Group 600

Puzzle 1

Wursts, hotdogs
English part-song of the Baroque era
Forest of Empire and Black Panther
Caught ; unaware and unprepared
Minor fights
Kick a football with the rear of one’s foot
Gather together, muster
Discharge or leak, on a petrol forecourt say
Country where the band Simple Minds originated
Festival celebrated in Thailand April 13-15
Inhales and exhales
Measure, assess
Piece of the phone that converts signals to sounds
A discharge or leak, onto a floor, for example

Puzzle 2

Not invited nor gladly received
The street on which the Muffin Man lives
Background tunes played in an elevator
Alternative name for a point guard in basketball
Expression of willingness to take part
Person who counsels others psychologically
A plant grown to be eaten, not fruit or grain
Ancient trackway, usually built in a straight line
singing in the dead of night
A person or company’s social media fans
Large dish for bananas, apples, oranges, etc

Puzzle 3

To remove a limb
Get your on, your Sunday best
Squashed a lemon to get juice
Batten; lead guitarist on MJ world tours
Conscious, feeling, alive, animate
Someone who pries or meddles in another’s business
Hidden riches marked by an X on a map
Andy ; It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Hidden or buried coins, gems and gold
They hold up shelves
Walk, London street to the S of St James’s Park

Puzzle 4

Dolphinfish constellation
Places for debate or meetings
Relating to the mind
Small, snouted rodents, with venomous saliva
German city, called Aix-la-Chapelle by French
Cleaned a floor with water and soap
Younger sister of tennis champ Venus
Bunsen laboratory gas light
Scottish term for possibly
Geronimo’s tribe
Search, look through a collection of products
John bassist of Another One Bites the Dust
Holiday; First Lady of the Blues
Pot cups and saucers, for a child to play with

Puzzle 5

Rodent-style chewing
Songs, not compilations
Removing body hair with a razor
Coming towards
sticks: funky, metallic garnish
Horse riders
Wolfgang Mozart
Moscow fortress, seat of power near Red Square
Referee a dispute
Living environment of an organism
The Little Disney musical about princess Ariel
US comedian of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live
A compulsive fritters away their earnings
Activity or goods vouchers website with green logo
Shading line on a map used to denote steep slopes
Charge Device, or CCD
Play within A Midsummer Night’s Dream, & Thisbe
Australian train that runs from Adelaide to Darwin
Peace of ; treaty that ended Eighty Years’ War