Group 81

Puzzle 1

Mixture of grains, nuts and fruits

Having put fears, suspicions, anger to rest, calmed

Microstate in Europe between Spain and France

Larry the __ is the beach king on SpongeBob

Anoxia is the __ of oxygen in the body

Aerial circus apparatus

CCR’s Fogerty was not the son of this politician

Ingrid __, actress of Casablanca

Hang __, human kite flying

Puzzle 2

US version of this holed cheese is called Swiss

Unexpected phonecall or visit by a salesman

Publication with photos and stories

Countdown device related to boiling and cooking

Conical headgear worn at birthday celebrations

Building in a funfair made to startle or amuse

A water chute ride at an amusement park

Right to choose a candidate in politics

Icon used as a facial expression

Something that establishes or serves as a pattern

A conclusive argument

Surgical removal of body tissue

Puzzle 3

Han Solo is frozen in __ in Star Wars

She takes you to your seat in the theater

A quarter

Caracas is the capital of __

Desires are __ by delays

Price paid to get into a circus, fair

Tissue or organ transplant, medical term

Book that Hitler penned while in prison

German noun for intense wistful longing

Dark azure edible fruit

Loose one-piece work garment to go over clothes

Veteran interviewer that had a longtime CNN show

Puzzle 4

What you hit when you want to sleep longer

David __, magician and endurance artist

Outline, plan for a meeting, to be voted on

Happening in a quick manner, well-timed

To allocate tasks, lessons, homework

__ and Ladders, aka Snakes and Ladders

Cartoon centered around the last of the airbenders

Australian __ dogs were bred for herding cows

Dutch port and colony in Brazil

Sabre-toothed tiger from the plains of Africa

Language of particular profession or group

Puzzle 5

High-end cuisine

Containing two or more metals, past tense

Popular cat breed from Thailand

Clothing, garments, attire, outerwear

To leave, desert, forsake, give up

Someone who has lost a limb to amputation

A green wicked witch in an acclaimed musical

Chris Evans, Captain __ actor

Country in Persian Gulf, capital is Manama

Ruby __, song recorded by The Rolling Stones

Fred __, dancing partner of Ginger Rogers

Group 82

Puzzle 1

The Loch Ness monster lives in a __ Lake

Easily deceived

2015 Ryan Reynolds Sci-fi movie

Inherited disorder resulting in lack of melanin

Large pot for making stew over open fires

__ nose, also called a Roman nose

Battle won by Alexander the Great in the Punjab

Most __ contains fish scales

Othello’s motive for killing his love

Kind hearts are more than __

Andy Samberg stars in __ Nine-Nine

__ Man, white, puffy spokesman for a tire brand

Laboratories also do this besides testing

Act of tossing objects in a synchronized manner

Puzzle 2

Boy who refuses to grow created by J.M. Barrie

English king dubbed Lionheart

Cobra is a common name for __ snakes with hoods

A Summer Olympic sport

Canola oil comes from this plant

Joe __, guitar player, teacher of the stars

Agreement between two parties

Fiber crop that is extremely healthy

Outdoor slipper made of soft leather

Bangkok is the capital of __

Period of grief following loss of loved one

Transfer something to your computer

Somebody who is wildly irresponsible

Puzzle 3

Michael __, actor, married Catherine Zeta-Jones

Plane returning to the ground

Role of a naive young woman

To go somewhere without worrying about the risks

__ Bank, in the US the Federal Reserve

Said to be the stepping-stone to success

Carnivores are __ that eat only meat

__ up, don’t take things so seriously

Part of the body between chest and pelvis

Struck idiophone operated by a keyboard

Ozzie and __, post WWII sitcom started on radio

Suitcases and bags you check in at the airport

Puzzle 4

__ Mara, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actress

Latin term for festival or celebration

Synonym of severe

Capital of Greece

Painting on wet plaster

Chest pain, like pressure or squeezing

Opposite of days

__ Combined, includes ski jumping, cross country

Ceremonial blade used in Wicca religion

Pitch interval, there are eight of them

Candy made by caramelizing sugar or molasses

Things that have value to an owner

The __ triggerfish is also known as Picasso

Puzzle 5

Part of stage towards the audience

Movie with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren

Shape with 4 right angles, but not 4 equal sides

Someone in charge of the well being of others

A kind of nut that combines with chocolate

Fish with long, needle teeth, huge fish

The secret WWII German codes were broken there

Defined by a concern with beauty or good taste

Someone who attends a lot of social events

Alvin and the __

Group 83

Puzzle 1

Starvation disorder caused by body image issues

Reduction on a price

__ oblige

Book __, someone hostile to books, learning

The __, reality show of true love and roses

A woman’s tight undergarment

This laughing candy will satisfy your hunger

To make more attractive by adding extra items

Skeet __ is the act of firing shells at discs

Widespread loss of electricity in urban area

John Robinson means to __ a circus performance

King of serpents, causes death with a single look

Paul __, Big Fat Liar actor

Mudbugs, or __, are freshwater lobsters

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of

Puzzle 2

Outdoor grills filled with charcoal

Direction in which you turn a screw to tighten

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and __

