Group 840

Puzzle 1

Private browsing mode on Google Chrome
The country home in the film Love and Friendship
African national park with large animal migrations
She’s Robin in Stranger Things Season 3
Heroine cousin of Kal-El in DC Comics
Lord Sugar’s aide and Countdown presenter
Deep-rooted, inherent
Norwegian cruise shipping line with a family name
Human beings have these kinds of thumbs
Place that’s deserted or without residents
Botticelli’s painting of the Allegory of Spring
Mixed up; way to serve eggs
Old system of racial segregation in South Africa
Philippe French chef of Cauchemar en cuisine
Small cylinder of tobacco made for smoking
Lana Del Rey says hope is a thing
Gandalf’s white horse in Lord of the Rings novels
Scheduled hours when movies are playing
Smelly whale waste prized by perfumers
2009 Sonya Hartnett young adult novel

Puzzle 2

A smaller subgroup in a culture
Avenue with a current in an Eddy Grant song
Location where clocks display the same hour
Feline wee
What an ABC book might help teach
Getting down on bended knee to ask for marriage
Horse breed with golden coat and white mane
Fully sealed, e.g. container for safe food storage
Matthew McConaughey was Dazed and this
Microphone usually clipped to the shirt or collar
Huntley’s partner on a classic NBC news show
Music by Grieg: In the Hall of the King
Scatters about
The riches of the past owned by a country
Author of The Buddha of Suburbia
Large, tropical flower that can be eaten
The Greek mythological hero with a vulnerable heel
Hideous, appalling, nightmarish
Mathematical symbol whose value never changes
Rituals where males assemble to dance for mates

Puzzle 3

Seller, supplier of goods
Down ; shabby, unkempt
of Choice; award-winning Fatboy Slim hit
Country where Mount Logan is located
paneer, Indian dish of peas with cheese
Spanish dance in triple time with foot stomps
Glued, adhered to a surface
expedition, Shackleton’s trip of 1907-9
alley, throwing game involving stacked pieces
State of matter along with solid, liquid, and gas
Funny television show
Anagram of dynamo
A stove in American English is a to Brits
Greek god of beauty and desire
Golden pass to Wonka factory won by Charlie Bucket
Profession of Sweeney Todd
Sports teams, groups of players to pick from
Venomous snakes with big hoods
Silas George Eliot book about a weaver
Safe, trusted, e.g. a reliable browser
Freshwater fish with orange-pink meat
Martin started the Protestant Reformation
Detector on e.g. a lamp to switch off in daylight
Multi-colored cat coloring
Cartilage lining one’s shoulder joint
Muscle ache from overuse, such as typing
Large natural space deep underground
Said when clinking glasses together
Rocket Bradley Cooper’s bounty-hunting role
Tunic originating in Asia, worn as an overcoat

Puzzle 4

Song by Cardi B, J Balvin and Bad Bunny
Japanese puppet theater of Osaka
Stringed instrument native to Hawaii
Death Her, Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn comedy
Magnetic Resonance or MRI
Whale species with long, protruding tusk
To move something up by force, such as suspense
Fell by the lost popularity, became disused
for Godot, difficult play by Samuel Beckett
Aberdeenshire site of major Highland Games
Rufus Wacky Races lumberjack with beaver
Visitor to another country
Boozy fiftieth birthday celebration Wine
Filmed material that does not make the final cut
What boxers throw
Ancient Greek soldier, won in a battle with Athens
As of 2018, only UK Prime Minister for 20 years
Bird of prey with long tail like a sparrowhawk
Island known to natives as ‘Waladi’ in West Indies
Era of British history after George III
More than one of what Wendy sewed on for Peter Pan

Puzzle 5

This means movable, able to go wherever you go
Roman goddess of prophecy and childbirth
Cow’s milk farmhouse cheese from Cork
Bomb expert, person who makes explosives safe
Spiral seed pod from a fir tree
Guided weapons armed with explosives
Animals who can’t dance, per the children’s book
Adrenal hormone released to regulate metabolism
Slicing technique of making very fine slices
To receive and save data onto your computer
Endangered deer-pigs found on Indonesian islands
Traffic symbol that instructs vehicles to stop
The foundation can also be called the stones
Germ with the potential to cause infections
Like a sagging balloon, with all confidence gone
The Big Red cartoon dog
Gems are put in these on rings
Rapper and Fast and Furious actor from Atlanta
Art and craftsmanship of carpentry