song, You’ve Got a __

Wound, hurt, damage to your body

A silk hat

Etch a __, draw and then shake to draw again

Quality of something attractive

To rise out of water, come into view

Small World board game is published by Days of __

Bushy haired Seinfeld neighbor

Ocean located in the Northern hemisphere

Guardians of the __ includes Groot

Kidney-shaped nut grown from the fruit of a tree

The Adventures of __, Belgian comic, movie

The classical Chinese Book of Changes

Element number type on periodic table

Greek god of sleep

Puzzle 4

Yellow weed flower, edible

The __ Redemption, movie with Tim Robbins

Teen magazine just under the legal age

Used for sharpening blades

After something has happened

Actor who played Dieter on SNL’s sketch Sprockets

To engrave drawings on animal bones

Pull, clout

Apes appeared during this geological epoch

Stanzas with no specific pattern

Puzzle 5

Weeping, wailing and the __ of teeth

Eyes __, Kubrick’s last motion picture

Rise in birthrates

Hall and Oates, male carnivore

Whistling sounds during breathing, asthma

King of Ithaca, stayed twenty years away from home

Circular mount from a slow flow of lava

__ and fried rice

Smallest piece of anything, not down to atoms

Without notice

Group 126

Puzzle 1

ATV aka All __ Vehicle

1 in every 4 __ lobsters are blue

Small country in South Africa, capital is Maseru

Chair filled with pellets

Place on ship where things are stored

Act of choosing and purchasing vacation, ticket

Growth ring in a cross section of tree trunk

Nutritious starch from a root, source of tapioca

Shonda Rhimes take on political misdeeds

Mythical bird that is reborn from ashes

__ Hook is Peter Pan’s nemesis

Play boisterously, cavort

__ Years’ War, conflict between France and England

Puzzle 2

Conflict with Finland after Soviet 1939 invasion

70s TV show spoofing 50s culture

Next to a ship or the pier

Ahoy is a cry to draw __ to something

Superfruit beloved of dieting celebs

Jean __, actress of All in the Family

Three __, Picasso’s distorted orchestra piece

Superman’s bespectacled alter ego

Someone who studies plant medications

__ Domine, Pink Floyd in space

Price paid to get into a circus, fair

Branch of physical geography relating to mountains

Puzzle 3

Only the item specified, nothing more, simply

Polish capital known as “Phoenix City”

