Group 594

Puzzle 1

Blue Monday band who regenerated from Joy Division
Forecasts, guesses what will happen
Breaking the rules and playing dishonestly
Hidden ground-level cord to make people fall down
Fraction that is top-heavy
Car fixer-upper
Formal male dress expected at Venetian grand balls
Tall glass for cocktails
Klaus German artist created the Revolver cover
Ontarian city, venue of the 1930 Empire Games
TV studio where current affairs prepared

Puzzle 2

Large tapestry needle
Village of the where kids have glowing eyes
Slim; DJ alter-ego of Norman Cook
Plan or specification
Blue of Death (BSOD), a computer malfunction
Hale; Continental Army spy, executed in 1766
A quasi-autonomous non-governmental institution
Jon Cryer Pretty in Pink character
The meaning of the French word chanteuse
Stringed instrument, higher than a viola
Support someone or copy computer files
One who dies for a cause

Puzzle 3

Monthly in and out summary from a bank account
Mikhail Russian writer of A Hero of Our Time
Occupied someone’s attention fully
Significant medical issue
Equine mane used for stuffing upholstery
Dark chocolate disc with white candy sprinkles
Repeating an idea unnecessarily in a phrase
Juan Antonio former president of the IOC
A lens on a camera magnifies distant objects
Official mistress in imperial China

Puzzle 4

Blackout, no electricity
Take out or remove
Lovingly, affectionately, fondly
Call ; marketing term to provoke a response
Country with a Khmer Rouge Communist movement
Fruit in the Belgian beer called Kriek
Sanctifying an object
Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Radon, Xenon
For Ray Bradbury, half the fun of travel
Composer of The Fountains of Rome: Ottorino
Hold back, or tie somebody down
Blind prophet from legend found in The Waste Land
Throwing sloppily
Fluffing up cushions
Military squads

Puzzle 5

Reddened with embarrassment
Scrawny, gaunt, skinny
Metal container once used to throw away refuse
Scrawled letters
Long-running Japanese robot video game franchise
Structure that blocks one’s way to a car park
Speech difficulty with pronouncing s and z
Italian semi-frozen sugar dessert, like sorbet
Michael ; performed famous gravity-defying lean
King’s Cross St. busy London Underground stop
Natalie Merchant’s band had ten thousand
Selling out your country
Contained play area with spades and buckets
Handheld board that painters use to mix paints
Crying at the moon
He who pays the piper calls
Anita Baker’s second album
District overseen by a bishop
I Am We Are, Madonna documentary on Malawi
Largest Canadian city