Group 261

Puzzle 1

To avenge, usually by retaliating

Garments people wear regularly

Dumb and Dumber actor Jeff __

Industrial suburb of Adelaide in South Australia

It includes knowledge, art and beliefs of a society

Nobody should rest on one’s own

Theft, stealing

2002 World Cup stadium, home of the Antlers

People who train others

Undecided or neutral in politics

Cream-colored root related to the carrot

Business, organization, entity

Coarse sedimentary rock with angular fragments

Puzzle 2

A government, especially an authoritarian one

Home to so many philosophers

Stadium Puskas __, named after Hungarian great

Opposite to start

Past participle of the verb fight

__ Hill, highest point on Christmas Island

Hammer with a barrel-shaped head

Spider-Man’s mild mannered alter ego

Hormone that helps to regulate energy balance

Giant luxurious residence of royals

Puzzle 3

Sequence of percussive beats raising anticipation

Kartvelian language

European crisp, sweetened bread, a form of rusk

__ Garner, US actress of Alias and 13 Going on 30

Bag carried on back by walkers, from German words

Clay-based vases, bowls and ornaments

Aztec method of agriculture on rectangular patches

Hitting the nail on the head

Elimination game based on facial features

Go all out, like a total pig

Belted __fish are bright gold with black belt

Rupees are used in India and this Muslim neighbor

Small inflatable boats, often made of rubber

Puzzle 4

Of or relating to a disease or its characteristics

Sections of a river with a relatively steep slope

Castle strategically surrounded by water

Popular in High Middle Ages, Knightly sword

Mel __, Lethal Weapon’s actor

Sufficient evidences for the truth of a proposition

The late Natasha Richardson’s husband, Liam __

Something that happens each year

Twin of Pollux and son of Leda in Roman mythology

Estadio Metropolitano de __, Venezuela

Novel by Charles Dickens: “__ Twist”

Type of wine used in a trifle

A silhouette or dark shape

Rusty orange hue

__ Farhi, French fashion designer

Grounds and tenancies of a very large property

Metal-coiled spring that travels down stairs


Puzzle 5

Original creation from the use of imagination

A song by Kiss from album Unmasked

West Germanic language from Dutch vernacular

Sweet food made from cacao that comes in bars

Soft washed-rind and smear-ripened French cheese

Empty sea vessel wandering without control

Australian singer of 1000 Forms of Fear

Collection of units into a body, mass or amount

Wooden boy

Dog Day __, movie with Al Pacino as a bank robber

Duchy in central Germany in the Middle Ages

Group 262

Puzzle 1

It means “hell” in Italian

Country where Belfast is located, Northern __

Roman King of the Gods

Blade fitted at the end of a musket

Muhammad Ali’s birth name: __ Clay

Medicine for upset stomach, indigestion or nausea

Rock once molten

Nonbelief in the existence of God

Will __, US actor of Anchorman, Step Brothers

To render something valueless

Paired percussion instrument of seed-filled gourds

Fire toads have bright red spotted stomachs

Les Demoiselles d’__, Picasso painting

Someone who bets money on games or races

Chimamanda Ngozi __, wrote Half of a Yellow Sun

The opposite of lights

Puzzle 2

The Girl with the Dragon __, book by Stieg Larsson

SpaceX’s launch vehicle

Convex gardening spatula to transplant seedlings

It means “thanks” in Italian

First ruler of Akkad in Northern Mesopotamia

To suck the air and dirt from carpets or rugs

-Loir, north French dept named after two rivers

Element used in x-rays and rat poison

Spiritual, calm Chinese martial art

Greek Titan and the father of Zeus

Plundered place, such as a town

__ ghost crabs live in the Indo-Pacific region

Puzzle 3

Ethnic groups living outside their homeland

US horror comedy film about mogwai pet

Nickname of Australian swimming great Ian

Unsolicited sales attempt by telephone

A disordered, weakened or unsound condition

Channels on the radio

Sending an electronic communication

Capital of Vanuatu

Via __, sorrowful route taken by Jesus to Calvary

Amazon lily

Clamshell fixing used in jewelry making

In __, Latin phrase meaning “not present”

