Group 593

Puzzle 1

Song by The Chainsmokers and Halsey
unctuous; soapy
Mini sheet of frozen water, mostly in polar areas
African scavenging dogs
Cognac is a variety of this
Winnie the Pooh’s donkey friend
Joan voluptuous office manager in Mad Men
You’re ; Carly Simon’s self-obsessed hit
Notice ; time to work before a contract ends
Hammers used by judges and auctioneers
Peer-reviewed medical journal
Sickly, not in good health
Mistakes, social blunders
African scavenging mammals that laugh
Index the one that points at others
First horse to win the Epsom Derby in 1780
Period of ten years
Mood prone to hot angry outbursts

Puzzle 2

Metallica’s Master of
Deal in illicit goods, especially alcohol
Refuses to acknowledge
tower, the navigation bridge on a submarine
shy, fairground throwing game with exotic fruit
West Bank mountain, known as Shechem in the Bible
Rectangular bag for school books
Grandmaster Flash and the Five
Bright red
Scarface’s character in original US film in 1932
Providing domiciles for people

Puzzle 3

Burned to a cinder
Prelude, piece of music that opens a performance
Garry Russian politician, chess world champion
Back off post-Beatles hit for Ringo Starr
Term for those from the Orkney Islands
Preparatory line drawings of the Renaissance
Bottle of gas used to power a barbecue
Walking like a goose
Scavengers of tidal waters and wet soils
sandwich, sponge cake with cream and jam centre

Puzzle 4

Tiny rapid movement
Neil Tennant’s Pet Shop Boys’ partner
French for suburbs or their predecessors
Tapas dish, eggy, floury fried parcels
Enjoyed a sneak, early viewing
Parasite who depends on someone else’s funds
Popular 60s sports car driven by TV’s Emma Peel
About the Way You Look Tonight, hit for Elton
Dirk Gently’s occupation, so said Douglas Adams
Valuable items, e.g. jewels, coins
Cheering, exulting, celebrating

Puzzle 5

Burial sites of those who died in military service
Thwart, obstruct, foil
White, bell-shaped flowers of the early spring
Yorkshire inventor of cats eyes
Inflatable zorb used for walking on pool surfaces
Wildlife park in Tanzania; anagram of green site
Someone never behind the wheel
Slow walking, for pleasure
to the throne, those seeking to usurp a monarch
James Patterson’s former FBI agent character
Regina King movie, If Beale Street
H20 collected from precipitation
Robotic person
Hand-held musical instruments, aka chestnuts