Group 590

Puzzle 1

Appliance on wheels for grilling food outdoors
One less than twenty
Touring performance
Giving way under pressure
High degree of happiness or joy, leaves you heady
Cutting tools for trimming hair
Diarist who had an affair with Henry Miller
Inoculations, protective injections
Eye of the Tiger band

Puzzle 2

Site of a well-preserved section of the Great Wall
Blu sang Breathe with Sean Paul
To lose vitality or become neglected
Occupying the throne
Listeners or spectators at a performance
To His Coy Metaphysical poet Marvell’s verse
Emotional outcry or instability
Dark, reddish-brown wood
Hand-painted hair-dyeing method
Barbara the femme fatale in Double Indemnity
Proxima ; star closest to the sun
1920s term for excellent, used by Bertie Wooster
Wobbly, unable to balance, likely to fall over
boots, footwear worn by Messi, Ronaldo, Pele
Bread cubes in soup
Sam; cartoon cowboy enemy of Bugs Bunny

Puzzle 3

Foolish, unworldly person, oft preceded by country
Synthetic drugs that act in the body like opiates
Cut tiny pieces off
Raw fish marinated in lime or lemon juice
Silvery-white brittle metal with symbol Bi
Castle On ; Ed Sheeran hit song from 2017
People who carry out magic
Ross Poldark’s wife, Carne
Describes a bathroom attached to a bedroom
What cockerels are heard doing in the mornings
Compared something to something else
Hats that tie under the chin
Your ; form of address for a senior royal
on the Roof with Tevye and Yentle
Frozen flakes rolled into the shape of a person
French city; kids’ song Sur le Pont d’
Caine, Alfie and Zulu actor

Puzzle 4

Dry martini with two cocktail onions
Alfonso directed Roma
Lyle country singer/actor wed Julia Roberts
Multiple units of current equal to 10 amperes
Vale, Suffolk-Essex place painted by Constable
From where a pastor delivers sermons
Broadens, opens up
Home for birds in a zoo
Singers Martie, Emily, and Natalie: the Dixie
Extradite, export, banish
Hippo from the movie Madagascar
Blumenthal, chef famous for snail porridge

Puzzle 5

Relation associated with Marlon Brando
diving reflex, response of babies in water
Banker, investor
Sint ; Dutch Caribbean island known as Statia
Baird; Scottish inventor of television
Parable of the or one missing flock member
Carnevale di a Lenten Carnivale in Tuscany
Fry; prison reformer once on £5 notes
George Harrison’s No 1 hit about wife Pattie
German rock band named for a type of arachnid
Brings into balance; makes laws to control
Playground game of snogging and running away
Incapable, feeble, weak
Synchronizes, brings into balance
Trick performers
Uncontrollable impulse to consume e.g. alcohol
Seals and sea lions
Hand-painted pottery from Staffordshire