Group 591

Puzzle 1

Tig creator and star of One Mississippi
Big finish to a show
Showed or explained something
They are invariably found in the trough
Not genuine, WW2 hostilities without fighting
Angela Merkel’s maiden name
Colorful prize for fiction
Wire traps for capturing wild animals
Exile on Rolling Stones LP with Tumbling Dice
First King of Persia to invade Greece
More extremely overweight than another person
Metallic compound makes paper sensitive to light
Prize for fiction that’s also a fruit
Container with gifts to be beaten with sticks
Equipment with rungs, for reaching high places
To remove the black filament from prawns

Puzzle 2

Cubist painter Pablo
Take apart organic matter in a biology class
Robert Redford’s last day in the CIA
Person who doesn’t believe in god
Comes to take off your head, in Oranges and Lemons
Old in a valuable way
London theatrical venue with famous actor name
London arena, venue of ABBA’s 2014 Live album
London theatre named after a famous actor
pride; embarrassed, with a bruised ego
The course before cheese, or after it in France
Shore, puppet lieutenant in Stingray

Puzzle 3

Giving a sermon
Bringing the game into ; e.g. a football scandal
First Nobel Prize for Literature winner: Sully
US wrestler otherwise known as Terry Bollea
Traitors, turncoats
Strong moral principles
Cosmetician Maksymilian Faktorowicz became this
Sharp red fruit made up of many drupes
Presented an award to
Synonym for wind instruments

Puzzle 4

Rapid downward movement, e.g. jumping from a plane
Showing embarrassment
Quivering like a jelly
Fall down, as with a building
Margulies of Dietland and The Good Wife
American folk singer; on film he was Big Daddy
Talks from the pulpit
River city in Georgia
Throbbing, pulsating, e.g. a headache
English part-song of medieval music

Puzzle 5

peccary; pig-like species found in the Americas
Bedcovers, warm sheets to snuggle under
Body of water between the UK and Scandinavia
Creme Spanish custard, hard caramel topping
Often and regular
Inhabitants, residents of a city or country
Game of penalties, tasks performed for losing
Mesozoic time period; dinosaur adventure parks
Sticks used by someone on the icy slopes
Symbols used to represent numbers
William London mayor of the Peasants’ Revolt
Adjectives before the nursery-rhyme Duke of York
Sealed the deal, settled a contract
Fantasy book series by Ursula K Le Guin