Electrical bulbs in a place

Silky sharks have very __ skin

Soft film that builds on teeth

Person with uniquely specialized skills, teachings

Separation of __, less concentrated influence

Giant spider from Middle-earth

Number after nineteen

Act of traveling on a horse, car, plane, boat

The second son of Queen Elizabeth II

To neglect or pay no attention to

Family that adopted Princess Leia in Star Wars

__ Carey, owned the 90s with 14 number one hits

Puzzle 4

Weakest form of volition

Language spoken in the French Polynesia

Ocean that extends from America to Europe

Rodent responsible for tree planting

A type of stroke in tennis

Amanda __, A Million Ways to Die in the West

Device invented in the Middle Ages

A metal covering that sheathes a metal structure


The first __ device was completed in 1946

__ Bogart, famous for film noir such as Casablanca

Female country star with TV sitcom

Puzzle 5

Large type of dishware used for serving food

Domestic fowl, chickens, turkeys

Being warned about problem, told about an issue

Lot is slang for the circus show __

What happens to History over time

Lake __, fictitious town created by G. Keillor

Effect that is a change in frequency in a wave

Sometime in the future

Human noses and ears never stop __

Group 127

Puzzle 1

Particle that doesn’t undergo strong interactions

Capital of Spain

The __, terrifying piece by Edvard Munch

Character that goes through few changes

Mega toy brand owns Playskool, Parker Brothers

US swimmer lied about robbery in Rio de Janeiro

Anti-colonial Kikuyu uprising in Kenya in the 50s

Engaged in an action, moving, working

Committed a crime, offense, violation

Fry food in a pan without a lot of oil

Month between July and September

Common herb used on potatoes and other dishes

Call back, revoke or annul

Device used to gain Internet access

The __, ABC sitcom about Midwestern family

Puzzle 2

The thin end of the wedge is __

The most common cuttlefish

A particularly bad dream

The main event in the US football calendar

Russian Futurist painter, died 1913

Part of helmet that fits under the head

In the raw

Contract between two entities

Space shuttle used in James Bond’s 1979 movie

Dipping sauce for egg rolls or spring rolls

Puzzle 3

Irregular, unkempt, ragged

90s working class sitcom starring female comedian

A narrow area of land that sticks out into the sea

Job level in a business

Frozen food made with sweetened and flavored cream

White parrot with yellow crest

A general improvement in appearance

Pure gasoline without harmful metal

Pound __, official currency of the UK

Inflammation of lymph glands in the body

Puzzle 4

Medicine to neutralize stomach acid

Liquid put under pressure with gas, hair spray

A night street in New Orleans and a drink’s name

Ornamental boat associated with Venice

Barista of Central Perk

This type of placement happens in movies, shows

Sing evenly, slightly exaggerated, 50’s style

The English __, a large dog breed, has huge head

Puzzle 5

Lengthy plank usually used in surf or skating

First man-made plastic invented in 1862

Austrian captain portrayed in the Schindler’s List

Small fortified keeps intended as watch towers

Burning sensation in chest caused by gastric acid

Relinquishment of control over territory

Dogs of this breed are white with black spots

Utensil designed to consume warm liquid dishes

Magnificent French tragedian

Supernatural entities connected to a witch

Group 128

Puzzle 1

Lowest rating in military shooting

One word, more than one stem

Surgery to make people look younger

__ Of Arabia, won the Academy Awards in 1963

Large flat space in front of a garage

With the rain in __, Three Dog Night hit

A small opening through which small arms are fired

Large ray with horns on each side of mouth

__ Clothes, apparel by famous creators

One must break eggs to make this

Puzzle 2

GM, __ Motors, is an American car company

Moving your body up and down

Bring before court to answer indictment

Extract of a flower or plant to create scents

African wild pig with curved tusks

Knife designed for slicing fruits, vegetables

Assign someone a position

Dried wild marjoram used as seasoning

Rapidly growing city on Indonesian island, Java

Popular coupon website

Pertaining to a government system

Broke free

Puzzle 3

Teachers in this country have been paid in vodka

Agreement to hold funds until both parties agree

Not quite all, almost all

Legendary dragon-like creature

1984 Conan game had __ Schwarzenegger on it

Medium-sized feline found in America, bobbed tail

Social site where users vote on favorite pieces

Thermonuclear __ was first tested in 1952

Injury that leaves a bluish-red mark on skin

Young woman of noble birth

Aliens do this

Actress became singing nun in hit Sister Act

Group of military vehicles traveling together

Puzzle 4

Surname common to two American presidents

Stamp collecting is gathering __ stamps

Source of energy for nuclear weapons

Country known for executing drug traffickers

Person who sells or gathers fares on public transport

At times virtues are made of this

Antiseptics slow growth of micro__

Blackspotted __ have large yellow lips

Latin expression meaning the other way around

Light red wine from province of Verona

Puzzle 5

Fortified tower, small fortress, citadel

__ pennant, flown to show absence of an officer

Camelot is a strategy game by Parker __

