Group 597

Puzzle 1

Conscientious one who refused to fight in WWI
NBA player nicknamed The Electrician : Klay
Chuckles unkindly
Crowing bird logo adopted by Pathe News
Robert Cubist painter of the Eiffel Tower
Catholic masses praying for souls of the departed
Did not consume enough food
Captive person
Knock-down with machine of the same name
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s historical musical
Rare, unusual
I’ve got a lovely bunch of music hall tune
Surrenders or yields
Gentle egg-cooking method below the boiling point
Seven plus eight minus two
Lifts up
Country sits between Guyana and French Guiana
Upper jawbones
one’s hand; to be mistakenly optimistic
Metal tongues in bells that strike the sides
Perfect, with no blemishes
Croatian cascading lakes set on karst landscape

Puzzle 2

Jodie the 13th Doctor Who
Pot marigold, its dried petals are used in cooking
Metal fitting allows portals to pivot open
Iconic Beach Boys LP with goats on the cover
January Jones’s X-Men character
Pop music’s Rocket Man
Long word for garment to cover a woman’s breasts
Viennese museum and art gallery

Puzzle 3

Lee Nelson comedian and professional hoaxer Simon
Lombardy city gave its name to a woolly dog
Repeated chorus in a song
Altogether, as a whole, from the French language
Having angles, forming an angle
Wind instrument often played in Scotland
Liv Norwegian actress linked to Ingmar Bergman
Facial hair that’s plucked, waxed and shaped
Fast-drying water-soluble type of paint
Legal review of death circumstances, for example

Puzzle 4

the Block: Film starring Star Wars’ John Boyega
Move recklessly fast towards something
Flowing Japanese robe with wide sleeves
Greek sun god
Morning has like the first morning, hymn
Co-founder of the Beach Boys: Brian
Padded blankets
A type of bus or the candy named for it: double
Small cubicles in which to take photos
Israeli currency
Busy and crowded
Focal character of Buchan’s The Thirty-Nine Steps
One for ancient rhyme for magpie-spotting
Our American Ford’s Theater show of April 1865
Long-nosed ape with protruding buttocks

Puzzle 5

Leftover, residue, rest, remnants
Excite, incite, motivate
First king of independent Norway, 1905-57
Soft, silky dress fabric with a French name
Gordon singer of If You Could Read My Mind
B-side of Scream, MJ’s 1995 duet with sister Janet
David Lean film set in an icy Revolutionary Russia
Technical drawing of architects’ designs
Here we go gathering ; springtime tree harvest
Universally valid principles, hold true for all
The co-pilot in rallying, who plots the course
Natural barrier in a garden of bamboo or willow