Type of story read to young children at bedtime

Art of carving something into surfaces

Juandissimo __ is a fairy on Fairly Odd Parents

Cambodian temple complex built to Hindu god Vishnu

Au __, fancier way to say on the contrary

Can’t move around the house due to illness, age

Allows soldiers to drop into war zones

The __ Before Christmas was released in 1993

Inflammation of artery walls

Used to serve food and display or store dishes

Puzzle 3

Metal utensil usually used to shred cheese

Loss of muscle coordination, usually in arms, legs

Temporary worker looking for experience

To win in a battle, complete __ of the enemy

__ Brown, was publicly criticized by Dan Quayle

In Codenames, you try to find secret __ names

Sport played by Roger Federer

Italian word for ice cream

Surrounds human nipples

Portable personal computer aka notebook

Man who herds cattle, lives on a ranch

Otters, playful mammals with __ feet

REIT, Real __ Investment Trust, mutual fund type

Capital of Poland

Light coat worn on upper body when it’s cool

Assyrian goddess of love and fertility

Puzzle 4

Large wall that separates compartments in a ship

Often removed along with tonsils

Agricultural soils studied in this field

British model once involved in a drug scandal

House of__, an influential royal house in Europe

This Irish beer gave name to a record book

Held to the bottom of the sea

__!, film based on a musical named after a state

Individual bobsled event with small sled

Someone who works promoting a product

This 1st element has no odor, color or taste

Puzzle 5

Moe’s hairstyle, round shaped

Large worn rock, detached from the Earth

Hot, dry Calgary wind

Morgan __, financial company

Not in favor

This fish is used to make imitation crab meat

Molded Italian ice cream with layers

World’s busiest airport in passenger traffic

An apparatus in which nuclear fission is made

Became notorious for “breaking up a band”

Dental __, liquid metal filling for cavities

__ and Isolde, a Wagner opera

Homer __ loves donuts and beer

Person in charge of a department

Anagram of teacher

Group 84

Puzzle 1

Plant from sunflower family, used as a herb

American __, friends enjoy one last night

Twelve o’clock

A bed bug is a __ that feeds on blood

The ones who flip and fly in the air for show

Maradona and __, Argentine soccer duo

Bounty hunter that caught Han Solo in Star Wars

A person who looks after livestock

To look at or think with smug or malicious intent

The capital of United Arab Emirates

Canon law written in the medieval ages

Act of occupying another place, country, etc

Puzzle 2

Swedish candy stick named after lively dance

The U in USB

Famed as the rock and roll capital of the world

Thunder and __

Unorthodox way of spreading news

In art, an object associated with a saint or god

Theater lighting, center of attention

The __, TV show following two KGB agents

Puzzle 3

Giant ice planet in our Solar System

It begins at home

Samuel __, wealthiest pirate in recorded History

Orange-yellow colored fruit, like a peach

Gears of War is a science __ video game

Don’t Pull __, don’t hold back

Opprobrious, contumelious, invective

One of the stories of A Thousand And One Nights

To suffer serious mental pain, anguish, torture

Ornamental shoulder piece on military uniforms

Kid between ages 10 and 13

He typically rules over more than one nation

Renowned Russian ballet company

Proudest of birds

Puzzle 4

Ear __ is done so jewelry is wearable

Unpaid, voluntary

Hollywood film director with Italian ascendance

Angular elevation of an object above the horizon

Home grounds for Russian national team

Two books of Corinthians are Paul’s __

SEAT car model named after a palace in Granada

These cells deliver oxygen to the body

Chart with the days, weeks, and months of a year

__ Island, salad dressing; Big Mac sauce

Children watch these

Tight-fisted, greedy

Don’t Wake Daddy, game about __ to the kitchen

Puzzle 5

Comedy about a singer who pretends to be a nun

Lots of houses have this to keep warm during winter

Chimpanzees are humans’ closest __

Small vehicle with large tires for driving on sand

A type of ballroom dance with upbeat melodies

Worn under clothing to hide valuables in circus

__, Blizzard’s first multiplayer FPS game

Electrolysis is __ hair and root removal

Group 85

Puzzle 1

Event that cannot be explained by scientific laws

__ keepers, losers weepers

Bare __, gloveless boxing, will leave scars

To struggle in opposition of something, someone

Type of zoo designed for young children

The __, most nominated film of 77th Academy Awards

Islands in Caribbean, capital is Nassau

Hollywood __, Disney’s movie theme park

Practice adopted by Europeans in their colonies

Puzzle 2

Famous tile word game

Type of ancient weapon, shoots bolts or quarrels

Amanda __, actress in Mamma Mia!

Popular amusement park chain with banners

Altitude __ is caused from high altitudes

__ & Tiaras, reality show about kids beauty pageant

More cases of a disease than expected

Large rock that orbits the sun, __ belt

__ fan is a cone shaped sediment deposit

Very thin layer of tissue covering a surface

A plant louse

A superordinate word

Small cloth worn around the neck or head

Cassatt painted Under the Horse __ Tree

Puzzle 3

A paper size

__ Higgenbottom is the Mighty B

A professional clown, joker, in medieval courts

Kitchen scissors typically used on poultry

__ horns have a long coiled tube and big bell

Hair style with “party in the back”

