Group 592

Puzzle 1

Making submissive by a kind act
Antiquated term for tavern keeper
Early Blues singer with a Black Bottom
Lo, how a Rose E’er
Gives out, emits
Small, rural houses
Swinging weight that helps a clock tick
Condition of not being able to sleep
Surname of the family that adopts Heathcliff
Cocktail made with Port wine
moment; turning point that changes your life
People under 18
Futuristic water jetpack device powered by a hose

Puzzle 2

Way of thinking, mindset
Competitive TV programs with trivia and prizes
Textual character part that sits below the line
Fragrant wood, and tropical South American plant
Ease the burden, take the pressure off
Sauce for a Steak Oscar
Annoying song/ringtone (Axel F) by an amphibian
Competitive TV programs with panels of celebs
Give someone their job back
Something to aspire to, as a team (2 words)
Names of people invited to a party
Holidays Coca Cola jingle
Shuttlecock sport

Puzzle 3

Having an even, continuous surface
Place where strings attach at the end of a guitar
Extremely silly or ridiculous
Thickset, sturdy
We Stand; sung by Elton John, Sonny & Cher
Discontinued Microsoft app for linking files
Casual word for restaurant
State flower of New Jersey and Wisconsin
Baby angel
Useful gift idea for keeping cards and money safe
Rose German satirical climax of Carnival
Prison keeper
Meat and potato dish from northern England
Mental pressure causing tension
Sam Malone’s Boston baseball team in Cheers

Puzzle 4

Dishes made of clay, glazed and fired
Get something, obtain
beam, female gymnast’s piece of equipment
Colorful firearm with sponge-like bullets
Cacciatore, Kiev, or Vesuvio
London’s wide avenue leading to Buckingham Palace
del Toro, actor won an Oscar for Traffic
1990s TV show about rich kids, Hills 90210
Plastic firearm with sponge-like bullets
Johnny Chuck Berry hit of 1958
Bravest, most intrepid or valiant
-room Ballads, Indian army verses by Kipling
International, charity with barbed candle
John Philip Sousa wrote these
1997 murder victim: Italian fashion designer

Puzzle 5

Is a Muscle, Carly Rae Jepsen song from Kiss
Moliere & Lully collaboration: The Gentilhomme
To tiptoe around on cat’s tootsies
Without seasoning or flavoring; literally naked
Aussie uni named after an early governor of NSW
Convert one language into another
Frecce Italian equivalent of the Red Arrows
Not on a party’s guest list
Male cubs or eagles dressed in uniforms
Without seasoning; literally naked
Cutting in half
Large fancy building where tombs are located
Hotel room or apartment on the top floor
Dog with short white hair and black or brown spots
SNL member and male star of Trainwreck
Validated, verified