Group 584

Puzzle 1

Abdominal exercises
Exchanging for something different
Diplomatic ; legal safe passage for diplomats
Japanese packed lunch
Voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story films
When everyone pulls together to complete a project
Quick photo or a moment frozen in time
Converse iconic footwear brand
Moving; reapportioning blame
Once in a , a rare occurrence
Raw, unprepared food
Made as good as new again

Puzzle 2

Make an argument complex and difficult to follow
Baby bird, fish or reptile just out of the egg
Johannesburg stadium, held the ’95 rugby world cup
Occupation of Michael Brady on The Brady Bunch
Imparting knowledge
Schedule of train departures and destinations
Used by skydivers for safe landings
A getaway trip for a newly married couple

Puzzle 3

Thrashing around, waving arms around
Doesn’t need an envelope to be mailed
Angrily reprimanding
A round metal container for food storage
Extending loan period of library books
Bacterium that causes food poisoning
Place to live, an abode
Leaping on prey, like a cat
Winner of a gold, silver or bronze award
YouTube phenomenon of opening packages

Puzzle 4

Relating to the sea
Group of predatory fish including lemon and tiger
Band of brothers with hit song MMMBop
An ideal existence, dreamy paradise
First name of genius scientist Einstein
Robbery committed at sea
Flat bottles used to carry alcohol in a pocket
Author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s
FC Barcelona mega star Messi’s first name
Fast water vehicle for two
A piece of information written on paper
Cuts to the skin

Puzzle 5

Cavern created by coastal erosion
A snake
The biggest prize
Towering structure on a church roof
Broken, flawed
Lead singer of Aphrodite’s Child, Demis
Stones song, Gimme
Sounding alike poetically
Indiana Jones and the Last Indy’s third outing
One of these is worth a thousand words
Condition of red skin due to exposure to UV light
Makes less hard, makes tender
West African country home to jollof rice and Abuja
Makes less hard, tenderizes