__ arrangements is art with flowers

Country colonized by the Portuguese in S. America

All __ Day, post-Halloween holiday aka All Hallows

Stereotype, overused phrase, expression

A __ machine binds fabrics together

Condition of someone’s body or mind

Food can only be tasted with this

Mexican beer often spiked with a lime wedge

__ Plow, implement with large hooks, deep tillage

Name for a ghost in Scottish

__ games are on demand games

Unidentified __ Object, aka UFO

__ Scissorhands starred Johnny Depp

Metal element used in rechargeable batteries

Wretchedness of condition or circumstances

Puzzle 4

To become something or someone else

Being the same as something else

South German car-making city on the River Neckar

Connected to another by blood or marriage

Game in which participants shoot capsules of paint

__ Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder

One who delivers items or goes on an errand

Bartender, Sam Malone, Dr. John Becker actor

Communal dwelling of North American Indians

Puzzle 5

One half of SS Minnow crew

Baby duck

Advocate of a strict moral code

Anyone can do without them

One who fights for and promotes engaged citizenry

A broad-brimmed felt hat, typically worn in Mexico

An art piece done with pigments and colors

__ Evil, PlayStation’s survival horror videogame

Fire __, circus staple spits flames for show

Hattie __, 1st African-American to win an Oscar

Activated __ is used to absorb swallowed poison

Group 86

Puzzle 1

Slang for crazy, mad, insane

Southernmost city in the world in Argentina

Digital __, photographic revolution, no film needed

Chemical element with symbol U, atomic number 92

Cigar flat at both ends

Classic kids’ game involving small glass balls

__ and Sullivan, opera composers

Pufferfish __ into balloons when threatened

When one thing partially covers another

Performer, walks on wires, swings above crowd

Muscular organ that is part of the urinary system

Group of people with a common interest

__ Under, HBO series about a morgue and family

One of the planets of the Solar System

Distress with bodily or mental pain

Puzzle 2

One story cottage, gabled roof

Novak __, Serbian tennis player

Blue Moon of __, recorded by Elvis Presley

Light azure hue associated with newborns

Converts direct current into alternating currents

Tags your reading place, saves sites on browsers

Board game for two players each with 12 pieces

Table corals are a type of reef corals

Diego Rivera’s famous painting, __ Leader Zapata

Puzzle 3

Greyhounds are mainly known for __ at dog tracks

Tissue that is used to make your body move

__ Toast, breakfast dish, bread coated with eggs

Virus protection software once owned by Intel

Quantity of an item, usually large

Unwavering poise, assurance, position

Misery and American __ Story actress, Kathy Bates

__ Dent, from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

__ seizure means losing strength, drop seizure

A beautiful fragrant bloom from a plant or tree

The act of moving through the air above the ground

Raingear inspired by Peruvian clothing

Funnel-shaped item for storing grain or coal

Sean Mc__, actor, director, producer

When you’re in a foreign country you’re said to be

The capital of Kuwait, __ City

Distress caused by loss, heartache, misery

Claustrophobia is a fear of __ spaces

You can find these in catacombs

Puzzle 4

An Irish __ is a dog breed with a dark red coat

Small land surrounded by water

A tumor that is not spreading or cancerous

Purple dinosaur with catchy tune

Building doll__ is a time consuming hobby

Temporary storage for holding data until ready

Something that can be eaten, food

Snowman with corncob pipe and button nose

The head of a convent of nuns

In actuality, genuinely, truly

Puzzle 5

Alcohol __, much more serious than being drunk

Circus march tunes played really loudly

Easy-to-make rice brand

Contesting, challenging

Highest mountain of the Pyrenees

Not natural or spontaneous

Maria __, Russian tennis player

__ Gorgeous, villain on Jimmy Neutron

Taking someone else’s blame

Pride of the royal navy in Pirates of the Caribbean

Substance produced by body to regulate mood, pain

Similar to entertainer

Group 87

Puzzle 1

City in California that hosts Disneyland

Sudden rupture of a car tire

French for good day

Not a war horse or a pack horse

Screamride is a roller __ sim builder

Small, sharp blade used for surgeries

Small bulb that resembles an onion

Pardon for offenses against a country

Ruth __ created Chief Inspector Wexford

Ancient monotheistic religion from the Middle East

World’s largest employer, started as small retailer

A pointed beard

Charged with a crime, offense

Type of incandescent light bulb

Puzzle 2

The bowel is made up of the large and small __

Handy if you have to open a bottle of wine

Astrological sign of someone born on Christmas Day

A landed freeman who is not a knight

Dances using the tip of her toes

Chemical that kills plants and weeds

Rich bad guy in movie Chinatown

Game played with a long stick and balls on a table

Squatter is the most successful game in __

This includes all jams and jellies

The capital of Tennessee

Type of American roots music

Puzzle 3

Encampment of tents without protection

__ Hairless Dog is also called the Xoloitzcuintli

Vegetable with green or purple leaves

Membranous __ is the shortest and least dilatable

Carl __ is Jimmy Neutron’s best friend

A less busy, less expensive time to travel

Architect and engineer from ancient Egypt

__ twice, cut once

Valet __, a benefit to have in crowded cities

Crisp, sharp noises

__ Man, temporary community erected in Nevada

Puzzle 4

Jackie Joyner, multi-medal-winning US athlete

Kevin __, Frank Underwood in House of Cards

Foam while boiling

To gain possession of, gain through effort

Formal name for the white crown of Upper Egypt

Anagram of master

Cover for the center of a car’s wheel

Author of Rip Van __ suffered from insomnia

Bread that has used yeast or fermentation

Finding the sum of two numbers

Used to pound nails

Rating of how likely someone is to pay

The valley where the Dead Sea scrolls were found

Utensil usually comes in salt, pepper combo

Luis __, Surrealist filmmaker of Un Chien Andalou

This person has the final say at a newspaper

Puzzle 5

A person who works backstage in theatres

Machine to hatch eggs

Urban land set aside to not be developed

Sea creature with angelic fins and movements

Persian creature part lion part human

Sleep apnea causes pauses in __

Work song on large merchant vessels

Life is __, Roberto Benigni’s Oscar winner movie

This channel hosts Shark Week

Standstill, deadlock

Everything must have a __

Group 88

Puzzle 1

Revert to old habits

They are prescribed

Lucky talisman, tossing game with “ringers”

Lemurs are __ primates from Madagascar

Take a __, baseball game reference; a redo

Jack __, starred One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Mexican TV stereotype on the Simpsons

