Group 654

Puzzle 1

Also known as a goalie, in ball sports
Grooved or furrowed, like a drinking glass
Emma, who rose to fame as Hermione Granger
Transparent solids that disperse light
Sound cable network to set up for a party
Not clear; water that has bacterial bloom
Celery-tasting leaves, adorn summer drinks
French Riviera town, famous for the Lemon Festival
Shines after a wash
From ; since the beginning
District, attractive residences in New Orleans
Willie, country singer of Always on My Mind

Puzzle 2

Imaginary, dreamy and impractical
Balancing of chances in a horse race
Foot soldiers in armies
Habitual performances of an established procedure
Native American, inventor of the Cherokee alphabet
Encouraging, urging on
Deep Impact and Jurassic Park III actress
Final moment
Ruler with absolute power
Mark, Dire Straits guitarist
star; symbol of top-quality restaurant
Caverns, US national park with a Hall of Giants
Thrown in the Trevi Fountain permits fall in love
Small collection of technological devices
Falling suddenly and uncontrollably

Puzzle 3

Bridge, Prague’s spanned link of the Vltava
People intending to marry
This peach-like fruit is typically eaten dried
Lombardy city near Lake Garda, Italian caviar home
The Australian Tennis Open is held in this month
Small sparkly bits, or Mariah Carey movie
VR, or reality
Dionne, songstress connected with Burt Bacharach
Insidious: The ; 2018 supernatural horror film
Not public
This peach-like fruit could be eaten dried
Moving backwards and forwards, as on a bouncy ship
Homeric epic
Area of a house that collects dirt when entering
Richard Top Gear sidekick with Hamster moniker
Sold numbered tickets for people to win prizes
Media research firm

Puzzle 4

Cheap hotel for tourists
Head bones
Mischievous, impish child
Glue for bricks
Croquet tool
Omar al- Sudan former president
Bits and 60s tune by The Dave Clark Five
Sarah, young adult novelist of Just Listen
Take part, participate with a group
Southwestern United States speciality cuisine
Waterfalls between Brazil and Argentina

Puzzle 5

Animals that come out at night, not the day
Lance Armstrong’s sport
Grappling in the ring, such as WWE
appendix; ongoing abdominal pain
Apt, appropriate, fitting, timely
Provable with evidence
Jump performed by male ballet dancer
A question coming from an unexpected position
Chart showing a museum’s layout
Swearing, blaspheming language
Rerouting traffic
Read these in the bottom of a cup, to predict
17th-century painter of about 100 self-portraits