Term for a hoofed mammal

To cut down expenses


Kathleen __, US actress in Romancing the Stone

A __ of ants

__ bells, small metal bells with internal pellet

Office machine for reproduction

British pop rock band named after Liverpool Doctor

Area comprising rivers Ant, Bure, Yare, Chet

Sea of __, divides Mexico; Gulf of California

__ Dassler, founder of sportswear brand Puma

Harry Potter’s pet owl

Secure rectangular container to store things

__ Blecharczyk, cofounder of Airbnb

Wedding dessert from Central Europe

Puzzle 5

Welsh fruit loaf aka speckled bread

Ghastly, dreadful

Chant in church invented in the Middle Ages

__ method, studying the world using the senses

Man in the moon with a cream cheese hat

Scale used to measure flux

Animated film about ant Flik and his friends

Ancient people who were the original mummifiers

Czech-born tennis star who coached Andy Murray

Going with the flow

Elizabeth __, first woman in US to become a doctor

Group 263

Puzzle 1

Virtuous, holy

Al Pacino plays an honest cop against corruption

Amount of money received per unit time in a job

Tiny baked good, very popular with cream on top

Metal item for holding live coals for heating

Ancient gemstone used by pharoahs

Eric is the evil and rotund South Park character

Type of poison that killed Socrates

Graham Greene honorary consul, Charley __

Medicine without an active ingredient

Rembrandt’s last name

Wacky __, slang word for marijuana

American __ is also the Bully

First lunar phase

Instrument that uses shadows to tell the time

Of the eyes

__ Prince is the smart kid in The Simpsons

Marilynne Robinson’s book about fathers and sons

Study of light, wide array of applications

Moving without anchor or mooring

Flavoring for a satay dipping sauce

Anakin Skywalker, __ Christensen

__ Summer, unseasonably warm autumn weather

To scribble aimlessly

Greek poetess, symbolic of female homosexuality

Small inflatable boat, often made of rubber

Sikh symbol, a double-edged sword

Puzzle 3

Aircraft designed to land on the ocean

__ Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time

Dirty Harry’s last name

Ben __, wrote Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

Showy, frivolous; trifling thing of no consequence

Piratical facial accessory

Mass movement by a fleeing crowd

Strategy game with turning cogs

Model Gisele __ is married to Tom Brady

Ziggy __ and the Spiders from Mars

Redeemable after 12 months

Describes a horse with a reddish-brown coat

Puzzle 4

An enzyme secreted by the stomach wall

Call to __

Add these to mulled wine to flavour it

Gary __, UK actor, Dracula star

Telescopic __, optical zooming

Mitsubishi model sounds like a military leader

Grimy rock music

Ancient site, spring at Mount Hermon

Alice __, wrote The Color Purple

Country where the Negev Desert is located

Battle of 1389 where Ottomans defeated Serbs

__ weight, boxing division less than middleweight

Art supporters

Jewelry or object covered with gold

Puzzle 5

Mr. __ Builds His Dream House, movie with C. Grant

In a certain place

Traitor in GOT

Hundred-footed insect

Where to eat on a train

Antonym of limited

US boxer Floyd, world heavyweight champ in 1950s

Ras __, northernmost of the United Arab Emirates

German electronic band of the 70s with Autobahn

Uno, Snap and Pit are examples of __

Synchronized boot scoot

Inflammation of the liver

Philosopher, a boozy beggar said Monty Python

Group 264

Puzzle 1

A usually circular line encompassing an area

Yarn measure equivalent to 18 hanks or 126 skeins

__ Sorter, machine to separate unattractive foods

Company distilling Cordon Bleu

Frosty’s genus

Famous WWII tank

Stadio Artemio __, Fiorentina football home

Amy __, aviatrix flew from Britain to Australia

Corby __ Press, an iconic product from Britain

Diaphragm spasms

Someone who investigates suspicious deaths

Retail __, shopping to make you feel better!

Cash __, an ATM to dispense the notes for shopping

Fatty acid used in soaps

Intensely deep red

Another name for kettledrums

Underground stem that produces roots and shoots

-daro, rediscovered Indus Valley civilization

South China Sea islands claimed by Vietnam, China

Certainly not strict

Machado __, Brazilian writer of realist novels

Large sledges traditionally pulled by reindeer

Tiny glass balls for rolling or collecting

Greek goddess of corn and fruitfulness

Puzzle 2

Avoided, failed to be captured

__ Jack, notorious 18th-century pirate

The dark lord of Mordor

Sound of a titter or giggle

Traditional Ascot races headgear for men

To board a plane or ship for a journey

To turn into bone, to petrify

One who says, anagram of torque

Fiji is an __ nation

Skeletally scanned

Archery targets

A __ of cubs and kittens

The time of greatest successes

Puzzle 3

Supreme self-confidence

Unexplained series of designs at Nazca

One with hope

Area of north-west Italy with Turin as the capital

Colourful allium that is actually purple

A bad workman blames these

Property of the tape invented by Richard E Drew

Deng __, leader of China from 1978-1989

Native from the South American city La Paz

Body organ that secretes glucagon

You got lucky girl, when he found you

Crystallized green stems used as cake toppers

Puzzle 4

Of or relating to rats or mice

__ Mahal, Shah Jahan’s wife and palace inspiration

Pond __, insect that skims the surface of water

__ Earring, 70s Dutch band with Radar Love

Name of people from Barbados

Militant anti-fascist political movement

Metal sliding cylinder exerting pressure on fluids

Full of lumps, not smooth

Martial artist and judo champion, Ronda __

A furious rant

Puzzle 5


Irish bread with sultanas and raisins

Classes where dogs are taught to behave

Festive scene encased in liquid-filled dome

Russian author Boris __ declined the Nobel prize

World record-breaking marathon runner, Paula __

Study focuses on the nervous system

Journal for sticking in cuttings

__ Wake, James Joyce’s final work

Using bizarre, illogical and incoherent settings

__ the Great, 18th C king of Prussia

Swinging device marks time in music

Group 265

Puzzle 1

To shock, astonish

Stanley __, painter of Cookham and nudes

Simpsons’s physician, Doctor __

__Blake, English poet who illustrated his own work

Trombone from the Renaissance and Baroque eras

Rapidly shrinking Central Asian body of water

Pandemic is a widely spread __

Polygon base with triangular faces

Watery mythical lady with a fishy tail

A city in western Uzbekistan

Obtained money from someone by swindling

Seriousness, importance, significance


Big __, sports idiom meaning more important

Fellow feeling

Asian cooking technique of roasted spices

Puzzle 2


European river travels through ten countries

To pay no attention to

Honda car model, its name sounds like an agreement

__ of Wales, Champagne drink by Albert Edward

Julian Alps basin crossed by Sava Bohinjka river

Gerd __, German striker with knack for the goal

A dark sooty shade of brown or grey

Small piece that holds the end of a belt in place

Lender at high interest rates, old term

Clear of chin hair

Philosophy __, branch concerned with mental events

Scowl, knit one’s brow

White collar workers work here

A genus of colorful sea slugs

Puzzle 3

Cook who works under the head in a kitchen

Scientific prediction of upcoming weather

Cast iron bread of Boers in South Africa

On Futurama, __ Slim is Hermes’ rival

Needlework for dresses with honeycomb pattern

Body of water off Leghorn where Shelley drowned

Cyd __, actress of The Band Wagon

A UNESCO World Heritage site in Tunisia

Autocue helper

It means “fireplace” in Spanish

Puzzle 4

Holy city in Saudi Arabia, burial place of Muhammad

Currency of Hungary

Richard Harrow in Boardwalk Empire, Jack __

Sentence structure study

Consolation, comfort

Otherworldly apparitions

Way, mood

Ted __, diagnosed with Cat Scratch Fever

Espresso drink with milk and dollop of ice cream

Snow sliding sport’s practitioners

Winston Churchill’s mother, Jennie __

Chief Inspector Wexford and DI Mike __

Horse__, peppery root used to make wasabi sauce

Papers made from the stems of tall marsh plants

The Deer __, De Niro, Walken changed by war

Some who enjoys going on foot

To Increase prices abruptly

Puzzle 5

Bean-shaped gland in the immune system

Recognized as “the wisest man in all of Oz”