__ Western, a film genre

Neolithic stone settlement in Scotland

Field discusses sanitation, health

Cosmetic used to mask skin imperfections

Puzzle 2

Long-necked onion with a small bulb

The central concept of this religion is dukkha

Someone you don’t know

Abandonware are old games free to __

Immune protein in the body to fight disease

Small, striped fish that swim in schools

Space __, Disney’s futuristic indoor coaster

Diaphanous, unsubstantial

__ Cruz, Spanish actress and Oscar winner

Climb the Phoenician Steps to get there

Gymnastics that includes ballet and dance

Puzzle 3

The capital of Argentina, __ Aires

Tantalus’ son, whose flesh was eaten by the gods

__ Paine, English-American writer and activist

Small beard around nose, mouth, not on sides

How to Get Away with __, law drama with Viola Davis

Category for boxers weighing 115-118 pounds

__ filefish can change colors very quickly

Tesla __, car and energy company

To be in close contact with, affixed

High pitched Japanese bamboo instrument

Reply to a question

This spoon removes the inside of the bone

Space around printed words on a page

Type of performance dance, Nutcracker

Kid’s drawing tool made of pigmented wax

Obi-Wan __ introduces Luke to Han Solo

Moons that share an orbit but never collide

Dried grapes, eaten as a snack or in cooking

Puzzle 4

Etymological meaning of zebra

Author of The Waste Land

Hormone injected into diabetes patients

Liquid used to take off nail polish, thin paint

Clothing commonly used in farms

Not ambiguous, emotional conclusion

Time of enlistment in any military branch

Zeus counterpart in Roman mythology

__ wage, Bernie Sanders ran to have this raised

Fatty, tasty British cheese

European country, its capital is Minsk

Puzzle 5

Father of capitalism published book in 1776

Klimt painted __ Frieze

Trained and licensed doctor

Ludo and checkers are a type of __

This sport involves hitting a shuttlecock

Long greenish reptile “cousin” to the crocodile

The Greek Muse of tragedy

The uses of it are sweet

Thinking about something way too much

__ Day, Bill Murray’s repetitive holiday comedy

A utensil used for grooming

Group 89

Puzzle 1

This word sounds like Caesar’s

City located in both European and Asian continents

Decorative, if not practical

Lying animal with head raised in heraldry

A blessing in __

Considered one of the greatest male ballet dancers

Common species of whale found around the world

British singer of Baby, I Love Your Way

A chalk illustrator who draws on the sidewalk

They left England and found a colony in Plymouth

Flat, broad rubber equipment worn by divers

The leader of the Decepticons

Lusty, strapping

An aura often occurs before a __ or seizure

Puzzle 2

__ come, __ go

Female actor

Someone who brings evidence up in arguments

It kills with a sweet scent of almonds

Throat hangers, sometimes removed

Russian wrestler lost twice in nearly 900 matches

Delivery of supplies by plane with a parachute

Breed of cat known for playful attitude

Unpretentiously cosy

Amount of money that is short of the needed total

Meat not prepared with salting or drying

Last name of Family Guy protagonist

__ Horn, usually made of an animal horn

Puzzle 3

It decides what is socially acceptable

Louisiana Creole dish based on the Spanish paella

Trojan princess not trusted for her prophecies

__ Dogs, movie by Quentin Tarantino

__ of Scale, money saving economic principle

Kitty cat trying to get in Tweety’s cage

Madagascar’s tiny, eastern neighbor

At rest, dormant

Stand-up social critic, cancer victim

Reaped when one sows the wind

Katherine __, New Zealand story teller

Puzzle 4

A Hindu hermitage

Machine that makes a car move

Something that balances for something else

Money given back for a bad product

Organ that makes urine

High-speed descent of a slope on skis

Metal spiral toy, walks down stairs

Landlocked African country, capital Lilongwe

__ and the Beast, 30th Disney animated classic

__ Hale, colonial spy during Revolutionary War

Feta cheese is used in salads from this country

Small tool with a flat blade, used for planting

A medical professional, surgeon, specialist

__, Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris police drama

French dance featuring high kicks and splits

Norwegian __ cats bred for cold climates

Royal title, male successor, future king

__ Twilight, Irish movement, revival

Puzzle 5

Evel __, world famous stuntman

Attacking, robbing someone in public

Force __, clause meaning “superior force”

