Group 583

Puzzle 1

Back-up plan against potential hardship
Skin injury and numbness caused by extreme cold
Animal with a solely plant-based diet
Strip of land that is mostly surrounded by water
Former frontman of the Smiths
Add decoration using thread
With ill intent, deliberately unkind
Past created for a fictional character
Container for growing plants on ledges
Ties for keeping footwear on
Drinking vessel seen by Game of Thrones fans on TV
Revealed; removed the lid
Month with zodiac signs Virgo and Libra
City, palace of emperors in central Beijing

Puzzle 2

Nickname for New York City
Yelling, hollering
Tight corkscrew curls
Gushing from a pipe
Events when the moon blocks the sun, or vice versa
Catching, ensnaring, confining
Surname of Romeo
Keep an egg warm before it hatches
Stealing, purloining
John Williams composed The March for Star Wars
Perplexing or confusing
Fake pills

Puzzle 3

A shrug, a nod, a wave
Wealthy businessperson
To share a secret with someone you trust
Incinerator, industrial heater
Millionaire, Danny Boyle film with Oscar appeal
Ancient heavy ship
Country bordering Luxembourg to the west and north
Breathing with short, quick breaths, like a dog
Solution of vanilla used in cookery
Instrumentalist of large stringed instrument

Puzzle 4

Housework; always better when done by someone else
Proprietors, possessors, holders
Venomous snakes with long, hinged fangs
Ellen plays Meredith Grey
Portion of food during difficult times
Oddball, idiosyncratic, eccentric
Above and ; exceeding expectations
Address stickers for returning unwanted products
Support for a broken leg
Large hole from excavating stone or slate

Puzzle 5

Stocks or caches of resources
Computer turn off mode
Alphabetically last ocean bordering Australia
Bags that are held in the hand, not having a strap
A bird’s eye view
Saying hi to someone
The larger country between Guatemala & Nicaragua
So-so, average, acceptable (just)
Diana Ross-led trio
Unexpected event, with no advance warning