Group 652

Puzzle 1

Place to buy cheap booze or perfume in the airport
Longest tributary of Arkansas River
Revolving cylinder toy that animates images
Grumble, protest, whine
Most strict
Eleven, twelve, dig ; nursery rhyme line
Hats, caps, turbans, etc
Reduce price tags
Family pet, a freshwater turtle
An American in London, movie by John Landis
Wedding anniversary celebrated as golden
Formal garden such as at Versailles

Puzzle 2

Alfonso, Mexican director of 2018 hit Roma
First name of Noah, host of The Daily Show
Land sold by Russia to the US in 1867
Subtlety, tiny detail
Depart on a journey
Rubbish, nonsense, claptrap
Turkish landscape of eerie fairy chimneys
Either steering or hoops, these help a car turn
Amount and frequency of a given medicine
Cutting a grass lawn
Passed or overtook a runner by a whole circuit

Puzzle 3

Probationary period
Coffee maker with a plunger; a French press
Delightful, captivating
How it’s always been done
Released Love Songs album with Jacko in 1987
Significant, historic, meaningful
Barney Fife and Mr. Furley actor
Guided tour on foot of haunted streets
Multifaceted diamond cut, designed to dazzle
ahead; with maximum speed or energy
Flippant or sarcastic remark, opposite of dumb
Train travel across Europe, popular on a gap year

Puzzle 4

Let the buyer legal warning aka caveat emptor
Jumping insect & funnel-shaped container
Rachel, environmentalist who wrote Silent Spring
Famous beach city near LA and a Miley Cyrus song
Cubes of meat grilled on skewers
Heavily defeat
Left-hand pages of a book spread
The Emperor’s New 2000 animation
Norwegian scenic drowned glaciated valleys
Where planes take off and land

Puzzle 5

Using a mobile phone abroad
Heats and cools metal or glass
Spice associated with Marinara sauce
Sum to be forfeited for breaking rules, agreements
Takes place
Chinese rings; illusion involving metal hoops
Custom or tailor-made clothes, shoes, etc
Sleep in a tent overnight
Driver of a big rig
Someone who changes jobs or address often
Type of poisoning that can cause Minamata disease