Appliance used to cook food with hot vapor

Unitary parliamentary republic in Central Europe

Something that nourishes, sustains

Small breed of dog of pure white coat

They speak louder than words

Knife designed to cut heavy rope

Popular __, bi monthly, “nerdy” magazine

Tim Burton’s film about a gifted storyteller

Without ending or beginning, forever, always there

The Little __ Boy, Christmas percussion classic

Oceans cover almost three __ of the Earth

Small entrance on most tent circuses

Group 90

Puzzle 1

Small area where you grow food

Night __ Goggles, nocturnal optic function

To sell church offices and roles in Middle Ages

Control over several people in a company

Timmy Turner loves __ Tang, who doesn’t like him

The capital of Colombia

Cooked sausage, usually served on a bun

Lance __, stage performer did over 15,000 shows

Person who gives wise, divine advice

Puzzle 2

Turn and cough to check for organ exiting

Airway illness requiring an inhaler

Sweet liquid created by plants, especially fruits

Shoot a person out of this at a circus

South American rodent related to guinea pigs

__, Nintendo game for exercising

Vertical blade on the stern of a ship

Music made using cutlery, aka playing the bones

Short-necked bulging bottle

__ of the Jungle was a popular 1967 cartoon

Yahtzee is a game of luck __ by rolling 5 dice

Red lead

Egypt is located in __

Puzzle 3

One __, band that has only one successful song

__ crab are covered with orangish fine hairs

It is said to be hidden at the end of the rainbow

Tissues connecting bones to other bones

A peddler of shoddy goods

Patio, usually enclosed

Popular social media site, photos, filters

1942 is a vertically __ flight game from 1984

Non-surgical procedure of digestive tract

English queen who introduced tea-drinking in the UK

Commanded the starship USS Enterprise in Star Trek

Puzzle 4

A __ takes care of your teeth

Courageous behavior or actions

Sweet layered pastry with nuts and honey

String instrument played with the mouth

First King of England to go on a Crusade

To contemplate or think carefully about something

Suspended bed normally placed outside

A newly established company with few employees

Student who quits high school before graduation

Marine animal with a shell and soft body

Person who claims fault against the other in court

Even among them there’s honour

The capital of Cameroon

__ Crane, enemy of the headless horseman

Puzzle 5

Several pieces of artillery used for action

South Asian language spoken in Bangladesh

Place for takeoff and landing of airplanes

__ Impossible, Tom Cruise movie franchise

To put information into a code, to encipher

A sport which is part of the Olympic events

Woven fabric with elaborate, raised pattern

What a teacher asks for in class


Eighths in music score

The __ Loser, weight loss reality show

Addictive substance from the coca plant

Blood frog shells have red colored tips

Of a classical building without decorative columns

Pie made with this citric fruit, eggs, and milk

Group 91

Puzzle 1

The Elder __ Online is an MMORPG by ZeniMax

Roosevelt’s plan to front the Great Depression

Cephalopod mollusc with eight sucker-bearing arms

Small pasta spirals

Boat that has a cabin for the crew, cabin __

House of __, trick reflections at amusement park

80s movie classic depicting One-Eyed Willy

To acknowledge opponent’s victory beforehand

Menacing influences

A sport which is part of the Olympic events

A prison __ is sought after by law enforcement

Puzzle 2

__ Call, actors bow to audience at end of play

Sheet of clear plastic over a piece of art

Halgerda batangas is a species of __

Firearm for construction work

A strip of fabric gathered or pleated on one edge

Art, photos, written works about sex and love

Entertain at a party, making a website available

To flog a dead horse is __

The act of ending a marriage

Monopoly is an -based game of wealth

Creature that sucks blood and lives eternally

Peter __, famous portrayal of Hercule Poirot

Title character of Cervantes’ epic Spanish tale

Home to CNN, Coke and the world’s busiest airport

Puzzle 3

50 books on civil law compiled by order of Justinian

Band that recorded the hit Turn Turn Turn

World’s largest rodent with a large boxy nose

Genie, voiced by Robin __, in Disney’s Aladdin

Gross __ Product, usually referred to as GDP

Don __, opera by Mozart

Language spoken in the Polynesian state of the US

Mountainous region between Black and Caspian seas

Nerd gathering in San Diego, now mainstream

Wealthy sport utilizing leisure ships

Optical bruising from blunt force to face

Colorful candy placed on top of a stick

Puzzle 4

Group of working prisoners, Sam Cooke song

The Bandicoot is a small __ omnivore in Australia


Trolls are Norse monsters who live in the __

Colorless crystals used as insecticide

Distance east or west from the Prime Meridian

Popular 90s Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan

Green even when ripe

Furniture designed to hold a basin or a jug

American who wrote The Old Man and the Sea

Puzzle 5

Powerful energy source, disastrous as weapon

A bird and a play by Anton Chekhov

Containers that are used to drink out of

A mayor with judicial powers as well

Small fish, joked-about pizza topping

Feeling of resentment, anger, offense

Official language of Tanzania

The best laid __ of mice and men

American musician, artist, and actor, __ Manson

Group 92

Puzzle 1

Something that surrounds a border

Striking an opponent unconscious

Medium-sized bag to take on a trip

In Castlequest, you rescue the __ Margarita

It is not always gold, even if it __

Person who has the job of creating projects

Shift, motion; trend

Rock formation that slopes beyond vertical

__ Hayden, actor of Johnny Guitar

Black tetras are a common __ pet fish

Infectious disease also known by Variola

Puzzle 2

Dali painted __ and Hand

Helpful features of a product

The Magic __, animated TV series

Christmas, peppermint walking stick

Extinct species of shark

State where Sinatra and Springsteen were born

Don’t outrun the __

Text in the form of a picture


Public walk by the seaside

Coordinator of higher education classes

Puzzle 3

Can move 3 spaces in chess, not in same direction

__ operation, military plan carried out in secret

Piles of them fall from trees in the fall

Aesop’s short stories with a lesson

To eat a lot in short period of time

Long, narrow mark, band, line

Founder of Zhe School of Ming Dynasty painting

2 baseball games played on the same day, __ header

__ and Geeks, 90s cult favorite, star platform

City state on the French Rivera

__ pork, slowly cooked, later shredded

Bluespotted __tail ray has blue tail stripes

__ dance, 4 couples in a rectangular shape

Inner mystical dimension of Islam

__ charm will pass on power and regality to you

Sado __, exile destination in Medieval Japan

Tale As Old As Time, from __ and the Beast

A male parent

Puzzle 4

Decorated, ornaments added to something

To see or create something in a person’s mind

The Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Colored dot game once considered “sex in a box”

