Group 596

Puzzle 1

Straw to make chairs from
Engines, devices that give power
Stan Against Evil sheriffs fight these creatures
Baby swan
Male restaurant server
Second largest of the Greek islands
Request to attend
Decent and proper, well behaved
City with high Harbour Bridge that can be climbed
Hakuna Lion King song with Tim Rice lyrics
Currencies of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Yemen
Greg Aussie golfer, the Great White Shark
Indian term for someone responsible for something
The other side to Dr Jekyll
pegs, baby talk for biting incisors
Official guard; anagram of Andrew
Musical sticks hit together to make clicking sound
brittle, hard toffee with edible seeds
Male child whose baptism is sponsored

Puzzle 2

Absent-minded drawer of patterns, words, shapes
Marielle Heller movie, Can You Ever Me?
Bon uttered by servers prior to a meal
Run aground, like a boat or a whale
Missouri city, 1904 Summer Olympics venue
Got to ; Michael Jackson’s first solo album
Strong believer in a particular religion
Facing up to or bearing harsh conditions
Young singer of New Rules and One Kiss
Cleaning with soap and water
Male ballet dancer; anagram of asunder
Has a strong effect on something
Reassemble, come back together
German motto of the Prince of Wales
Attack or beating, linked legally to battery

Puzzle 3

Skilled male, such as an electrician or plumber
Before this time
Treaty to formalise the end of the 100 Years’ War
Chatty, with lots to say
How Marilyn Monroe met her end in the film Niagara
Wide range of vessels for drinking beverages from
pop; upbeat music style with teen appeal
Roughly shove or push someone
Bonjour Françoise Sagan’s hedonistic novel
Taylor sings, We are getting back together
Putting a product out in the public eye

Puzzle 4

Brother of Charlemagne
Insoluble fibre in vegetables, good for digestion
Nationality of To Sir with Love singer Lulu
Buying items or browsing for goods
More brooding than
Online platform for raising money from crowds
Pro Nazi Germany Norwegian dictator: Vikun
Prison section for condemned people
Boris ; crime novelist behind Messiah franchise
Insensitive, indelicate and impolite
Not hurt or injured

Puzzle 5

Kids’ book series and TV show: the Big Red Dog
Spiky clusters of spear grass
White root vegetables, like carrots
Slim medical light for investigation
Anne Bancroft’s role in The Graduate: Mrs.
Guarding, carrying out security checks on foot
Louis US architect, the father of skyscrapers
US word for part of city where most things happen
Frank’s sleuthing bro in Franklin W Dixon books
Floating mechanism for filling up a water tank
Center City or long range NBA shooter’s location
Cream-colored root vegetable
Taking a nap
Bugle call sounded at the Menin Gate each night
Any player on a football pitch except the goalie
Finished, done
Not fit to be eaten
To burden or make someone feel obligated
True-crime satire Vandal