Group 586

Puzzle 1

Models or dolls operated by ventriloquists
Becoming weak due to lack of water or food
Teaser of a movie shown before the main event
Area between elbow and wrist
Locating something
A comparison of different ideas
Packing food in tin containers
Decisions and planning of forces in battle
Digital audio file made available to download
Short description of a person or company
Feline stretch posture in yoga
February 29, an event happens every four years

Puzzle 2

Mental faculty or ability to gain knowledge
Incredibly funny
Raiding, pillaging, prowling, plundering
Connect or link concepts with each other
Crude and elementary
Pink Floyd claims it’s not needed
Unruly youngster
Business operated under a branded chain unit
Business operated under a branded license
An animal that eats only plants
Athens landmark that includes the Parthenon

Puzzle 3

Ticking Circadian rhythm
Animal that feeds on a carcass
Good religious parable about lending a hand
Preliminary elections to select final candidates
3D model, often made from plaster or metal
Person who exercises canines for their owners
The science of the causes and effects of disease
Pursuing, going after a goal
A less challenging workout option
Detailed schedule for travel
Emily Bronte’s only published novel: Heights
Clothing for the seaside
Puzzle or enigma
Juvenile, kid, adolescent

Puzzle 4

Safe from hackers
Type of bed sheets that are hard to fold
Part of the nose on which glasses are placed
The Simpsons’ groundskeeper
Back and forth jagged pattern
Person who shoots arrows
Thin passage of water connecting seas
Tropical plant with hollow stems; it’s renewable
Opposite action of fast forward in video playback
Ticketed draw for a prize
Groups of singers
Wonderful, excellent, brilliant

Puzzle 5

Camera attachment that moves far objects closer
Singer, someone using their voice
Notorious island prison in San Francisco harbor
Piece of paper money
Person who expects the best outcome
Cartoon turtle created by Paulette Bourgeois
Sauce traditionally served with a gyro
Hanging transport for mountains
Wary, watchful
Selecting, deciding which option to pick
The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Wide-brimmed Mexican hat