Small spotlight for special effects in theater

When the word is out it __ to another

Rhea __, married to Danny DeVito

__ trout is known for its colors

Two-wheeled vehicle attached to a frame

India is the __ largest country in the world

Compound that doesn’t contain a closed chain

A keyboard on an instrument

__ of the Sea, seafood, not poultry company

Lingua franca of the Neo-Assyrian Empire and Persia

Puzzle 5

Musical movie with Travolta

Sister of your grandpa or grandma

Instrument’s name that means good sound in Greek

Galaxy with high-rate star formation

Popular online language tool, Google __

A small towel for washing facial features

Korean car brand whose name means two dragons

Bavarian village location of Neuschwanstein Castle

The __, 70s sitcom about opposing personas

Fictional kingdom in Central Europe

Group 93

Puzzle 1

Game of __, TV show adapted from a book series

Something separating two things

Stimulant street drug, causes hallucinations

Hard keratin cover on the tips of our feet

Ridge or mass of glacial drifts, boulders, sand

Large tract of land

Shakespeare tragedy about Moorish general

Shapes allegedly created by extraterrestrials

__ Western dancing has many forms

Starbase in Mass Effect

Take a look at me now, Phil __

Also known as Chinese cabbage

Puzzle 2

This common eye disease leads to loss of vision

Speedy __ was always too fast for Sylvester

__ in the Grass, movie with Natalie Wood

Type of ginger plant, used as a spice

Emperor of the French from 1804 until 1814

__ dance is made of partner dances only

Hand beauty treatment aka mani

Obtained by the destructive distillation of wood

A good that is sent overseas

Forbidden fruit is __

Greek god of the sea

Puzzle 3

Customs charge on an import or export

Limb of a tree, large or small

A drop in the __, too small an amount

Comes from Arabic “al zahr” which means dice

Come into being, change, grow to be

Assignees, representatives

Sweet baked dough, eaten for dessert or breakfast

Walking upwards, usually outdoors

Dr. Remy Hadley on House, __ Wilde

__ Of the King, movie that won 11 Oscars

It is composed by four countries, the __ Kingdom

Lara Croft is the main character in Tomb __

Magic Kingdom’s principal roadway, Main __

Etiology is the study of __ of diseases

__ Brothers, country-influenced rock and roll duo

Marie __, monthly health and beauty magazine

Puzzle 4

__ Wipes, moistened tissues for cleaning

When two people are to be married

Hitchcock’s movie with Laurence Olivier

These “French” dogs are actually from Germany

Cartoon about a group of toddlers and their lives

Harry __, notable illusionist and escapologist

A man without a __ face must not open a shop

Popular name for Model T cars

West Indian musical style, usually improvised

Unsteady movements, wavering

__ Energy, wild drink with a tear mark on its can

Barium is an __ with an atomic number of 56

Southernmost of the Virgin Islands

Puzzle 5

__ Time video game has Finn & Jake

Wookiee with famous growl, Han partner in Star Wars

Double saucepan

Antibiotics are used to treat an __

Study is all about tissues of organisms

The real name of the fashion designer Coco Chanel

Tissue that is present in joints, rib cage, ears

Bright green copper mineral

Food or drink served before a meal

Group 94

Puzzle 1

Water animal amusement park

Terrible creature only exists in the mind

Rabble, populace

Ectopic means not the correct __ in the body

Most dust particles in your house are made of __

Toadlike animal’s legs are eaten in some cultures

Clouding of the eye lens

Rock formed from magma erupted from a volcano

On site journalist

Fenimore Cooper novel about the last of this tribe

This big red dog is friendly and loyal

__ Dad, adult cartoon led by CIA agent

High School singing group that inspired a TV show

“Tropical” fruity drink packs a punch

Puzzle 2

Building on campus with rooms where students live

Welsh author famous for his children books

Outward signs of wealth

Not safe

Cars parading at a slow pace

A poser, a brain-teaser

A fault confessed is half __

Europe’s bicycle capital

Sponge cake with egg whites and no butter

Name by which Mars is known

Puzzle 3

Freddy __, long-fingered monster that haunts dreams

Occurring in petroleum and natural gas

Theatrical code to warn of fire

“Green” country considered Halloween birthplace

What a bad compromise is better than

__ Girls, depicts a mother-daughter relationship

Mouth-like tool binds papers together

Command solemnly under oath

A __ has a long neck

Pop-rock musical genre created in the late 1970s

Princess Procne was turned into a __

Seismic sea wave caused by earthquake

The Book of Lamentations is about __

Puzzle 4

Chief economist of the World Bank, won Nobel prize

Shapeshifting creature also known as lycanthrope

Removes water, waste from home

When the saints go __ in, I want to be in that number

A piercing of the skin

Main character of A Confederacy of Dunces

__ Spree, buying things until you drop

Elbow pasta made of durum wheat

To approximate opinion, height, worth

Negative aspect of something, handicap

Bird, runs fast, two black bands around its neck

Old machine used for grinding or pumping

Puzzle 5

Fifty minus thirty eight

Painful sores in the stomach lining

You want to roll a seven or __ in craps

