Group 587

Puzzle 1

Substance that can reverse a snake bite’s effects
Receptacle for storing things
Acid indigestion
Law that protects creative work
Group of people who travel with a celebrity
Legal branch that deals with domestic relations
Popular thin-sliced meaty pizza topping
White or translucent ceramicware or china
Greek goddess of love and beauty
Paper headgear worn during celebrations
Book producer
UK lawn tennis venue
Short-lived, fleeting
Buoyancy aid, flotation device
Don’t talk about this 1999 Brad Pitt film

Puzzle 2

Main artery supplying the leg and thigh
Bargain ; people on the lookout for good deals
Someone who helps groups work well with each other
Machine that plays music when a coin is put in it
Imprisoning, locking away
Surgeon’s bladed instrument
Receptacle for powdery residue of cigarettes
Tomb built for a pharaoh
Personally taught or educated
Is this the real life? Is this just ?
Creepers; supernatural horror film series
Traditional stone for an engagement ring
Making hollows in metal with a hammer
Made a hard copy on paper
Recover items from a shipwreck
To go into a situation where you’re not wanted

Puzzle 3

Positive, cheerful, with a quick tempo
Hot flushes experienced during illness
Give someone a task, allocate
Laurel & Hardy felt hat or skilled tenpins player
Small flying crafts used in aerial photography
Reward given for capturing a fugitive
Large wasplike insect with painful venomous sting
Able to be eaten
Eighth month of the year
To give or designate a task to someone
Shop selling designer goods at discounted prices
Millie Bobbie Brown’s Stranger Things character

Puzzle 4

Puccini opera; beautiful winged insect
Shown in a gallery
Someone or something beyond help
Mantel socks hung for Christmas
Economic good or service that can be sold
Physically fused together
Symbolic moment or time reached in life
Stubborn, headstrong
Ticket-selling kiosk for movies or plays
Rental home, one of many inside a larger building
Lotion with SPF to protect skin, prevent burning
People who live on land surrounded by the sea
Military unit assigned to a particular mission
Invade someone’s selfie
Greek playwright who authored Oedipus Rex
Study of celestial objects & their influence on us
Worn by a canine around the neck

Puzzle 5

The scientific classification of organisms
bands, musicians playing and parading
Ancient Egyptian monarchs
Extra money repaid on top of original loan amount
Brief, momentary
Side views of people’s faces or short biographies
Breathing orifice for whales
Comedic imitations
Poisonous alkaloid found in tobacco
Boasting, gloating
Citizenship document for international travel
Someone’s job, especially a calling or commitment
Natural feature on the Earth’s surface