Group 585

Puzzle 1

Hansel’s sister
Tender of a furnace on a train or ship
Deep sadness
offender; one who commits the same crime again
Thick paper container for liquids
Cutting food into small cubes
People over 18
A way to bathe while standing
Passageway dug into the ground by a mole
A short advertising promo or type of sports bet
Complete, whole, total
Personal necklace for precious photos
Being funny

Puzzle 2

Pupils who live in school during term time
Natasha Bedingfield song: Pocket Full of
Paul Thomas director of There Will Be Blood
Three-sided metal percussion instrument
Raised to a higher status or position at work
The base on which a statue is mounted on
Drugs taken to treat a disease or condition
With an air of calm
Light brown cane sugar from Guyana
Early evening, dusk
Leif Norse explorer, set foot on North America
Princess Eugenie’s older sister
Asian furry mammal with similar name to giant bear
University in New York; capital of South Carolina
What the media provides about news items
Advice to help someone resolve a problem
TV show where actors have lines to learn

Puzzle 3

A suddenly popular unit of language
Becoming less dense, diminishing
Peer ; influence from fellow classmates
Officials on the sidelines of a sports game
Soften and soak, like fruit in alcohol
South American country whose capital is Asuncion
Feeling no fear
Middle name of Archie, Harry and Meghan’s son
Networking website for job seekers
Person who brings illicit goods into a country
The day after today
The part of your face above your eyebrows
Female offspring
Makes a pencil pointier

Puzzle 4

Powerful central computer
Country where the island of Bali is located
Mental acuity
Build-up of chalky calcium carbonate
Network that links organisms to predators
Shed table for DIYers
To obtain contract work from a foreign company
Committed; devoted
Tennis playing surface that is not grass or clay
Small whirlwind over land
Area of medicine dealing with hearing
Ancient peoples who used hieroglyphics
Someone employed in disaster relief, say
Personal effects that have financial value

Puzzle 5

Places where people go to worship
Black Sabbath song; Tony Stark creation
Insistent; refusing to change one’s mind
Legal orders to be indoors at a specific time
Frozen masses in the oceans, smaller than sheets
Metal pieces that attract other metals
Event causing great suffering and distress
Frozen masses covering the tops of highland areas
Literary genre that does not have a factual basis
Section of soldiers
Stays in the air, like a bad smell
Instance of being treated unfairly
A word formed as an abbreviation, like NATO
Pouring outside