Neolithic settlement on the Bay of Skaill

French term for wine steward or connoisseur

Learn about children by studying this

City in Germany that’s home to the Porsche Museum

To construct a lie

Daenerys __, is played by Emilia Clarke

The __, reformed pirate rules Jamaica

A life-like doll who could really show her emotions

Wooden or plastic circles twirl around the body

Group 266

Puzzle 1

Board game with brain power required

Investigating by asking questions or poking

Vicomte seducer in book by Laclos


Trimming of strands on your head

To disparage someone

To elongate

__ Present, movie with Cary Grant

An addict’s worst friend

Ignatius of Loyola, Spanish priest, founded these

Saint __, French count who seemed to be immortal

Construction kit with metal strips, nuts and bolts

Herbert von __, Austrian musical conductor


Puzzle 2

__ acid, process aid in beverages aka tannin

To provoke, start a reaction

Financially backed a gambler

Dairy rejecters

__ Man, 1945 musical about identical twins

DJ’s creative song introductions

TV clown on The Simpsons

Iran, in ancient times

An opening move in chess involving sacrifice

Tie that doesn’t need to be tied

First planet to be identified with a telescope

Puzzle 3

One-person card game, not for the easily annoyed

__ line, marker on the sides of ships

“Le Rouge et le Noir” French author’s pen name

The executive capital of South Africa

Another name for the trachea

Dangerous __, period piece with Glenn Close

Red North Italian wine grape with high tannins


Muscovite like mica with magnesium

Pirate ship loaded and ready for battle

Historical rabbi, “a reasoner”

Puzzle 4

__ kameez, traditional two-piece Indian outfit

Sad words to kids, __ school

Wealthy girl in Billy Joel’s classic song

The __ on the River Kwai, won an Oscar in 1958

Virgil’s history of Rome

A cow moos, a donkey brays, a horse __

Long vehicle for transporting the deceased

Dust and rock ejected by a volcano

Dorothy __, 1976 gold medal female skater

Puzzle 5

Turning a ship on its side

Piece of cloth used to dry fingers and palms

Person who takes care of insects that make honey

Modern-day name of the city of Stalingrad

Records details of your birth and can marry you

1991 chart-topping album for REM

Jeffrey __, Middlesex writer

To count or work out mathematical problems

Civil War General Thomas J Jackson’s nickname

Toy car brand by Mattel

Naga __, glowing phenomenon on the Mekong River

Winston __, UK Prime Minister during WWII

__ green, color named after German city

They make up half the casualties of war

Bundner __, Swiss pastry of caramelised walnuts

Group 267

Puzzle 1

They speak louder than words

In Bizet’s Carmen, the soldier that kills her

__ Nakamoto, bitcoin digital currency designer

Highly collectible stuffed toys on strings

Goat-antelope native to mountains in Europe

Diameter of the bore of a gun, bullet measure

__ Club, frequent flyer scheme of Monarch Airlines

Flagship of the Decepticons in Transformers

Salt lake bordering Jordan

Rats and mice

Head of educational establishment

The Flower __, Diego Rivera’s oil painting

A small footstool

Real, authentic

Action that pancake makers are involved in

The first Iraq war was known as the __ Gulf War

Puzzle 2

Lotion or emulsion to darken your skin

Dictatorial order

Roof tiles

High altitude wispy clouds

Character created by A. A. Milne, __ the Pooh

Real name of U2 lead singer Bono, Paul __

Grace __, invented early computer language A-O

Pilot, anagram of marina

Coulrophobia is a fear of __

__ Page, 1950s pinup-inspired hair cut style

Barley bread from Libya

Henry __, Cromwell’s son-in-law and general

Diverse, not all the same

Lapis __, blue gemstone found in Afghanistan

Workers’ rights groups

The Road to El __, US drama with Kevin Kline

Puzzle 3

Lisbeth __, a girl with a dragon tattoo

Jean __, Finnish composer of Kullervo

Obi-Wan wants to take Luke to __ in Episode 4

Taking a little off the top or the side

Fancy handbag, especially one with a drawstring

In the eye of the beholder, study of beauty

Catch-all term for Germanic spirits and liqueurs

Hand-held controller for flying a plane

Unpleasant action of bees and wasps

To dwindle

Turkish tribes from here founded Ottoman empire

Puzzle 4

Season of the year when the Titanic sank

Limbless slithering reptiles

Physical or emotional movement

Decayed and rotten

E-book reader from Amazon

Intact medieval city in German state of Thuringia

Japanese car company refers to the Pleiades

Blood type factor named after a monkey

Plastic on the ends of shoestrings

They show guests to their seats at a wedding

Anise, licorice liqueur originally from France

To be aggressive with actions or words

Puzzle 5

Nickname for US city Detroit, Michigan

Sulphite mineral used in masonry

“Canine” grapefruit cocktail, salty dog on rim

Name of the patient in the board game Operation

Characterized by repeated bouncing

The Beast’s right hand and pendulum clock

Nickname of tennis player John McEnroe

Trial period to assess fitness or readiness

Inca creator, responsible for Nazca Lines

Ship’s flag indicating it’s leaving port

Spreading the digits in a Bob Fosse fashion

1987 Bond film The Living __

With Woodward he exposed the Watergate affair

Similar to socks but longer

__ Mac, UK-US band with albums Tusk and Rumours

Stifled, asphyxiated

Agricultural sowing device invented by Jethro Tull

Light blue gemstone

Group 268

Puzzle 1

Land of Legos, famous pastry named after itself

Lord Voldemort is played by actor Ralph __

A funny name for an earring

Squares of filled Italian pasta

Heavy fabric interwoven with a rich, raised design

Bananensis Blennys are found in the __ Atlantic

Professional card player

Nicolai __ is a villain on Danny Phantom

Post-life ceremony

Late replacement on the ill-fated Apollo 13 flight

The other name for tungsten, symbol W

Hatched, __ and despatched describes life stages

To spread out a liquid, thin, scatter

The shape of a baseball field

Someone who likes to organize things with time

One who thinks very highly of oneself

Puzzle 2

Eye color determinant

Gin, lime and soda drunk by The Great Gatsby

Beatles’ haircut

Not the top

The youngest child in The Simpsons

Tool with two jaws for gripping, pulling

__ Garden, operation codename for battle of Arnhem

__ at night, shepherd’s delight

Bram, who penned Dracula

Star, also known as the Dog Star

Walls, barriers, hedges; usually picketed

Strait that separates Russia and the US

To breathe with difficulty, rhymes with “cheese”

