Group 582

Puzzle 1

Not needed or desired
Leaves, trees, foliage
In medicine, a treatment pad, often medicated
Tidbits of interesting information
Wound around, twisted together
Prowler, trespasser
Dark brown spice common in pastries
High seat used when ordering a drink
Chemical that causes itching
Jennifer Lawrence X-Men role
Journey over water in a ferry

Puzzle 2

Lakeside chalets, often made from logs
Dating app where you swipe right or left
Made a goal
Not spoken
A husband or a wife
Mouse-like, burrowing rodent, kept as a pet
Power supply, such as electricity, gas or nuclear
Tubes inserted to keep blood vessels open
Money-off voucher
Hollandaise and bechamel are these
Rainforest touching Peru and four other countries

Puzzle 3

Girl With a Pearl iconic painting by Vermeer
Swiss tennis player who has won 20 Grand Slams
Pressing creases out of clothes
Vast Russian territory; location of Lake Baikal
Live in; occupy
Accumulation, growth
Disney film with the song A Whole New World
From another country
Station for military planes and personnel
Solitary people who like to live away from others
Endangered ; animals at risk of extinction
Pointed, oval nuts used in marzipan
Shape-defining undergarments
Pampering treatments on the visage

Puzzle 4

Bound graphic superhero art that tells a story
This Bond film is Ojo de Oro in Spanish
Small, round, orange fruit native to Japan
True, real, genuine
Promote or market a product
Paper used for publishing daily papers
Opening a parachute, using it
Long camera lens type used for capturing wildlife
Agreement on buying and selling between nations

Puzzle 5

Length of time that something lasts
The Pirates of comic opera of 1880
Particular annoyance; top grievance
To put down, to disparage or demean
Powered flying balloons, also called blimps
Bruised ocular area
Closing forcefully, like a book or a desk
Springfield-dwelling yellow cartoon family
Combining together, e.g. two liquids
Someone campaigning for change
Describes a sophisticated or elegant man
The capital of Jamaica
Form of gymnastics that uses ribbons, balls
Spinal block injection during childbirth
Contained inside an envelope