Someone not married for religious reasons

A __ place, a spa

Metabolic disease related to high blood sugar

__ Beauty is a 1959 Walt Disney film

Better Call Saul star Bob __

Something that establishes or serves as a pattern

Group 129

Puzzle 1

Joan Miro painted Portrait of Vincent __

Apples and __

__ Dunst, actress of Spider-Man

Saint __, brown and white, rescue dogs

Atypical means __ or uncharacteristic

March __, popular college basketball tournament

Rock formed through the solidification of lava

An important organ of the digestive tract

The edible muscle of a shellfish

George Costanza’s favorite arcade game

Japanese heating device, small cooking stove

Difficulty to speak, pausing or repeating parts

Puzzle 2

Picture __

Cigar __ is enjoying different types of cigars

Car device used for listening to music

Word for ocean in Greek

Largest satellite of Uranus

Running, jumping hybrid, Olympic sport

Mean __, a Scorsese’s movie with De Niro

Japanese-Swiss painter, Leiko __, born 1951

Pet rodent with a short tail and large cheeks

Small, soft skin growths

Hanging fabric over a window

Lively Polish dance

Prayer recited by Jewish mourners

Bone __, scan for osteoporosis

Puzzle 3

Lettered dice, word finding game

Fractured into pieces

__ Hours, time when businesses are open

Stretch out, hold out, make larger or longer

Wood for building ships and houses

The capital of Bahrain

The __ Night, Van Gogh evening masterpiece

A night counsellor

Fifty __ of Grey

Professional who takes clients in cars or limousines

Endocardium is the inside __ of the heart

__, the Bruce, King of Scots revered as a hero

Someone who only reads discussions, never talks

__ Room, people have to solve puzzles to break out

Aerialists who jump through the air to be caught

Found in plaster of paris

Showtime series about lovable serial killer

What livestock eats

Puzzle 4

To be made publicly known

Ivy, Oak and Sumac __

Cubic silver sulfide

A small staircase at the end of a house

Pianist and singer, recorded the hit Piano Man

Discipline of light refraction

Character played by Jessica Tandy on a 1989 movie

Round panel used as a target for small projectiles

Juicy, square fruit, celestial fruit candies

Technique in which a painter applies paint

Person who saves swimmers

Puzzle 5

__ turtle, powerful jaws snap hard

Original Scarface, also played Louis Pasteur

To explode something, such as dynamite

Truth is __ than fiction

Tiny, colorful, poisonous frog found in tropics

__ Plates, circus act of balance and timing

Dough pieces, sweet or salty, sometimes stuffed

Mashed __ and gravy

Skip, hop board game also known as draughts

Intellectual, adjective meaning of the brain

Enrique Iglesias’ attempt to get us to dance

Month to celebrate love and valentines

Group 130

Puzzle 1

Popular Italian white bread invented in 1982

Michael J Fox’s 90s political sitcom

Great __, ruined ancient African city

Generation X writer, Douglas __

Not a beginner, not intermediate, an __ level

Hound of Hades, multi headed canine

Movie with Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potatohead and others

Out on the water

Better than something else, opposite of inferior

Carpet clowns work the __ or arena floor in circus

The Manx is a __ breed of cat with no tail.

Puzzle 2

Post WWII rivalry, conflict between US and USSR

Unable to resist for long

Perfect for summer barbecues, uses propane

Less exciting name for cowboy

__ 5, 90’s space series

Something clean, unable to bear children

Enzyme that helps digest starches in the body

Knuckle __, stupid person, caveman tendencies

To clap and cheer after a performance

The kind of wheel that gets the grease

Collection of weapons and ammunition

Place to grow young plants

Section of a book

Puzzle 3


An ancient military device for hurling stones

Love __, star studded romantic comedy

__ shell, sea slug that has a spotted skirt

The most populous borough of New York City

Substance that increases the bulk of a product

Eastern European country’s capital is Bratislava

Grinding, or __, the teeth at night

Gullies, canyons, mesas, ravines, hoodoos

__ Pfeiffer, actress of Scarface

__ Lake, actress of This Gun for Hire

Puzzle 4

The Road__ is known for speed, a cartoon character

Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft

Small bag you hold with your hands

First, nonbelieving stage of grief

Country with the same name as its capital, __ City

Spaceship in the first Planet of the Apes

Couch __, a lazy person, TV aficionado

Secretion plugging a pore, blackhead, zit

Drum shaped like a tapered cylinder from Nigeria

Backgammon is one of the __ board games

__, the redhead on Scooby Doo

Sodium bicarbonate aka this common “soda”

Write something down as evidence

__ and Terri, twins at school in The Simpsons

Shaun White’s nickname, The Flying __

Starchy dough stuffed in a corn husk, Mexican dish

Puzzle 5

Amazon uses this performance-based marketing

Make something known in order to sell it

Best known for her Assassin’s Apprentice series


A Woman Under the __, movie with Gena Rowland

Quilled mammal, third largest rodent

A “frog-like” mushroom

A hit by The Beatles

American WWI soldiers

Movie about a St. Bernard named after a composer

Group 131

Puzzle 1

Study of stamps and postal history

Condition of being short and plump

Orson Welles’ bad guy role in The Third Man

Carrot-eating menace, What’s Up Doc?