Tech brand that produces the Ideapad

Primary language of Indian Andhra Pradesh state

Joe __, co-founder of Airbnb

Composer of the “Messiah”

__ stick, photo pole helps take your own image

An octopus has three of these

A drink, a plant and a film

Seal between engine block and cylinder head

Puzzle 3

Greek philosopher looked to attain happy life

Bangkok is capital of this Asian nation


Statue worship

Container for inhaled tobacco

Bugle call associated with warfare

Aurora __, the proper term for the Northern Lights

Two-word term for vein carrying blood to the heart

Argentina footballer with the “Hand of God”

Seven Brides for Seven __, 1954 musical

Covering a gift with paper

Classic French white sauce flavored with bay

Puzzle 4

__, Franklin’s ship lost and found in the Arctic

There’s a ferry across it sang Gerry Marsden

A Connecticut __ in King Arthur’s Court by Twain

Second largest planet in the solar system

Parked up on a canal or dock

Yoga pose with back raised like river crossing

Marshall Mathers

People who are related to you are your __

Green __, Champagne and Midori make a firebreather

Space __, bouncy orange toy for riding on

Trial, anagram of Laredo

Activity-tracking wristband, produces the Flex

__ Binks, comedic relief in Star Wars

French word for chair

Feeling cold, damp and sweaty

Filter-feeder system inside certain types of whale

Puzzle 5

In the public eye

Place on athletics track where relay runners stand

“Small oven” treat, mignardises

Rocky IV boxer-character played by Dolph Lundgren

He planned the Gunpowder Plot in England 1605

Singer who didn’t want to go to rehab, Amy __

Walking casually

Enclosure for steers

A suburban neighborhood in Sembawang, Singapore

Suit in a tarot pack, also known as coins

An unbelievable tale

Group 269

Puzzle 1

Extra helping of food

Lanky flightless bird from Africa


The one who never quits

To back up

Alan Menken musical, Little Shop of __

Riding breeches named after an Indian city

A minor skin mark or imperfection

Oprah __, US talk show host

Either a proton or a neutron

She wrote Frankenstein, Mary __

Puzzle 2

Blackboard __, film featured Rock Around the Clock

Board game, candy bar, happy day

That is to say

Major __, the Electronic Organ

Possession is nine tenths of __

Pasta shaped like a very long tube

TV show about a rebel spy and assassin

Peninsular site of the Yalta conference of 1945

Yesterday’s tomorrows

Begs, entreats

Puzzle 3

Iron carbon alloy discovered during Zhou dynasty

Glacial danger

What goes up must __

A tall drink combining chilled white wine and soda

__ Sense, Bruce Willis played a ghost

Checkers in the UK

Auto safety feature

Rebounding uncontrollably, like a fired bullet

Brave __, science-fiction fable by Aldous Huxley

Castilla, Spanish autonomous community

Puzzle 4

One of the many X Factor’s judge

Site of major Peruvian earthquake of 1970

Shout loudly out of fright

Deadly, fatal

Washed out, anagram of iceman

Compartment in furniture

Turkish porridge for the Muharram

Capital raised through shares

Inuit sealskin boot

Chess piece between the rook and bishop

Lost __ began as a board game before an Xbox one

Itchy, red skin condition

Puzzle 5

(I’ve got a girl in) __, 1943 Oscar-nominated tune

Rear end of a car’s dual exhaust system

Marching style of many armies, esp the Nazis

Pondering, but change one letter

They live beyond The Wall

Skeletal muscle separating abdominal cavities

Was a “bugger for the bottle” said Monty Python

He claimed Canada for the British

Australian city with the biggest Greek population

Italian cycling term for riders behind the peloton

Juicy, square fruit, celestial fruit candies

American Megafauna is a board game on __

Childhood pouches with sweets and small toys

Othello strangles her

Group 270

Puzzle 1

Eyes closed then opened very quickly

Word meaning the same as another word

Sea snails as food

Roman general and victor at Battle of Actium


Italian naval base port city in Apulia

Decorative wheel covers on a car

__ism, art style with very little detail

Way your hair looks when waking up

“Elder,” special witness of Latter Day Saints

Stretchy PU fabric women love

Drawn tight, like a sail

Amy __, actress of Parks and Recreation


Comprehensive health examination

A female who is engaged to be married

Mythical Greek monster with lion’s head

Spear-like instrument used in whaling

Holbein’s portrait of famous Dutch humanist

Someone who goes up the mountain

Aluminum ore, a major source of aluminium

Flat stands behind window, door in the set

Puzzle 2

Brand of pastis and absinthe

Mobile enclosure to board planes

Rub two of these together to start a fire

__ twist, yoga pose sitting down

Edwardian era __ skirt narrows at the ankles

Hannibal __, the Silence of the Lambs killer

Cronenberg sci-fi horror about buzzy insect

Risky action, chess sacrifice

Emma __, wrote Elizabeth is Missing

__ Wolf, Blues singer born Chester Arthur Burnett

Australian Aboriginal monster lurks in water

Male honeybees

Degree of prominence in words, phrases

Mega capital city of the Khmer Empire

Second farthest planet from the sun

Nickname for doctors but not for ducks

Puzzle 3

Chalk’s idiomatic antonym

__ Posey, Superman Returns actress

Girdle worn by men in Ancient Greece

French Polynesian spot

Masters-winning German golfer Bernhard

One-percent milk

Accent typical of the upper classes

Messages sent electronically from computers

Winnie the Pooh’s donkey friend

French PM whose name is linked to Frank Kellogg

Ancient Celtic priests

Gas isolated by scientist William Ramsay

Puzzle 4

__ Story, a tale about two rival gangs in NYC

Most abundant chemical element in the sun

Bluish markings from an injury

Alpine glacial lake near Finsteraarhorn peak

Battlefield __ is a FPS console video game

Almond cookie pastry from Sicily

Diverged from the main path, like a tree

Italian music term for graceful

Tiny town placed on top of a clover flower

Lordly, arrogant

Archbishop __, first president of Cyprus

Puzzle 5

Lightning never strikes twice in the __

Fashion choice displayed on your head

Impulsive, rash


Korean shaved ice means “red beans”

