Group 595

Puzzle 1

Boss, someone with higher status or position
Carpenter’s tool room
Inspiring chats to build confidence
Tennis game played when a set score is 6-6
Renounce the throne
Black and blue, purple, yellow skin discoloration
Chief cities; places of government
Type of transplants to replace diseased blood
Gallic tribe with capital at La Tène, Switzerland
Bye-bye, Miss Pie
There’s no place according to Dorothy
Groups who provide business support to each other
Parasitic beast that lives in the gut of animals
TV skin care personality and her cosmetics brand
Covert missions by a government agency
Dancing under a bar

Puzzle 2

British author of Nothing Like the Sun
Moving the cranium in agreement
Nuée cloud of suffocating gases from a volcano
of Swing, 80s track by Dire Straits
Made a small hole in something
Miss Otis song composed by Cole Porter
John Lord Greystoke, aka Tarzan
Typically pedalled by a rural district nurse
Disappoint, dash someone’s hopes
Pressed rustic meat or fish dishes with aspic top
Female judge in the Book of Judges
Two-wheeled foot-powered vehicle
Cough syrup
Air warfare initiated in July, 1940: Battle of
First female Muslim ruler of India: Razia
Meddles with something

Puzzle 3

Pictorial digital font (it rhymes)
Mill for removing water from low-lying land
Force someone out of their hiding place
Gentle loving touches
Knee-length men’s trousers from the past
Song about an insect in Hans Christian Andersen
Relinquish, give up a title
Describes liberalist politics
African country formerly known as Swaziland
Special, milestone anniversaries
Teller of a Canterbury Tale on the blinded January
Sonic the Hedgehog’s Eggman nemesis, Dr

Puzzle 4

Go pale with fear
Most populous city in India
Happy by Avril Lavigne
I’m in Love With a Film Star, sang the Passions
Popular Mediterranean tree nut
Zigzag ski event
Thoughtless, inconsiderate behavior
Slept noisily
Alexander artist known for his mobiles
Gathers information; anagram of angels
Describes snakes with poisonous teeth
Muhammadu Nigerian president from 2015
Sci-fi hand weapon, like a Star Trek phaser
Sugary, treacly, sweet
Ages in time
Eons, ages
Magna, ancient ruined city of Tripolitania

Puzzle 5

Artificial grass football pitch surface material
Attacking or preying on other animals
New Orleans style of jazz
Staff of an organization
Unpaid work, without a salary
For a greener future, sort out the household
Pilots; duo who had a 2016 hit with Heathens
In The Godfather, he sleeps with the fishes
Underwear brand promoted by Eva Herzigová
Concurrence, accord, consensus
Tending plants outside a home
Staff of a company
Dip or sauce made with mashed avocado
Tricky, complicated
Word used when the real name is forgotten
Greek goddess of childbirth