Group 599

Puzzle 1

Scottish novelist, creator of Rebus series
The heart’s two lower chambers: right and left
Term for lagers, pale ales; like hair colour maybe
Country that gave us the Hippocratic Oath
Country where you find Iguazu Falls
Royal Military Academy where Harry did training
Person whose job is to help others reach goals
It’s a Long Way to John McCormack
A bargain, worth the money
When I Think duet for Elton John and P.M. Dawn
Calming, bringing peace
From the eastern Mediterranean
Warm-up exercises
A discount of 50%
Speculated the future
To Americans it is a snap; to Britons a

Puzzle 2

Collect usable items from a garbage heap
King of Portugal in 1367, Ferdinand the
Layering and up warm for an autumn walk
Lemurs, monkeys and humans
Lightly perfumed tea for a titled woman?
Shop upon which tills sit
Create difficulty in understanding
Fish party game akin to hide and seek
Sport also known as underwater hockey
Flammable material used as a weapon
Topaz and chrysanthemum are symbols for this month
Turkish strait between Europe and Asia
Downfalls, ruinations
Greatest hits album for Swedish pop giants
Molly The Breakfast Club star
Charles Dickens’ first novel: The Papers
Roxy Music synthesizer player and record producer
Don’t count your before they are hatched
Rabat nationality
In a dazzling way

Puzzle 3

Amusement park and Ferris wheel in Vienna
Bernard Cornwell’s Napoleonic Wars hero
First name of composer Holst
French city that hosts a film festival
Capital of Lesotho
buffet, spread of nibbles eaten without a fork
Flashy, ornate, nickname for girls called Florence
Plaza, Dallas site of JFK’s assassination
Slow ; video footage that has been slowed down
Metal plate, part of a drum kit
Person who plays and deciphers crossword clues
Animal feed made from green plant material
Get past a difficult event
Get past a difficult event (2 words)
and Geeks, McKinley High in the 80s
This Guy’s in Love With You, crooned Herb

Puzzle 4

To have put someone forward for position or award
Scandalous book John Cleland wrote from prison
Ship carried Scott and Shackleton on a 1901-4 trip
Family that pays their debts on Game of Thrones
device, used to keep non-swimmers buoyant
varnishers, they make gelatin newborns shiny
Loose, dress-like garment for sleeping
Ode to Joy composer who was deaf at the time
Alter ego of rapper Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr
Castle location of the East Midlands Airport
Utter, articulate, enunciate
Farmhouse and outbuildings
First ruler of Crete; son of Zeus and Europa

Puzzle 5

Hill, rom com with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant
Hector French composer: Symphonie Fantastique
Metallic rare earth element with symbol Tb
Played a ; an impressive on-pitch performance
Country bordering Luxembourg on the east
Punch ; pop-up theatre booth for children
Sindarin elf; Prince of the Woodland Realm
Bills for
Tangled, caught up
March 25, Feast of the Annunciation
Herbie pianist who wrote Cantaloupe Island
Hebrew word for leavened bread, a Passover no-no
Roman name for Athena, goddess of war
A golfer a ball into a hole
Does not give in to temptation
Type of legumes in the Indian dish called dahl