Type of country dance done in a sequence

Decoration of a surface with paper cut-outs

It’s supposed to have one hundred feet

Wrote Principia Mathematica with B. Russell

Raisins dropped in __ will never stop bouncing

Overly wasteful

Puzzle 2

Walking under this is considered bad luck

Something that you can eat

__ Botticelli painted Adoration of the Magi

Harass a public speaker, performer, etc

Emma __, Hermione Granger actress

Non-essential characters in a Movie or TV series

Lacking the ability to do something

Thin growth from the base of blades of grass

To illegally carry away a person, kidnap

Hollow item with beans or pebbles inside

DM: __ message or private message

Traditional practice, habits, uses

Add spices or flavorings to food

Relating or referring to something from France

Puzzle 3

Business ought to precede __

Oldest Celtic language now extinct

Smile Pinki’s face deformity

Drinking fast

Large deer live in tundra regions, pulls sleighs

Found on top of spaghetti, inside sub sandwiches

The front of the body

Someone who plays music

Genetic characteristics passed from parent to kid

Puzzle 4

__ grouper has brown and white stripes

Tech company working on driverless car fleet

Champion racecar driver, __ Villeneuve

Kill Doctor Lucky is a humorous __ of Clue

Fiji is an __ nation

Super small quantity of something

Venus is also called the Earth’s __ planet

Band of tissues connecting muscles to bone

__ Down Shirt, more formal shirt requires ironing

Coin operated game, place for kids to play

Stir one’s __ = hurry up

Individual pieces that make up a fence

Categories of literature, music, art and movies

Beer is one of the world’s __ alcoholic beverages

The Black __ killed millions in the 14th century

Broadcasting on TV or radio

Dwarf like demon, mischievous monster

Puzzle 5

Chemical element of atomic number 14

Fruit used for pies and scary jack-o’-lanterns

Luke and Leia are __ and sister in Star Wars

Often identified as the first Empire in History

Unnaturally or acutely uneasy or apprehensive

Prosperity or earnings of a country

__ Bligh, antagonist of Mutiny on the Bounty

At any moment, regardless of hour

Dig Dug’s hero wins by __ and killing monsters

Biology dealing with organisms and environment

Badejo, actor in Alien, is from this African country

Sweet and tangy sauce typically made from tomatoes

Frankenstein, novel by Mary __

Group 132

Puzzle 1

Small citrus fruit with orange skin

A room or building equipped for physical exercise

Corn tortilla stuffed, covered with sauce

Film based on a Russian Grand Duchess’ story

The King’s castle in Memphis

Australian rite of passage

Albert Einstein was a world-known __

__ Anguissola, Italian Renaissance painter

Christians believe it is the word of God

Puzzle 2

Gone to seed

__ Hat, “Gilligan” hat with sloping brim

Higglytown __, Disney Junior animated show

To select from a number of items or options

Capital of Chechnya

Reddish-brown metal, used in pennies

To go on a trip on a boat

Sick person’s soup that also contains chicken

Body part where you find the lap

Robert __ Jr. Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man

A case for arrows

When you need to eat

Someone who breaks through computer security

Two homes that share a common wall

Some E. coli strains are dangerous and __

The Peruvian camel

Puzzle 3

The devil’s home in Australia

The bearing of an object in relation to the North

Dermatological condition also known as baldness

Crumbly topping for muffins or pies

Merci __, “thank you very much” in French

Formerly under Iron Curtain, Sofia is its capital

Highly awarded Judy Garland offspring

Peer __

American football field marked by each yard

Born in the country of the maple leaf

__ is known as the purebred long-haired Siamese

Puzzle 4

A small powerboat used for towing waterskiers

Black silk worn as mourning

High-strung emotion

Able to be added to something else

A winding path or trail, indirect course

Flatfish mainly eaten on Catholic holy days

Spanish pork sausage

Artificial heart experiment implanted in 15 men

Power unit is measured in __

A person who prepares cuts of meat and sells them

Puzzle 5


Delusional parasitosis is a belief you have __

Utensil designed for baking quiches

Empire State Building sways with a severe __

European city home to canals and coffee shops

Important infield position in baseball

Convert into meters

Flower whose seeds are eaten raw and on foods

American actress, activist and fitness guru

