Group 641

Puzzle 1

Blocks to stop aircraft from moving
Too much, outside the normal limits
Mountain peak
cord; springy cable for extreme sports lovers
Concrete slabs that make a garden path
room; hotel accommodation for parents and kids
High and ; self-important
Knights’ weapons
Bucyk, skilled left winger, lifelong Bruin
Ocean glass cylinder to walk through, see fish

Puzzle 2

Gemstone cut, aka square emerald cut
Interrupted a performer in a show
Restless, unable to sleep
Artists’ workrooms
Pithy remark or concise poem
Tourist destination, anagram of dumb Rae
Derisive or scornful mocking
Describes the homeward leg of a return journey
Cheesy actor Troy, in The Simpsons
Musical performance, often during a tour
Terry director, member of the Monty Python
Katie US Olympic freestyle swimmer
Stepped like a horse
Popular rounded bread, eaten with gravy in US

Puzzle 3

Surname of Lynn, star of the film Georgy Girl
Open and barefaced disobedience
Relax at the end of a busy period
Use thick materials to keep heat in
Cemetery, New Orleans marble statuary landmark
Begin eating, like a dog maybe
Scowls in pain
Worries, hardships, struggles
Not take full advantage of something
Flyer Scheme, airline loyalty system

Puzzle 4

Front shiner on a vehicle, or worn by miners
Taking temporary care of children within a family
Requesting strongly
Nashville’s hockey team
Publicly praised or commended
Meal in the middle of the morning
Pippi Longstocking’s monkey
Rolling song by Adele on album 21
Latin means farewell to meat a Shrovetide event
Drew E.T. child actress
Hued vehicle looked out for in travel game
She or he shows you the sights

Puzzle 5

Spry, like Jack who jumped over a candlestick
Plane maker of the 747
-Pyrénées, south-west French dept up high
Montgolfier, Wright, Earhart, Johnson and Yeager
Cardinal Victorian in line to be a saint
Road; video game with traffic-dodging chicken
oats, brand of porridge oats
Keep in custody
Sore, weary
Puzzle or code to be cracked
Motley, assorted, scruffy
maker, to cook beaten eggs with fillings
Valleys, ravines, chasms
24 hours at a relaxing mineral springs resort
while the iron is hot