Ranked classification of organisms, low to high

Facial disease from painting watch dials

Film musical that featured Don’t Rain on My Parade

When a radio station is broadcasting right now

Viewing __, balconies on buildings to admire views

Small whirlwind that lifts debris off the ground

Group 271

Puzzle 1

Doling out

Wearable travel bag with numerous huge pockets

Auditory membrane shaped like a cone

Old term for being afraid of something

Samuel L. __, US actor

__ Volcano, group cocktail with tropical twist

Pink-eared poodle who wore sunglasses

Not sick

French bagpipes

More than half illuminated

Three is a crowd, two is __

Term for a temporary military camp

Game played on ice with flat stones and brooms

Most common of this bird lives in farm structure

Puzzle 2

Governor of a province in ancient Persia

Luggage hauler

Bullet-point plan for a meeting

Award winning director of Stand by Me

Grapeskin compound that’s astringent to taste

Gossipy disclosure of confidences


Easter Day in Italy

French city, Maine-et-Loire dept head; maddening

Greek goddess to whom the Parthenon was dedicated

A vice’s counterpart

Traditional fishing boat with four-cornered sails

Soup can painter, Andy __

__ Safari, citrus juice African ride cocktail

Room to move or margin of safety

__ Panettiere, US actress, activist

Text copies made for examination or correction

Angela played Jessica in Murder She Wrote

__ Pony, equine toy franchise

Pull straws out, but beware of falling marbles

Yankees player who married a Hollywood actress

Gt Ormond St hospital benefits from the royalties

Applied force

Yiddish equivalent of the Hebrew word “kippah”

Transfer to one’s computer

Sea that surrounds Indonesia’s Maluku Islands

Official currency of China

Dance performed by Lola, as sung by Barry Manilow

Gross__, Austria’s highest peak

Not a safe bet

Swiss watch company, anagram of “sling one”!

Puzzle 4

Burns __, Scottish verse form

Trashed, anagram of inured

John __, Three’s Company star died at just 54

Speed __ is solving Rubik’s cubes really fast

Martina Hingis’ sport

Fiesty son of strict father, 1931 pre code film

-cell, mutated red blood cell

Primary river running through Amsterdam

The __ Pump, popular shoe in 1989

Slopes, is at an angle

The largest of the foot digits, used for balance

Dishwasher __, small dishwashers

A company, a building society owned by the members

KIm Jong Il wrote 6 of these, supposedly

“Copacabana, the hottest spot north of __”

Hot __, kid’s game of tossing tuber

Puzzle 5

Blows like a volcano

__ Man, tarot card also known as the traitor

__ eggs are hidden jokes or messages in games

War in which MASH is set

We’re a Couple of __, from Easter Parade

Gertrude __, the first woman to swim the Channel

Enter your user name and password

Immune to feelings

Fried pastry with variety of fillings in Brazil

Thor’s weapon of choice

Group 272

Puzzle 1

1977 Bond film The Spy Who __

It means black in German

__ punch, given in response

A very large baleen whale of cold waters

Juliet’s clan

Action films with Bruce Willis as John McClane

Pair of Kings poker starting hand

Chinese title for supreme deity, creator god

Flowery month of the French Revolutionary calendar

A troche

French term for sweet fried dough

Walk wearily

Western port city on Ligurian sea, with La Venezia

Chelsea __, no holds barred female comic

The __, pop group inspired by comic book

Stiff, silky, transparent dress fabric

SI unit of luminous intensity, symbol cd

Seat car model named after an Andalusian city

Puzzle 2

__ Sulu, Star Trek character played by Takei

D in DTH

Country with the largest orange production

Scale used for measuring tornado strength

Aeromodeling is __ and flight of model planes

Rum and fruit cocktail for the undead

White china clay used in paper, paint and drugs

Wodehouse Drones’ club member with a silent “p”

__ Party, Vettriano trio on a beach with parasols

“Better be stung by a __ than pricked by a rose”

Hip hop singer

Popular beard style of the 1990’s

Country that won the Six Day War in 1967

Battleship was a __ and paper game until 1967

It rhymes with snoopy, floozy and snooty

Wild, mad behavior or panic

Image or character to represent you online

Dating __, a matchmaking business

Puzzle 3

Toy __, small metal military men

Notice of violation

Don’t teach your grandmother how to __

This Kid worked as a ranch hand in Alberta

__ be Thy name, second line of Lord’s Prayer


__ Research Center, studying gorillas in the wild

Bart Simpson watches The Itchy and __ Show

South American small pie with meat and veg

Nonhuman mammal with the longest lifespan

Puzzle 4

__ Depp, portrayed Edward Scissorhands

Nikolai -Korsakov, composer of Golden Cockerel

Famous Spanish tennis player, __ Nadal

Duvall’s character loves this smell in the morning

Old French for “angel”; it means “lamb” in English

Part of bullet that holds the powder

The male organ of a flower, usually with an anther

Baltic Sea island split between Poland and Germany

__ glass, a full-length mirror can be tilted

Tight or mean with money

Puzzle 5

Of common ancestry

Small Asian ungulate, like a rodent

Make this short to get to the point

Nuclear weapon element

Rod Stewart song character, the older woman!