One of the most frequent musical guests of the SNL

Bandana worn in Japanese culture

Group 133

Puzzle 1

Pocahontas’s English name, __ Rolfe

70 percent of all boats are sold for __

__ Night, a Shakespeare’s comedy

Market __, subsets of consumers

Saw that requires human power to work

Art, science or military school

Material that can be stretched

Insect that produces a rhythmical chirping sound

Baseball hit takes you around the bases

Clusters of friends on social media

The proof of the __ is in the eating

Mental tendency toward something

Puzzle 2

Type of baseball pitch thrown to spin

Broken, bankrupt

TV drama about an ageing country star

Farmhouse, barn and other buildings

__ wrasse are bright yellow and white

Chevy Chase’s National Lampoon family

__ Dumas, author of The Three Musketeers

White __, belief whites are a superior race

Antiderivative or integral, differentiable function

Deformity, cauliflower ears aka __

Puzzle 3

One was named after Jonathan Swift on martian moon

Seed of a tree, common food

Separate viewing spot on a computer screen

Oval __, where the US President works

Utensil used to suck up excess liquid

Second chance in court case

Lung disorder including difficulty breathing

Occupation usually associated with the circus

A little tower often at a corner of a building

Black-ball sponge is a black __

Building used for spiritual rituals

Oscar the Grouch was originally __, not green

Basis for an action, event, belief, fact

Real-life mannequins

Vehicle to lean, tip to one side while moving

Japanese stock exchange

To pierce the body with a sharp stake or item

Hungry Hungry __, marble-eating mammals

Puzzle 4

Someone who writes texts for songs

Swedish actor, director, martial artist, Dolph __

What liars should have

Small squirrel with stripes on its face

Turncoat, collaborator

It never ends

__ is another day, quote from Gone with the Wind

Chilean town shaken by a massive earthquake

Ebola causes high fever and internal __

Filled into poultry before cooking

Puzzle 5

Ran late

Paulette __, actress of The Great Dictator

Name given to the leader of ancient Egypt

Eight sides, Stop sign shape

Angiitis is inflammation of the blood __

__ Havisham, character in Great Expectations

Island in E. Caribbean, north of Antigua

Cher’s comeback, club hit in 1999

Type of bread eaten on Jewish celebrations

A painting by Alex Colville

Group 134

Puzzle 1

Lady and __, 1955 romantic Disney film

Japanese for divinity wind

Hotel chain now owned by Marriott International

Makes nothing who makes no __

Sport uses underhand pitches when recreational

Nonverbal communication, Sign __

Thorny, security fencing

Badge or mark of honor or office

Red sauce used to dip mozzarella sticks

__ bleeding occurs in the body, not seen

Addis Ababa is the capital of

Puzzle 2

Jean __, actress of Spartacus

The main constituent of marsh gas

Capital of Solomon Islands

Ms. Puff runs a __ school on SpongeBob

Wild West days, the first to do something

23rd James Bond film with Bardem as a bad guy

Breakfast in __, top-seller Supertramp album

Chagall painted I and the __

Place, name, number, state where you live

Movement with your hands to show something

Puzzle 3

Ancient Indian city, site of the Great Stupa

Confirmation sacrament, gifts of the Holy __

Mammal known for aggression, white and black head

Unpleasant in temper, stubborn

Do not cast your __ before swine

Ghosts are the souls of __ after they have died

Turn up the earth for farming with a plow

Fibers that carry messages to the brain

__ Night, females pay half or nothing

Hold your breath when passing through this

High redshift sources of electromagnetic energy

Silly sitcom that spoofed medical dramas

Fruit __, colorful zebra-like chewing gum

Puzzle 4

Devoted love, worship

Press __, White House’s official voice

DiCaprio’s film about the subconscious

Protrusion of the protoplasm used for movement

A kind of three dimensional form of visual art

Historical account in order of happenings

Ocean inhabitant related to marlins

American retired basketball player and coach

Puzzle 5

__ and butter, a cinema snack duo

Oceans’ 11 original cast

Cactus “tree” native to Southwest Sonora Desert

Run, jump and climb through an urban area

China has more __ speakers than the US

Regular payment, ex. mortgage, pension payment

Tradeable contracts not for now

There is one for every person in the world

Alexander __, greatest Russian poet

Heloise loved him dearly

Licking stamps burns half a __

