Group 598

Puzzle 1

Heart; 1960 Elvis song with German lyrics
Notoriety, ill repute
Medieval entertainer with a hat with bells
Series: Tally rebels against becoming Pretty
Waterfalls on the border of Argentina and Brazil
Flee from captivity
elbow, joint overuse condition
Get things mixed up
Device to control flow of water in a garden hose
Extinct ancestor; Kinks single record
Sean Bean priest film
Season when flowers bloom
Settlement smaller than a village
10th president of the Philippines: Ferdinand
Ramadan season
star, two-star system in the sky
Borrowed money on a possession
Human Leonardo pioneered it with a glider
Blue, soft, veined cheese from Tipperary
Jeffrey ; co-pilot in Hudson River plane landing
John Presper co-designer of UNIVAC computer

Puzzle 2

Coming into bloom; blossoming
Individual symbol in Chinese written language
Author of the novel The Cruel Sea: Nicholas
oils, natural scents such as lavender, bergamot
Tiny bell sounds
Temporary relief or freedom from illness
Benny from ABBA’s surname
The study of signs and motifs
Roman-built Segovia site used to transport water
Pasta that is also known as angel hair
Instantaneous, fast, speedy
Expression used when a toddler has a minor fall
End-of-line stock, sale department

Puzzle 3

Lady Gaga fans are Little ones
Containing more bubbles, like a cappuccino
Ruled from the White House
Sea mammals whose cries are used in relaxing music
Reffing a cricket test
Structured or boned female underwear
Politeness, chivalry
Bound pages used for writing
Crests of domestic roosters
Features no. 1 on the Beaufort Scale
Animated British band with 2-D and Noodles
Preliminary sketch by a sculptor
Dropped rubbish carelessly
Breaks between workdays
Pistol with rotating cartridge chamber

Puzzle 4

One who clears a building for safety reasons
President of South Africa from 2009 to 2018
Revamped, carried out modernisation of a building
Magnetite, a mineral with magnetic properties
Irish gundog with chestnut coat
Era of English history dating from 1837 to 1901
Protective cover of a piano keyboard
Jim leading actor of Iris and Topsy-Turvy
Published book on a subject to help hold your hand
The front end of the performance area for a play
They often had a ball on Dallas
fee; entry charge
General unhappiness with life
Ask for money from a mob of people
Cold, dense winds blow across Antarctica
Long-bodied insect with transparent wings
Person who expects the worst outcome

Puzzle 5

Part of feud where the serfs worked for the lord
Veranda outside an upper floor of a building
Give someone confidence to do something
Cecilie taught Bond her Danish tongue
Minnie the Cab Calloway hit of the 1930s
Word that means the same as another
Night hunting bird, might live in farm buildings
Seasoned Italian cheese with yellow crust
Beaker for shaking dotted cubes in
A Christian archangel, protector of the Jews
Can You Feel the Love Elton John tune