All under control, like a clean boat

Fermented chewy bread

Led by Lord Beckett in Pirates of the Caribbean

Old-style flip-opening mobile phone

Lasting winter in Game of Thrones

Glossy periodicals on a variety of subjects

False name, something an author writes under

Police put these on criminals

Game, aka Michigan, shares name with racecourse

Group 273

Puzzle 1

Fare __, boarding a train or bus without a ticket

Latin phrase meaning proportionately

Inhaled, anagram of rodents

Sleeping Beauty’s prince

Little wheels on furniture

Tough lawless person, bully, roughneck

1970 movie directed by Alvin Rakoff

Creation of ornamental art from trees and shrubs

Old Chinese tile game, usually with four players

Trendy Japanese lima bean look-alike veggie

Ghost in English folklore that inhabits mines

French card game loved by Churchill

Transport canine, typically a Husky

Post-Soviet state

Puzzle 2

Medical term for baldness

Gustave __, Madame Bovary author

French term for a well done steak

Small beads of rainwater

White House area has Oval Office, Situation Room

__ International, airport code HKG

America’s Next __ , reality show about fashion

Gambling game with a ball and a wheel

Part of a driver that strikes the golf ball

Ancient Roman coin worth a quarter of a denarius

Movie where Steve McQueen escapes Devil’s Island

A breed of short-legged cats

Puzzle 3

Knit and __, social club for knitters and talkers

How Beijing was once known in the West

Influence or impact of something

__ wrap, another name for cling film

The __ Man, Woodward horror about burning effigy

In music, quickly alternating notes, like birdsong

Large slave city on the continent of Essos

Mythical character who flew too close to the sun

Continent with the largest hippo population

Largest Greek airline, named after a sea

A Hindu hermitage

Unpaid and unfree labor of vassals in Feudalism

Fungal disease of potatoes

Tear __, manipulative, sentimental film or book

Fry’s college roommate on Futurama

Puzzle 4

Transvaal president, Boer leader against Britain

Bone of the middle ear, also called malleus

Belle is a main character of __ and the Beast

LDW, insurance waiver against loss and __

Straight road or path, lined by trees

“Addicted to Love” singer, Robert __


Wes __, Nightmare on Elm Street director

Argentine river flows into the Parana River

Spoiled or rotten food oil

Hybrid of a zebra and a donkey

Word for nonsense, and a boiled sweet

__ Milano, child star, later became Charmed

Puzzle 5

UK flag nickname

Neolithic village settlement in the Orkney Isles

Space eater

A turbine-driven plane engine with propeller

1979 Bond film featuring Jaws

Deep water fishing boat using many baited hooks

Pillow stuffing from large bird

Children’s toy, a pole for hopping around on

The thinking behind an action

Chronicler whose work was used by Shakespeare

Followers of the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama

Group 274

Puzzle 1

Act of dropping explosives

Lower part of a river where it meets the sea

Software used to surf the web

Dollar bill

2005 Disney superhero movie with Kurt Russell

Aristocratic Japanese warrior

Coarse cotton-linen cloth

Major Siberian waterway, flows into the Arctic

Gary __, “What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

Red condiment powder made from dried peppers

French producer born William Grigahcine

It is ill __ with edged tools

Puzzle 2

Sailing ship such as the Endurance and Terra Nova

Post-apocalyptic film with Mel Gibson

__ gardens, Florence park adjoining Pitti Palace

Walkers in nature

Old __ is a 1957 movie about a boy and his dog

Mandatory protein in a Ploughman’s lunch

To rumple, dishevel

Hair that is not smooth and neat

Chess game piece that’s a position in the clergy

To be no help whatsoever

Eurythmics singer who dreamt sweetly

Accustomed, anagram of ruined

Puzzle 3

__ bird, “military” member of the stork family

Getting the better of someone

Whitewater __, extreme, double paddle sport

Yiddish word for cloying sentimentality

Large natural lake in northwestern Spain

Viral disease, variola, that leaves skin scars

First discovered at Mount Vesuvius

Highly concentrated coffee served in small cups

The Great __, son of music professor, musical

Lear’s true daughter

Deny someone proximity

Puzzle 4

Hitchcock film known for freaky shower scene

The capital of Niger

Gustav __’s music was banned by the Nazis

Yogurt served very cold, popular in South Africa

Towards the center

The king’s fool

Arthur __, wrote Memoirs of a Geisha

__ Lopez, US comedian had self-titled sitcom

The roof of the mouth

Shows off, misbehaves

Puzzle 5

Mechanized device created by Jethro Tull

Treasure-carrying engine buried in Polish tunnel

Capital of Pakistan

Land used for grazing

Distress device shown in the sky to alert Batman

Term for the crime of killing one’s father

Island in the Svalbard archipelago, Breibukta bay

A in ATM

Absurd talk, sounds like a flower-chicken cross

Half-espresso, half-milk Italian coffee

Informal name for American dollar bills

New Year’s Eve in Germany

Group 275

Puzzle 1

Hierarchy, __ order

Skill level or talent

The ability to be quick and graceful


Facial feature that is arched

Light-up bedtime buddy who was never glum

Small sailing boat carried on a war ship

Wool crafter

Director of the original Ghostbusters

Meat pastry and hat type

Nationality of Muppet chef

Puzzle 2

Dining table chair with arms

Black __, the chronicle of a horse’s sad life

Backgammon is one of the __ board games

__ in distress, stereotypical girl in trouble

Haley Joel __, plays troubled boy in Sixth Sense

Country that once had three presidents in one day

Keyboard made to be superior to standard one

Jerry’s wacky neighbor on Seinfeld

Parcheesi is an adaptation of __ cross and circle

Sparkly headband used as a crown

ESA’s probe that rendezvoused with Halley’s Comet

Rules royally

Servant, an obedient follower, a footman or valet

Puzzle 3

Biblical woman who became salt

Kids’ card game involves assault

Lerner and Lowe musical set in London, My __

The __ Karamazov was Dostoyevsky’s final novel

Irish featherweight boxer, Barry __

Japanese sweet bun looks like melon

Hot Wheels competitor

Member of a discussion group

Amphibious landing place at Gallipoli in WWI