Group 135

Puzzle 1

Young pigeons

Anything to do with nerves, nerve cells

To put money or time into a venture or person

__ Eruption, dissolved CO2, aka lake overturn

Italian artist of Renaissance religious works

Inflamed oil gland, infected, pus pocket on skin

Typically a golfer’s last club

Back to __, dreaded by kids, anticipated by parents

Rain before seven, fine by __, goes the proverb

Marsupial from Australia, largest in possum species

Handheld grain-cutting agricultural tool

Season when leaves change color, fall

Scooping constellation, can be big or small

Low-lying land tract enclosed by dikes

Mechanism that shows data measurement

Alternate route around construction

Shere Khan the __ tiger, Disney’s Jungle Book

Large container to keep dirty clothes

Guardians of the __ actor Chris Pratt

Robin __, House of Cards, Princess Bride actress

Puzzle 2

Seizure disorder, electrical issues in the brain

Acting fiendishly, diabolically

Convicted pyromaniac


There are two sides to every __

Hannibal’s ancient Tunisian civilization capital

Dish made with ground beef and other ingredients

__ films include Volcano, Twister, and Deep Impact

Soap opera based in Harmony, New England

Red __ sea slug has beautiful red coloring

Actress known for her unique laugh, Fran __

Ailurophobia is an __ fear of cats

It shows the level of oil

Puzzle 3

Japanese electronics, appliance company

Helical screw blades used in drills

Long sandwich aka hoagie, hero, grinder

__ Bennet, one of Jane Austen’s heroines

A puppet diva who starred films and TV shows

Insect with large wings covered with tiny scales

Evita sang for this country not to cry for her

Person who moves scenery and props

Men’s protective sport device invented in Canada

Catch not at the shadow and lose the __

Puzzle 4

__ Oddparents, cartoon about Timmy Turner

The capital of Anguilla

America’s great swimmer before Phelps

Toys, balloons etc sold in circus stands

It is bliss

They are all for monarchic rule

Hell, but for a limited time

Hypothesis involving Jupiter

Utensil used to open preserved tin food

Secret service agent who fancies a specific drink

Puzzle 5

__ Eco, Italian semioticist and modern novelist

There are 1 __ ants for every human

Astronomical event happens in spring, autumn

__ Paltrow, won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love

Interview with the Vampire, Spider-Man, __ Dunst

Cow dung, also slang for nonsense

It is the soul of wit

African country closest to Italian shores

Gravestone __ is color grinding to make prints

A person trained in a specific branch of science

Mel Blanc, Bugs Bunny voice, was allergic to this

Group 136

Puzzle 1

Robert __ Jr, actor in Iron Man

Pagurus hermit crab is the __ hermit crab

Assignees, representatives

To help, give support, aid

Thinking something specific will happen, anticipate

Protagonist of the ballet Swan Lake

Small flat round millennial seed

Desert horned __ has many different horns all over

Indiana Jones’ favorite hat

Take for granted, without proof, suppose

Major US airline headquartered in Chicago

Endocrine gland produces melatonin, serotonin

Slender tube of wood with a core of graphite

Dishwasher __, small dishwashers

Dance music causing change of consciousness

Area of a river where currents run extremely fast

Liam __, actor in Taken

The man who works the circus lights

Imperial Garden Lions, __, ward off evil

Distress signal for planes, ships and boats

Puzzle 2

Tractor implement for tillage aka flat lifter

Birthing surgery from Roman times

A place to sleep in when travelling

__ sponge shrimp pairs live inside barrel sponges

Popular herb aka cilantro or Chinese parsley

Schrodinger’s famous cat question, quantum __

Comic strip turned into a Warren Beatty movie

Place light behind a subject

Person who creates utensils for specific tasks

Monk and the highest authority in Tibetan Buddhism

Puzzle 3

Pamphlet with ballads sold by peddlers

Language that has three degrees of phonemic length

Bank account abroad, common in Cayman Islands

EU headquarters, home of stinky sprouts

Airport area where you pick up family and friends

Formal name for jaw bone

__ Lang, journalist who died in Afghanistan

The Sword in __, 1963 Disney film, King Arthur

Dish __ Closet, dries dishes, fits with kitchen

Acorn worms live mainly in __ ocean bottoms

Bird __ is studying birds in nature

Puzzle 4

Key to job growth in a country

Beach sun __ is enjoying lying on the beach

O mistress mine, where are you __?

