Group 589

Puzzle 1

Arranging financial cover for a vehicle or home
Sugary, chewy oat bar
Unused, in immaculate condition
Strikes Again, The Smiths’ song of 1986
Fast runner
ball; swinging demolition tool
Not secured with a key
Capable of injecting toxins with a bite or sting
The of the Sierra Madre, Bogart-Houston film
Decorative object, figurine, knick-knack
Without added sodium chloride; e.g. butter
Scottish style of Skibo Castle and Balmoral
Done by hand
Stephen composer of music for Follies
Stretchy, tight lower-limb covering for dancers

Puzzle 2

Add your name alongside another’s on paperwork
fin; triangular fin on a shark’s back
Month when the Warsaw Uprising was initiated
Small cylinder wound with thread in sewing
Silent-movie star, Keaton
Snake-haired woman who’d turn you to stone
Money paid back due to a flaw
Involuntary contraction of the diaphragm
Storm in a ; a fuss over nothing
Money paid back due to a cancellation
Composer inspiring the song Rock Me Amadeus
Find a different way of phrasing something
Susannah wrote the memoir Girl, Interrupted
Pituitary, adrenal and thyroid are examples
Pinocchio’s cricket friend
Little Thin, he put Pussy in the well
Making cakes
Most recently purchased
Small vessel used to drink herbaceous liquids

Puzzle 3

Acre Wood, place frequented by Winnie-the-Pooh
Married man
Coarse unrefined sugar from cane or dates
Laurel used in cooking
From coffin polisher to James Bond actor: Sean
Flat, hot plate for cooking
Pieces of paper on which secret votes are written
Self- ; motivated, ambitious, with initiative
Tommy look out the window
US city with the oldest still standing mosque
Bring the Noise metal band; infectious disease
Torn, shredded
Reuse materials rather than throw them away
Clear, protective finish
Silence on the radio
Aleksandra Quebec tennis player, rank 21, 2009
The one responsible for a misdeed
Monied, not poor
Rufus Wacky Races lumberjack driver
Explanations for actions
Small primates, usually with long tails
Theme song from Disney movie Frozen

Puzzle 4

Male (unmarried) paramour
Safe to sail on the ocean in
Spectators, observers, witnesses
Female teacher or educator in Victorian novels
Ginger, English singer/songwriter Shape of You
Device for keeping grass in a short and tidy state
First Australian city to host the Olympics
Uncomfortably, with embarrassment
Female dancer in pointe shoes
To make four times as many
Theater or auditorium
Cinematographic film upon which animations made
Percy Bysshe Shelley 1810 Gothic horror novel
Medical term for difficulty in swallowing
Derogatory term for an easily offended Millennial

Puzzle 5

Electronic device to make music louder at concert
The place over the rainbow
Irish stage actress, was Petunia Dursley on film
Big Apple resident
Words, designs or monograms carved into metal
Out of bounds; not up for discussion
Mammal from the Americas, with protective shell
Carving words into metal
Timer for sports races
Singling out, earmarking
In a wholesome way
System of weights for measuring precious metals