Ambon __ is yellow with a spot on its fin

Clay creatures in medieval Jewish folklore

Small organ at the end of the stomach

Irish dish for leftovers

American word for “football” comes from the UK

The __ of Korra is a game based off the TV Show

__ Belt, a circumstellar disc in the Solar System

To illegally carry away a person, kidnap

__ Ibsen, Norwegian 19th century playwright

Of this South American mountain range

Hay __, haymaking machine

Stage of development to make a business bigger

Group 95

Puzzle 1

Deceptively affable, for the Irish

Male child of a son or daughter

Tina Fey started on __ Night Live

Great __, sparsely populated Australian desert

A person who plays a musical instrument

The Greek name for Asia Minor

World’s largest rodent with a big nose

Brief comic Italian opera

Not wanting to do anything, lack of motivation

Melissa __, Ghostbusters reboot actress, comedian

Shoes primarily designed for sports

In the Sidney Lumet’s film they are twelve

Puzzle 2

Escapade, emprise, experience

__ cichlid has a large black spot on its face

Protagonist of My Fair Lady

Capital of the Netherlands

PSV __, top Dutch soccer side

A barrelman is a sailor __ in the crow’s nest

To listen to conversations without being noticed

Don’t change horses in __

Someone who goes into space in a rocket

Puzzle 3

Candy fish is a __ delicacy created in the 1950s

Someone with two distinct types of cells

Another name for a dendrite

Every man has the __ of his own virtues

This stone is kissed by upside down visitors

Art made of clay, fired, and glazed

Someone who works at a store’s register

Feeling of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or love

A snake is a __

Return of the symptoms of a disease

Enormous California redwood

Puzzle 4

These flower particles cause allergies

A cooking item, like a kettle, used for heating

Blue __, US Navy acrobatic flying squad

Infectious, very contagious disease from bacteria

Eastern European crushed garlic clove sauce

Capital of Cuba

Walt __ Pictures

Something now, not antique or old

__ Kong, Nintendo classic with climbing gorilla

Anagram of signet

Something visible, tangible, stable in form

Shonda __, writer behind several hit drama series

Crazy __, Mattel sells game as Uno

Exchange particles for color force between quarks

Puzzle 5

__ Hurt, actor of Into the Wild

Elegant __ sea star has long thin legs

Pokemon that evolves into Alakazam when traded

Clothing worn by members of a group

To perform an operation on a patient

A serious crime, threat of bodily harm

European language formalized by Dante

Magna Carta is also known as The Great __

Forced out, removed, turfed out

Pancake-flipping utensil

Staying true to people, places and things

Considered Shakespeare’s last play

__ Spoon, what looks like metal deformation

Element that gives a color its hue

Group 96

Puzzle 1

Where prisoners are kept while awaiting execution

Opposite of proton, unit of charge

Child’s playhouse above ground, getaway

French delicacy meaning edible snail

A person whose job is to sell things

__ Lights or Aurora Borealis

Munch painted Death in the __

Surfing is __ on a board riding a wave

Hat type, newsboy cap or Jay Gatsby

Joey __, actor, Blossom, Brotherly Love

Ancient, pointy-nosed fish similar to a shark

Puzzle 2

Established as the truth by evidence

Object used to stop, slow or hold a ship in place

Discrimination based on how old you are

Finger known as “the bird”

Large tropical lizard, popular pet

Religious leader

Feeling of nausea, upset stomach

Famous for writing speeches in Rome

The __, won the 84th Academy Awards

Pretoria is the capital of South __

A type of dance originally from Cuba

Superior, greater, improved

Like chickens, they come home to roost

Natural tarnish that forms on metals and stone

Berber language spoken in the Northeast of Algeria

Gain position in basketball beside free throw lane

Battleship was a __ and paper game until 1967

Storeroom for food in old houses

Tetradrachm’s face who knew it all

An oasis is a green watery __ in a desert

Piece of clothing worn on legs during the summer

Puzzle 3


Allegedly, a mind reader

Swiss-based carbonated drink brand

Where circus performers eat, not public

Fear of urine

Italian Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor

Photo-sharing site where you pin photos

College favorite involving juggling footbag

Looking to the past in shows or movies

Messi played most of his career for this club

Puzzle 4

A bedroom for guests

Circus general admission seats, usually blue

Mental condition causes memory loss in elderly

Lustful, indecent

Road going under a bridge

Capital of Mauritius

Escarpment is the __ of land

To be irritated due to indigestion

Aspartame is a man-made __ for foods

Puns or the like

Someone in charge of an organization

Puzzle 5

Big yellow tropical fruit

Armed forces of Nazi Germany

The Scottish capital

Equipment used to glide on water

Internet unlikeable, facial hair below the face

Folkloric Bigfoot of the Northwestern Pacific coast

Formation where water spills over an edge

Fire and __

Dangerous coagulated mass in arteries

Protective as an uncle

Large order of birds that perch and sing

Group 97

Puzzle 1

A daily summary

Moon __ are found in most oceans

Known as India’s “Silicon Valley”

