Group 588

Puzzle 1

A device that can throw objects at a high speed
Organized effort to win an election
What guests do when they leave a hotel
A situation in which areas are covered with water
Political race to win an election
Front teeth of mammals
Olympic sport of running over lightweight barriers
Establishments that sell breads, cookies, cakes
Southern African desert
Woodcarver who makes Pinocchio
Dancing slowly to three beats
The sound of giggling
Trancelike state induced by suggestion
One beat of a word
Add comments to a text
Learners at a university, college or school
Mishap or wreck
They hoard goods in anticipation of an apocalypse

Puzzle 2

Hurts like nettles
Granted university student short-term absence
Libyan port, site of WWII siege
categories, fighting divisions in martial arts
Red Hot Chili Peppers sing about Scar
Nova one of three Maritime Canadian provinces
Flow of water
Ancient Greek and Roman cloak-like garment
Tina US singer of Bond title song GoldenEye
Soft, round hats, associated with French artists
A body’s relative mass; heaviness
Small branches of herbs
Crossing or amalgamation, such as in modern cars
Cut or mute any inappropriate content
Ceremony, formality, rite
Improve or better an institution or system
Size increase, spurt

Puzzle 3

Dullness, lack of variation
Gravy or coffee particles
Wondrous, beautiful, incredible
Michael ; well-known TV stand-up comedian
Glass tank for fish
Royal barge used at the Queen’s jubilee
Casting off dry skin or hair
Makes a mark or stamp on a page
Makes faultless
Mercy, tolerance, clemency
Lead singer with backing band the Heartbreakers
Rita sang the theme song All Time High
Willing to comply with orders or rules
Raised higher
Doing well, making great progress
When a group of arbiters cannot agree on a verdict
promises; vows that are easily broken
Adventure park full of bright building blocks
Andrea Renaissance painter of religious works
Slapping with an open hand
Jaw- means something is flabbergasting
Finish; come to an end

Puzzle 4

Unobtanium is mined on this moon, home to Na’vi
Sports trainers
Wicker containers with handles that hold gifts
Resort region, especially golfing, of S Portugal
case, diplomatic bag perhaps?
They are used to steer ships
Weigh the pros and cons of two or more products
Put the oven on in advance
Pacified with medication
From a very very long time ago
Dreamlike; Salvador Dali’s artworks are this
Descends a building by rope
Country of the rock band called the Crocodiles
Private papal chapel with Michelangelo ceiling
Frilled or gathered edging to a garment
How they say 18 in France
Japanese monkey
Faint twinkle
Altercation; difference of opinion
Wooden xylophone

Puzzle 5

Traditional holiday for Dundee Cake
Post-wedding trip
English composer famous for James Bond film scores
Limestone karst plateau in central Ireland
Supporter of own country, a flag waver
Behind-the-scenes worker in a play
The body’s process of absorbing and using food
Children’s game with a stone and chalked squares
10, 9, 8, 7, 6… final moments of a rocket launch
Fearless daredevil
Mock human upon which dresses are fitted
Taciturn, uncommunicative
Opponent in martial arts, fighter, competitor
All- ; hotel board basis with all food and drinks
Increase in prices and fall in monetary value
Signature music to a television show
Cordless, e.g. a phone
Trump-owned Scottish golf course
The cartoon character who is American Dad
Fortified safety shelter within a private home
English poet of Story of Rimini
The world; economically advanced countries
Lancashire town with statue of comedian Eric
Respond with exaggerated emotions
Supermodel creator of America’s Next Top Model