Feeling of impending doom

__, 1943 propaganda film, the Mary Ann

Before the molar

2 words having the same spelling or pronunciation

Zuckerberg’s platform

__ Airlines flight MH370 has never been found

Puzzle 4

Primed, containing ammunition

Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom __

First Kid in 1996 starred comedian __

__ Kate, Cole Porter musical based on Shakespeare

__ It Out is based on the Nickelodeon TV show

Someone who creates masterpieces

50s men’s hairstyle upbrushed and set at the front

Japanese peach jelly eaten in the summer

Highest peak on Antarctica

Conspicuously uncouth, graceless

Puzzle 5

Christian study focuses on the Virgin Mary

Card game for gamblers using five cards

Pail that holds the frozen stuff

Gray rabbit, famous trickster of Looney Tunes

Capital of Slovenia

Surname of Jedi Knight to defeat Darth Vader

Follow the yellow __

Metal single outershell of a plane

Hospital attendants responsible for moving patients

Plant of the daisy family, anagram of wagered

To prepare for sleep

__, matched and dispatched describes life stages

Three-dimensional Sudoku

Flag-waving communist followers of Chairman Mao

__ 4, aim to get four discs in a row

South Australia famous winemaking region, __ Valley

The meat of a deer

South African country with the loti as currency

Skin lesion disease of sheep, cattle and humans

Place where the Golden Fleece hung from a tree

Wise and learned, showing good judgment

Smallest planet in the Solar System

Puzzle 2

Amazon river aka Caqueta River

Toxic disease from infection, also septicemia

__ bells, ringing device on a harness or horse

LeVar __, young Kunta Kinte, Geordi La Forge

Kid’s drawing tool made of pigmented wax

Merchant vessel that transports liquids, gases

Fluffy, dry creature in Gremlins

Industrial process for producing sodium carbonate

Mega toy brand owns Playskool, Parker Brothers

Ethical lessons

Monotonously talks on and on

Pungent small bulb, good for roasting


Pie __ medieval courts that sat in market squares

Leafy shelters in a garden

Puzzle 3

Head of the hive

__ World, former family sitcom of TGIF

Founder of SpaceX

Inflatable supports worn to aid swimming

Two-player card game evolved from “whisky poker”

Mont Sainte, Cezanne artworks of Provence

Scrabble is a __ for two to four players

Slang for someone who fails to open their wallet

Disposable drinking vessel

Campbell’s __, food tins by Andy Warhol

Country that is home to Serengeti National Park

“Bridge Over __ Water”, written by Paul Simon

Discounted ticket price for a large group

Good wishes for a traveller starting a journey

Ancient microcontinent in Indian Ocean

40s menswear with broad-shouldered drapey jackets

Stark pet in GOT

French president during the unrest of 1968

Receptacle that rustles

Puzzle 4

Folding table for tube watching

Months that start on __ will have Friday the 13th

Black __, beer cocktail with Champagne

7th __, silent film, 1 of first 3 Oscar nominated

Toy for two kids, one at each end, up and down

Sabre-toothed tiger from the plains of Africa

A variation of baccarat: __ de fer

State and former kingdom and duchy in east Germany

Accommodation for ship passengers

Samuel Richardson novel subtitled virtue rewarded

First European nation to have an elected president

Puzzle 5

Millennium & __, global hotel group

Cold War Romanian dictator

Navigable airship

Fatty portion of milk

Game for playing on your own

In good order, like an organized boat

Italian composer of 1950s stringed arrangements

30 Seconds is a general __ game

A strong reaction to something unexpected

Sixth Bond film, You Only __

Large pine species, common across North America

Compressed fuel block, especially for barbecues

Group 277

Puzzle 1

Reduction in rate, quantity, money

The ability to make others well

Pirate, buccaneer, barbary

A long-standing enemy

The Last __ Show, black and white coming of age film

Author of “The Sport of Queens”, Dick __

Haitian voodoo male priest, female is mambo

A strong and tough man

English inventor of the flying shuttle for looms

Barrier reef __ is silvery with yellow dorsal

Aircraft with two sets of wings

Perfume family with herbaceous, green scents

Benchmarks, criteria

__ National, Ugandan arena, South African president

Chinese board game of matching tiles

Meteorologist’s study

__ Biel, married to Justin Timberlake

A garden with plants growing among stones

In The Simpsons, __ Skinner is the Principal

Archaic expression for news, such as “glad __”

Movable or immovable property, no real estate

Puzzle 2

Cards suit chosen so as to beat all the others

Super __, water gun developed by Lonnie Johnson

Film and radio actor, Citizen Kane, Orson __

To distribute, arrange in groups

Hanoi __, prisoner camp used by North Vietnamese

__ apple, thinly cut with a knife

According to song, where to Pack up Your Troubles

It precedes winter

__ pea, used for making rice and peas

Area of low pressure in meteorology

Ms. Muffet seat, low stool, pouffe

Mother of Jacob’s sons Dan and Naphtali

The part of an insect between head and abdomen

Microblogging social media

Puzzle 3

Autumn berries are __ in hedgerows

Chewy Italian dessert like florentine

__ nervosa, eating disorder

Roy __, Jaws police chief

William Herschel discovered this type of radiation

Casino game with option to bet on bank or player

Russian republic, Elista is the capital

Film with guns, explosions, suspense and mystery

Theatre of war in WWI, now called Thessaloniki

Small rectangular harpsichord, often legless

Puzzle 4

Second most important basis for Islamic Law

The voice to Marge Simpson, Julie __

Javier __, Spanish actor, the villain in Skyfall

Bob __, Jamaican performer backed by his Wailers

Powerful and tyrannical ruler

Wild and ferocious

Animal that moves slowly

Lockable storage chest

Afghan sword of the Pashtun people

Dairy product used as a pizza topping

Foul, disgusting

Jonathan __ Foer wrote Everything Is Illuminated

The capital of Philippines

__ Goldthwait, actor, comedian, voice actor

Puzzle 5

Surface that the French Open is played on

Medieval Portuguese castle and heritage site

Tiny pieces of wood

Common name for alcea flowers, with hairy leaves

A major holiday and anagram of “shirt scam”

