Group 659

Puzzle 1

Planet associated with Superman
Darken or turn darker
Nickname for glasses that protect against the rays
Raw a young, inexperienced military type
Measures of a horse, nose to tail, in racing
Legumes, come in salted and dry roasted varieties
Failed to meet expectations
Political state or nation
Samuel L. who doesn’t want snakes on a plane
Surname of Blake, Pink Panther film director
Part of AccorHotels brand, anagram of one volt
Don’t vote one way or the other
To pen in, close off
Island ; visiting Greek islands by boat
The angles in a circle are measured in these
Aperture in a lock in a door

Puzzle 2

Short hosiery
Brand of aluminum foil
Thrive, do really well
Made a keyboard error
Rapper of Rollout, actor in Fast & Furious films
Gave consent
Feather writing implement used for many centuries
Referee’s call to end a judo match
Small red, black or white berries used in cooking
Leaves the aircraft
Country where Hwange National Park is located
Punched-card weaving machine
A grassy slope

Puzzle 3

First name of the actress Duff or Swank
Linkages between bones such as knees, elbows
Tiptoes or skulks around
Tests for aroma
Tests for saltiness
Waste-disposal channels underneath streets
A of turkeys, a collective term for the birds
She sang Crying with Roy Orbison
shop, travel agency selling tickets in bulk

Puzzle 4

Strong-smelling insect-repellent spheres
Tools/working conditions designed for ease of use
A roller coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm until 1989
Small rectangles that protect a dining surface
Relating to a speech contrary to religion
57 slogan of Heinz canned food
Star of G.I. Jane and The Scarlet Letter films
Two-word phrase: go above and beyond
Not true, two-faced, disingenuous
Dead method of establishing a ship’s position
Legs eleven or two little ducks, for example
Yellow, daisy-family herb, used to produce oil
Hard shell that protects the emerging butterfly
A flight is a member of cabin crew

Puzzle 5

Round, juicy, furry-skinned fruits for Melbas
Competition, often between sporting teams
Had twice as many
What a stomach does to food
Harbor sites for pleasure boats
I’m ; avidly listening
Desert outlaws
Title for female ruler of Japan
Saurian refers to this type of reptiles
Miguel, who declared Mexican independence
A building used for manufacturing
State-sponsored gambling
Those that follow the rules and do as told
Fort major Scottish town close to Ben Nevis
Alterations to lifestyle or habits, for example
Ports for pleasure boats