Group 644

Puzzle 1

Left or right upper chamber of the heart
Cleopatra’s obelisks in New York and London
Exxon oil tanker spill of 1989
Wheel nuts cover
Use this to take photos
1970’s phrase for wow or that’s great
A pendant that opens to reveal pictures inside
Paths traveled to reach destinations
Michael, film star made up to be Betelgeuse
Reflected sounds heard over and over again
Puts the ball in the back of the net
Tango and polka-like Brazilian dance
Hebrew word for the holiday of Passover
Official order or edict
Little Russian pancakes

Puzzle 2

Founded on faith or trust
Canine who defends properties
Clarifies, imparts knowledge
Founder of Pahlavi Dynasty in Iran in 1925
Time when Cinderella needs to leave the ball
Something set at an angle
Robert Redford’s directorial debut: People
Desirous, inviting
The creator of Wallace & Gromit
Grants amnesty
Shots to protect immune system
Fluctuation of the whole person in hip-hop dance
Yes, there is a Santa Claus
Small, sweet buns in paper cases, with icing
Nationality of one from Dubrovnik
Game show top prizes

Puzzle 3

A group of three related novels
Wild African pig
Siddhartha ; the Buddha’s full name
Eats well and is fit
German ice wine, from grapes frozen on the vine
Italian fashion company founded by Gianni
Short progress into a journey, book, task etc.
Close but ; almost correct but not quite
Body parts that get whiffy; anagram of imparts
Causing an affray, going on the rampage
Something that costs nothing
Any small city-like area that isn’t new
Ten Green song sung in the round

Puzzle 4

Hideous, revolting
US actor of Catch-22 and Argo
She created the private detective Cormoran Strike
Another name for snails in French cuisine
Expression used to describe Mick Jagger’s pelvis
Europe’s oldest five-star hotel chain
To design parts for a particular, specific usage
Raising the quality of your cabin on a ship
Verbiage, excessive language
Be biased against someone
Leader of the US

Puzzle 5

Outlet or annex of a museum in a different city
Home to the Acropolis
Austrian ski resort, and home to Ötzi the Iceman
Spoke in a singsong voice
Large bowl for serving soup in
America’s Funniest Home Saget former host
Gremlins’movie creature or Scottish band
Former Toyota car brand named after constellation
Blades that are used in papercrafts
Showed that you were bored or tired
Large expanses of flat land with few trees
They appear on rara skirts, collars or valances
Argue about the price
Be unlike, at variance
Uniform worn by chefs
condor; largest flying bird in the world