Troggs and Jimi Hendrix song

__ Tea, hot toddy variety with small fruit

Antonym of roughest

The mathematical symbol for taking away

Office chamber where the directors meet

Raised skin prickle, in fear

An Englishman’s home is __

Fictional character whose nose grows when he lies

Group 278

Puzzle 1

Without any difficulty or problem

__ Jones, US musical mentor, producer

Japanese battle cry

Figure of enlightenment in ancient Indian religion

Very poor person supported by public charity

Leveraged __, management buying control

Ice houses built by the Inuit

To begin a journey or quest

Requiescat __, Latin phrase meaning rest in peace

Sand __, wind toy used to surf on sand

Character in One Thousand and One Nights

He serves food to people

The plastic tips on the end of shoelaces

Puzzle 2

__ room, where conferences are held

Branch of medicine concerned with the ear

Lego range for building complex machines

Receptacle for flicking cigarette detritus into

__ De Vil tried to catch 101 Dalmatians

Sinclair Lewis’ archetype of conformism

__ F, first console to use a microprocessor

German city controversially bombed in WWII

To reproach, berate

Low-level gray cloud; near ground, resembles mist

Took power by force

Wooden post to support beer’s raw ingredient

Puzzle 3

The __ Dog is a black and white Walt Disney film

Not cautious of danger

Identity parade, anagram of lupine


Saul __, winner of three National Book Awards

Long dress worn by medieval women

A tube and rubber ball utensil for moistening food

“Football” in most places

Famous composer honored annually in Salzburg

Passengers moved off an overbooked flight

German river, flowing through Stuttgart

A heavy wooden hammering or ramming instrument

Allegiance to a feudal lord

Puzzle 4

An illness or problem, from the French language

Travelling on horseback or bicycle

To lose strength or power

Religious magic and sorcery

The world’s largest non-polar desert

Tantamount to eight pints

A chess piece that jumps over all others

Dinosaur, anagram of parrot

Barchester __ features the chaplain Obadiah Slope

Possessing a steeple

To take on more responsibility

__ Pennyworth, Batman’s faithful butler

Jazzy music style rhymes with woogie

Marked Irish accent

Puzzle 5

Maryland city in which The Wire was set

On ship it is measured by a pallograph

Young friend of Lyra in His Dark Materials

David Bowie’s final album

Played Mad Max in the original series of films

A depraved person

Period of wooing, or elaborate mating display

__ yogurt, Eastern European fermented milk product

Poker expert, gambler or hustler

Kiwi Rugby Union side

Country that was part of Malaysia until 1965

Group 279

Puzzle 1

Service dress

Where a select or favored group holds power

Sarah __, American Horror Story actress

Belonging to angels, angel-like

Medicine used in your ear to prevent infections

Study of versification, poetry subcategory

The Man Who Skied Down __, documentary

Figures that wobble but don’t fall down

This cubist was no square

Eight legged denizen of the sea

Actor William __, played Captain Kirk in Star Trek

Black __, vodka combined with coffee liqueur

Puzzle 2

Term commonly referenced to filmmakers or directors

Unyielding, obdurate

Designated locations for boats in a harbor

The __ Cried Wolf

Sacred river flowing into the Dead Sea

Eastern European circled bread used in rituals

Zigzagging ski race around poles

Eddie __, cross-dressing comic

A treeless northern region with frozen subsoil

Top __, collectible cards

Puzzle 3

Prominent ice-covered mountain in Ellsworth Land

Creator of Garfield’s comic strip

Car lights used in poor visibility conditions

Spoken in the island where Napoleon was born

Body manipulation

World’s most popular sport

Colored feline that means good or bad luck

Bin liner

Fourth installment in the Mad Max film series

Try not to overload the donkey, he might kick!

Edouard __, France’s PM at the start of WWII

Small, edible seeds that come from a tree cone

Much Ado About Nothing heroine

Puzzle 4

Crowdsourced encyclopedia

King, father of Imogen, who banishes Posthumus

Parasite studied by winners Campbell and Omura

Won the 6th Academy Awards for Best Movie

Sondheim’s A Little Night Music, Send in __

Terraria is a sandbox action game

Where to hit the nail to be accurate

Plum brandy from Eastern Europe

Area ruled over by sovereign princes of Austria

Without any feeling or point

How dinosaurs evolved to become so huge

Puzzle 5

Device to capture rodents

Wooden devices for attaching washing to a line

__ Games, French war drama hit outside France

Ursine soft toy

Chew one’s food

Philandering fictional ad man on a TV series

Compound of unnatural origin

Nerve-shredding event

Controversial issue, and lunch

Revealing details

Canadian 1942 documentary about the life of miners

US songwriter responsible for Wichita Lineman

Group 280

Puzzle 1

Character who “loved not too wisely but too well”

Ready and willing to listen

Dam-making river creatures

In the pipeline

Getting wet for an apple

Pekoe means white down in __

Ethereal, like a ghoul

Noise some people make when sleeping

__ Stade de Bordeaux, French soccer field

__ Rebellion, revolt by Samurai against reforms

Drink includes creme de menthe, spirit

Cuddling or embracing

Shoe production technique developed by Matzeliger

Shape of a red “Stop” road sign

__ Australia Fair, the Aussie national anthem

To talk nonsense like a face cloth

Two __ Knights, comedy produced by Howard Hughes

Absence of rain for a prolonged period of time

Puzzle 2

World’s deepest lake, in southern Siberia

Congress of __, 1815 meeting of European minds

Dee __, lead singer of drag band Twisted Sister

Tracy __, appears in books by Jacqueline Wilson

__ was the Plow King in The Simpsons

Opossum shrimp, technically

Tex is a 1982 Disney film starring Matt __

Black eye

Money maker

Moved in for a close-up on a camera

Puzzle 3

Slovenian body of water with ancient island church

Small group of stars

Surname of Norm in Cheers

Also called double-magnum

Wendy Schaal voices __ in American Dad

Field focuses on old age

Not within what is legal

Term used to describe working extra hours

Smythe’s comic character

Highest part of a dress

Fabric that has been sprayed and stiffened

You can make a mountain out of one

Puzzle 4

Dark and shadowy

Laboured or processed

Ancient country to the west of the Black Sea


“Red” Italian lager brewery

Jamaican music style favoured by Marley

Evergreen trees; oil repels moths, mosquitoes

__ Rockwell’s World, An American Dream

Queen of Soul, __ Franklin

Common assemblies of witches

Spain’s top-level football league

Puzzle 5

Decorative coverall for base of festive conifer

Emu country

__ Reserves, network of protected ecosystems

Someone who acts quickly and irrationally

Chinese wedding cake

The cheap seats in sports

Tavern in The Merry Wives of Windsor

Big fat fishy neckwear from the 70s

Relating to the production of cold temperatures

Gershwin musical, includes the song “S’Wonderful”

John Candy is the title character in this ’89 film

Where bands hang out when not performing

Flirtation, casual relationship

When a woman ceases having menstrual periods

High __, female tarot card

UK lewd comedian with slapstick 70’s TV show