Something beside the bed, table, chair

Erased, rub out, obliterated something

__ aggressively protect nests, unlike other wasps

Crisp biscuit shaped like a knot

Wrote Good Will Hunting with friend, Damon

Used to organize digital content and search

Blubberlips are known by big __ lips

Suitable hemp for duffel bags

Puzzle 5

Its clock doesn’t tick

Toy Story features Woody and Buzz __

Control panel found in cars

Popular red licorice often used as a fun straw

It is power

Single-line poem

William, the __, created a cross-channel Empire

Compulsive urge to buy things


Group 137

Puzzle 1

Male equivalent of witch, magical powers

Kid’s card game with questions and answers

School notebook bound by metal wire

Hitchcock film known for freaky shower scene

Decorative piece of a car wheel

Salty pie with meat and vegetables

Bristle tube worm has long hairs all over

Highest point of a hill or mountain

Egyptian god of embalming

Steering __, connects steering wheel to mechanism

Detective __ Harris, Denzel’s role in Training Day

__ Knoxville of Jackass fame

Healthy, strong, stout

Puff __, flaky treat with layers of fat

Sliding paper walls in Japanese houses

Puzzle 2

An African ant-eater

Fragrant flowers from South Africa

Fiber is the part of food that cannot be __

Usually two days shorter than any other

The act of sliding down a small hill with snow

The capital of Jersey

The World’s __ Athlete, a 1973 Disney Tarzan movie

1991’s Hardball was 1st in a series of __ games

He that __ pitch shall be defiled

Cigarette mascot designed to attract children

__ gaps, found in the distribution of semi-major axis

Puzzle 3

__ rockfish are dark red and tan

Something made from clay and fired in a kiln

Russian author, lepidopterist and synesthete

Zealous supporter of a team

__ are members of the peach family

Herbie Rides Again is a sequel to The __

Scheduled combat between two people

Flowering part of a plant, when open

Day __, speculation of stocks, currencies

Phenomenon when sunlight is blocked from a planet

Singer, Whitney Houston’s cousin

__ or perish

Brush this over pastries to give color

Acting on __ instead of thinking first

Also called Malines

Covering in a book that binds the pages

Puzzle 4

Family to which poinsettia belongs

Old farmer in a classic kid’s song

Make a fault seem less serious

Crusades aimed to seize __ from muslim control

Pyrosome __ can be pink, yellow, or blue

The __ are look-alike parents for Timmy Turner

Jane Eyre’s byronic hero, Mr. __

Open to more than one interpretation

A person trained to give emergency medical care

Uranus and Neptune are both __

In line after primary

The __, movie with John Wayne as a war veteran

Green vegetable, also known as string beans

Puzzle 5

Food that may be consumed according to halakha

To go beyond the quantity, amount, rate

Second largest city in Western Asia

Ralph __, American luxury clothing brand

This face is sure to make someone happy


Burnt piece of coal or wood which can still be lit

Online payment system previously owned by eBay

Specific type of fisherman

Order to report for military duty

__ Boy, codename for the bomb that hit Hiroshima

Lizard, well-known for being a pet

Group 138

Puzzle 1

1.000.000 of this unit makes a gram

Stew that is cooked slowly in a deep dish

Keeps post at the Tower of London

2015 Pixar and Disney movie with Joy and Sadness

Large ocean fish with a jaw that resembles a sword

Sang the song My Guy

They are allegedly made in heaven

Paper __ do desk jobs routinely

Spuds __, Bud Light’s party dog

Produces smoke, but not flames

Puzzle 2

Long rod inserted into foods to hold while cooking

Collar, ring, shaft on a pipe for strength

The Force Awakens is set __ years after Episode 6

__ cord, nerve tissue protected by vertebrae

Taxi, Always Sunny star married to Rhea Perlman

Fictional race of human-like brutes

From one side to the opposite one

Barn is __ quarters for the circus

Existing in fact, real

__ shrimpgoby live with snapping shrimp

Type of disco dance with its own song

Utensil used to remove skin from foods

Pigs represent __ in Asia and Europe, piggy banks

“Fever” caused by airborne fungal spores

The middle number, not the average

Koyukon name for Alaska’s highest mountain

Parcheesi is an adaptation of __ cross and circle

Puzzle 3

Government coming to financial rescue of business

The speed at which electricity moves

The front side of a coin or medal

__ Lion, biggest of the species

Pearls can be found inside these

Large ensemble during Swing Era

Leonid __, artist born in Belarus

Official act forgiving and setting prisoners free

__ and forget

Kicking __ means following the circus

Shaped like a wing, wing-like

Puzzle 4

A bodyguard is someone who __ and protects a person

Special chair for a child in a vehicle

Particular version of a paper or book

Blood swimming crab, Indo-Pacific crustacean

Anagram of spotter

__ Race, global reality show competition

Moon of Saturn that has no craters

Various things and the like

Amputation is the __ of a body part

Scottish biologist who discovered penicillin

Desk box for papers you’ve dealt with

2 player strategy game published in 1990

Creators of Twinkies, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs

To clap hands in approval

Puzzle 5

Cloris __, Raising Hope actress, born 1926

