Group 839

Puzzle 1

If you do this, you might get pinned to the mat
Day break, when light begins to show behind clouds
Faithful, loyal
Pre-Raphaelite who created a painting of Ophelia
Common term for synchronous diaphragmatic flutter
Metal used in nuclear control rods, atomic no. 72
Bubbles just before boiling
Suggested, theorised
Bambi’s rabbit friend with a vivacious personality
Trendy skateboarding brand with a red logo
South African river with hippos and crocodiles
She wins the 74th Hunger Games
Costa de Spanish holiday coast in Andalucia
Toots’ backing band
Delicate Italian sponge used in French patisseries
Young dogs born in litters

Puzzle 2

National dance of the Dominican Republic
One who violates an oath on purpose
Denim jeans with straps attached for utility
-Ferrand, the capital of Puy-de-Dome department
Alleged, presumed
Dark comedy about a high school with Winona Ryder
Fruit that spells out Eat Me on Alice’s cake
Large species of marmot found in northern Asia
The staging and movement of actors
Way to get to top of stairs or mountain
A surfeit of led to the demise of Henry I
Indian religion, followers practice meditation
Illustrating a book page with brushes and oils
Notes of a chord played in ascending order
Digital security depends on choosing a strong one
Large Hadron Collider is a huge accelerator
Thick pile carpet fabric
Don Quixote’s perfect female
Outer territory ruled by the Qing dynasty
They keep your feet warm while you sleep
Another name for the Spice Islands
Ocean that separates North America from Europe

Puzzle 3

A pronoun that refers back to the subject
State located between Arizona and Texas
Small flat cake, a batter cooked on a griddle
A job or activity that makes a lot of money
General Giuseppe who helped unite Italy
Unwilling or uncertain about committing
Name of the ship that Darwin famously went on
Somewhere over the rainbow, first line lyrics
Quick photographs
Chemical that helps in attraction
Daily vitamins that can be eaten like candy
The fruit Violet became in Willy Wonka’s factory
A French crescent-shaped pastry
Planetary opposites
Ride over; domineer, mistreat

Puzzle 4

Japanese word for egg
Clutch at these in times of desperation
Glass bead like an eye worn as an to protect
US designer Klein known for Brooke Shields ads
Doric, Ionic or Corinthian; pillar in a building
Surname of Bobby who went to sea in a rhyme
Mara; African wilderness area rich in wildlife
The wizard of the Legend of King Arthur
This country was once home to the Aztec Empire
Touch using a keyboard without looking
Widely regarded as father of genetics, Gregor
Scooby-Doo’s unkempt buddy
An official accounting of events or results
Grandfather or alarm household timekeepers
Tea 1950 film starring Doris Day
Animal feed provided for livestock
Small wildcats linked to both perfumes and coffee
Traveling band of performers and animals

Puzzle 5

Meaningless small talk
Reading level required of most picture books
An airtight seal is also known as this
Something’s height in relation to sea level
A life insurance provider might make you get one
The Disney-Pixar film with Buzz and Woody
Giant Biblical beast mentioned in the Book of Job
Floor covering invented by Frederick Walton
Advice or counselling
Pulpy, sour tropical fruit used in cooking
Toothed circle forms part of a mechanism
Agatha who wrote classic mysteries
Old Dominion country tune about brief encounter
Robin was this for Batman
Studios, filmic home to Carry On and James Bond
Coastal edible vegetation similar to asparagus