Group 581

Puzzle 1

Strongrooms where valuables are kept
Brie and camembert are types of this food
Hip and glittery dance venues of the 1970s
Disturbed sleep pattern after a long flight
Country that celebrates Dia de los Muertos
Risk, danger
The Magic Flute composer
Island on which Tokyo is situated
Muslim house of prayer
Overhaul, give something a makeover
Calendar; dating system invented by Caesar
Tile-matching puzzle game, launched in 1984
Craft that’s like a motorcycle on water

Puzzle 2

position, essential learning for first aiders
Places where stone is mined
Sweet ; whispered loving words
To make someone feel unimportant
Not curved
Entering a plane ahead of a flight
Long music piece for a solo instrument & orchestra
Animal with a natural instinct to hunt and kill
Evaluation or review of an artistic work
Cooking food over open flames
Force of two surfaces rubbing together

Puzzle 3

Surgeon’s cut
Severe food poisoning due to poorly preserved food
Small ceramic dishes for soufflés and pâtés
People who look after a cruise ship’s passengers
Long cylinders of processed meat
First astrological air sign in the calendar year
Just keep ; wise advice from Finding Nemo
Ancient Indian language, used in yoga

Puzzle 4

Rock band who released Creep and The Bends
Improvised defensive wall to block a roadway
strip; panel on the reverse of a credit card
Edible tree fruits, can be roasted on an open fire
State of being unknown or hidden
What’s black and white and read all over?
Trackside waiting areas for train passengers
Large in amount
Involved in an illegal act

Puzzle 5

Morsels and meals given to cats and dogs
Task ; panel that shows all open PC applications
Fabricate or fake for immoral gains
Involuntary actions which are often blessed
Bony frame within the chest
Pipe fixer; bathroom repairer
The shy one among Snow White’s dwarves
The ancient capital of Assyria
Grieved a loss
Small cushion with loose contents thrown in games
Make something last longer
Part of speech represented by mine, yours, or ours
Delivery driver, sometimes on a motorcycle
Big cat with spots or rosettes and short legs
Rabat is the capital of this country
Mr ; describes a pleasant, selfless person