An Edgar Allan Poe’s poem

When a baby’s primary teeth come in

__fish are ray-finned ocean fish

Plastic ring children spin round their waist

Toothed knife great for cutting bread

Embroidery technique, allows fabric to be stretched

Indo-European language spoken in this Asian country

Mexican resort on the Pacific Coast

Name of a French soup

The Prince of Egypt is a __ animated film

Group 139

Puzzle 1

A captain of __ manages or owns a large company

__ 66 is an American oil and gas company

Apple pie with a biscuit-crust top

Worldwide social media with online profiles

Wayne Gretzky’s nickname, The __

Strobilus, reproductive organ in Pinophyta plants

One of the seven deadly sins

Old time device flattened male neckwear

Imaginary line used to indicate latitude

Saying hello to a person when you meet

The Virgin __, first film by Sofia Coppola

Puzzle 2

A box-shaped musical instrument

Right to use properties bought for vacations

A skin condition in humans

Capital of Pakistan

Skiing event includes aerials, moguls, halfpipe

Effect reduces value of money over time

State of having two sides that are not the same

Great __, a gravitational anomaly in space

Created with a holographic projector

A round patty of ground beef in a split bun

Puzzle 3

To teach or train someone, provide schooling

Popular winter sport

Alice in Wonderland is based on books by Lewis __

Handwriting that links all letters together

Atlantic reef game fish, most popular is red

One of two nations enclaved in South Africa

Clear mineral that looks like glass or ice

Bent or warped under heat or pressure

What fair exchange is not

Different fake names used by criminals

Device or room for keeping food at low temperature

Work of art made by glueing different materials

Some deny this change with scientific consensus

Two major groups of these people are Shia, Sunni

Puzzle 4

Fairies are said to have magical __

Online photo sharing social media site

Red berry, often found on top of sundaes

Country better known for canal that divides it

__ is a game of assault and defense

Doctor in first year of training in a hospital

Large drum used by the Mongols in battle

Adverb for away, hence

A plan regarding expenses and revenue or income

__ Baum, author of the Wizard of Oz series

Held as holy men by Hindus

Hand tools for holding, turning objects

Mr. Krabs runs the __ Krab

Second main gas in Saturn

Metal, reddish-brown color, can be a hair color

Out of __, won the Academy Awards in 1986

Puzzle 5

In law, honesty of intention

Adults only laugh __ times a day

Focus lamp

Hunger Games star Liam __

Stellar Explosion

Pax__, peace in China after the Mongol invasion

__ Kids, a not sweet movie candy staple

TV show about the FBI and terrorists

A person who makes gold articles

Easily disgusted, shocked

Where the ocean meets the land

Group 140

Puzzle 1

Mexican __ toads dig down into the ground to hunt

International language envisaged by Zamenhof

Name of a character from the Addams Family

Purpose-built capital of Pakistan

Ancient Persian city capital of two empires

The father of American Literature to Faulkner

An employee who serves or helps customers

Where children with no family are sent

Small, red, acid berry used in cooking

Folding of a vehicle towing a trailer

Puzzle 2

US Army anti-tank rocket launcher

Band of singable lullaby More Than Words

Jason __, English, famous for his action films

Cheese puff snack with Cheetah mascot

Species best known by male, peacock

Determine by calculating, usually on a computer

90s powerhouse sitcom based in Manhattan

A useful tool or implement

Rome airport named after famed artist

Keel-shaped ridge of rock formed by wind

One going back in a commitment

Ending of a personal romantic relationship

Excise is a total __ with a laser or scalpel

Outer opening of the nose

Puzzle 3

Birthplace of literary greats, Doyle, Stevenson

30 Seconds is a general __ game

Food __, an electric kitchen appliance

X-ray of blood or lymph vessels

__ Tears, insincere expression of sorrow

Discovered the properties of oxygen combustion

Popular pasta usually topped with red sauce

Operation __, movie with Cary Grant

The Bold and the __, LA fashion soap opera

Cheap imitation of gold

Puzzle 4

Los Angeles soccer team that landed Beckham


__ and Hardy, Classical Hollywood slapstick duo

Hot __, mini metal cars loved by kids

Tail bone at the very bottom of the spine

Barque is a sailing __ with three or more masts

Chausie is bred to look like __ cats

Muscle contraction felt by women during period

State created in 1948, after WWII

The whole thing, amount, extent

Wedding Crashers, Scooby-Doo actress, Isla __

__ Chan, Hong Kong actor, martial artist, director

Thickening the liquid of a soup by boiling

A set of teams that plays against each other

Difference between bid and stock asking prices

Puzzle 5

__ Yard, London police force, northern UK country

Deliberate destruction or failure

Antonym of exterior

Fine type of cashmere wool or scarf

Site of the massacre at India’s Golden Temple

Space behind a house, not in front

Piece of sweet fried dough shaped like a ring

12 __, classic courtroom drama movie

Computer key aka return button

War planes at close quarters combat

__ Lewis got the 1st US Nobel of Literature

Amber __, or Pinna carnea, is a bivalve mollusc