To be drained of strength or energy

Gas emitted from fuel combustion in a car

Breast drill, a type of hand drill

Insecticide, __ used to kill insects

Puzzle 2

Web __ games are played without downloads

__ blennies are also called reef blennies

__ Ajdukiewicz, Polish portrait painter

German noble house that ruled the Duchy of Anhalt

Someone who sends unwanted e-mails

Liquid used as flavoring for drinks

Dipsophobia is fear of drinking __

Country where Shakespeare was born

In baseball, the team with control of the ball

The Empire __ Back, a Star Wars movie

Paper chase

Maritime member of the Justice League

Puzzle 3

Medium-green chili pepper, eaten on spicy foods

Country in Horn of Africa, capital is Addis Ababa

Tends to flock, Jesus to his followers

Billy Budd, an opera by __ Britten

Common North American freshwater fish

The __, animation about the heir of the jungle

Fine grit tool used to fix chipped nails

In Frederick Forsyth’s novel, the Jackal’s target

__ Cassidy, fictional cowboy character, TV series

Interested in others, not introverted

Mario __, Nintendo’s brethren hit

Puzzle 4

Metathesiophobia is the fear of __

Number of items in different sizes, colors, shapes

An answering __ holds phone messages

Covered structure used to park cars under

Item shipped in a box in the mail

Magic __, Disney’s top park; Cinderella’s castle

Twin to Apollo

Remove deposits of chemicals on a cooking item

David killed him with a slingshot

Communist icon who started out as doctor

Holthuis __ shrimp have purple spots

Puzzle 5

__ Little Liars, TV drama set in Rosewood

A medium-grade metamorphic rock

Large bone that holds lower organs in place

Jaundice is a __ staining of skin

Balderdash is a game of __ and bluffing

Food chain, the house of this breakfast item

Digital cell phone, __ phone, portable, moving

Gather liquid, gas, etc on a surface in a layer

Only continent located in all hemispheres

__ Punch, last hit, knockout blow

Easy to bend, ductile

Man in the __, Michael Jackson song

Professional that produces fabrics by threading

Group 98

Puzzle 1

Hungarian __, has a long corded coat, like a mop

Three-sided shape, musical instrument

Rear part of a truck or SUV

Comic verse in irregular rhythm

Small metal object used to remove unwanted hairs

Indonesia’s most popular language

This fork is used to consume seafood

Decreased oxygen to tissues, choking, also fatal

Largest moon of Jupiter

They resisted technology and smashed machines

SimCity is a city building and urban __ MMO

Place where trash is buried underground

Floating organism, some whales eat millions daily

Puzzle 2

Pills and creams used to make your health better

Semi-precious purple gemstone used in jewelry

Cereal claims to be breakfast of champions

Time that a project has to be finished by

To decorate with a bold logo

Car accident where a car turns on its side

Senet is an ancient __ board game from 3500 BC

A break in the middle of a game

Nuclear country, heated neighbor of India

An apparatus for reducing liquids to a fine spray

Flat, long-tailed sea creature kids love to pet

Puzzle 3

Japanese paper folding art

__ Neverland, movie depicting JM Barrie’s life

It literally means desert dweller

What one should do for war when in peace

Fictional planet of Masters of the Universe

__ frogfish can change to match habitats

Chocolate brand, amusement park in Pennsylvania

Black __ model, mathematics of financial markets

Keister is a circus wardrobe trunk or __

Duck __ is a video game based on the show

A shallow pan, a frying pan

Puzzle 4

In the weakest link of the chain you can find it

To keep going

Two-player board game, goal is to capture a flag

Lego __ World is based on movie with same title

Long arm of the sea __ by steep cliffs

Sweet topping found on cakes and cupcakes

Diathermy uses heat to destroy __ cells

__ is the main character of Tangled

This martial art uses clinch, knees and elbows

Puzzle 5

Area where pitchers warm up in baseball

In 1986’s Castlevania, you defeat __

__ dentures cover a couple of teeth

Friction firelighters created by John Walker

Utensil made to steep or soak items in liquid, tea

Clans may be identified through them

From the __ to the ridiculous

World Wide Web writer

Item covering birds, not fur or skin

Polish folk dance in a triple meter tempo

__ While You Work was sung by Snow White

Snakes and __, classic worldwide game from India

Swept off one’s feet

Group 99

Puzzle 1

Also known as horse trials

Lower fabric of two overlapped pieces in a garment

Blood __, is related to blood in the arteries

You’ve probably been told not to crack these

Latin American stuffed pastry

Val __, a Tartan noir writer

Garbage __ Unit, found under kitchen sink

Deciduous tree with dark purple berries

Quick, public assembly of people doing an act


Primate with bright blue and red face

Puzzle 2

Rabelais’s story of giants: __ and Pantagruel

Negative balance in your bank account

Terraria is a sandbox action game

They are the devil’s tools

The day before today

Swiss Alps “white” peak near Zermatt

Storytellers with profound knowledge of Hadith

Scottish philosopher, British empiricist

Frigid, dairy mixed treat

Otto __, filmmaker and director of Exodus

Puzzle 3

80’s band that made a hit about Big Brother

The capital of Republic of Macedonia

__ shaping corrects small problems in teeth

Beam Me Up __, Star Trek personality

Deep and narrow __ from a stream or river

Chili __, dried, crushed mixture of chilis

Stir one’s __ = hurry up

This type of hair can be a follicle annoyance

Feline stimulant

__ Peet, American actress

Puzzle 4

More people are killed by __ than plane crashes

Sirens lured sailors in ancient Greek tale

Device sends medicine to lungs for asthma sufferer

Getting more irritated

What makes the man, according to Shakespeare

This country’s flag is the oldest in the world

Final stages of a game

An effort to do something

Hardest known natural material

Vertical Scrabble

Human duality foe of the Caped Crusader

Outline of a body or figure

Puzzle 5

Tall constructions

Powerful newsman from Sweet Smell of Success

Space inside vehicle where motor is located

This trumpeter imagined a wonderful world

Someone who studies life scientifically

East Slavic language

Study of the history of words

Famous sitcom with funny lead lady, Cuban husband

Thin “hair” pasta that has angelic version

Kicks off, launches, goes live

Warren Buffet’s holding company, __ Hathaway

Group 100

Puzzle 1

Edible fungus with stem and domed cap

EEG studies __ currents in the brain

One __ the Cuckoo’s Nest, with Jack Nicholson

Lower in rank, station, degree, grade

The Sphynx is a __ breed of cat

Down Under government seat

The first metal __ was invented in 1874

Wheeled object commonly used in the circus

Cost of running a business

Carnival ride with horses going up and down

GridIron Master combines chess with __

Female with the body of a bird in Russian folklore

Puzzle 2

To live in a new country for permanent residence

Wireless tech for short distance data exchange

Connects ship to pier, pirates, to walk the __

Super goblin, Puck from Midsummers Night’s Dream

Tissue damage caused by extreme cold

Holy Spirit descent fifty days after Easter

British actress known as M in James Bond’s films

Tube that connects the throat and stomach

Illegal act in the Royal Forest under English law

Reef __ is a carnivore with venomous spikes

Puzzle 3

Slang term used for methamphetamine

Glands in the body that produce different hormones

13 __ Drive is a 1993 board game by Milton Bradley

Muscular security at a nightclub

Geological structure for conducting ground water

Once largest social media, now musician platform

Safe container for firing gun during a play

Strong cotton cloth for mattress covering

Memory loss caused by brain damage

Sci-fi film about eternal youth with Rock Hudson

Giant Panda, a __ bear that is black and white

Tea, juice drink with facts on inside of cap

Puzzle 4

Underwriters evaluate risk for this industry

Tyler Durden is the main character of __

Uninterested, indifferent

A rich brown color, also a dessert and flavoring

Study tool, answers, questions on different sides

TV drama about gladiators in Ancient Rome

Character based on Jazz age flapper

Redhead primate, found in Asia

Eclampsia is seizures during __

The one who decides where tents go in circus

The Devil is a __ evil entity

Composed the Four Seasons of Buenos Aires

Puzzle 5

Public Display of __, also known as PDA

Giant slayed by Heracles in Greek mythology

Gary Cooper’s role about a born-again marksman

Traditional Christmas cake

Blowing device dries follicles post shower

The one who wrote Decameron

Malefiz, or __, is a descendant of Pachisi

Performance made to seem ridiculous, not serious

Largest church buildings

Performer on a trapeze or above the ground